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Deal On Washington Baseball Reached

It looks like the Montreal Expos may indeed still be suit up as the Washington Nationals next season.

WASHINGTON (AP) - District of Columbia leaders announced an agreement Monday night that they said would bring the deal to move the Montreal Expos to Washington back from the brink of collapse.

The District of Columbia Council was to move Tuesday on the measure, which was agreed to following negotiations among Mayor Anthony A. Williams, D.C. Council Chair Linda W. Cropp and baseball officials.

The compromise plan for the 41,000-seat ballpark along the Anacostia River, south of the Capitol, allows private financing and splitting the liability for cost overruns and missed construction deadlines evenly between the city and major league baseball, Williams spokesman Chris Bender said.

Of course Mayor Williams thought he had a deal with Cropp last week as well, and MLB has to sign on to the deal if it is different that the existing deal.

Tuesday should be an interesting day in the District...


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Has anyone asked the Player... (Below threshold)

Has anyone asked the Players how they feel about paying more for drugs in the US? I am sure they got much better deals on Steroids up there than they will get in the US

To quote a few famous polit... (Below threshold)

To quote a few famous politicians, I am cautiously optimistic.






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