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Amazing Feats Of Eating

Few have even attempted the challenge...

Image copyright Randy Reali.
CLEARFIELD, Pa. (AP) - Kate Stelnick may weigh only 100 pounds, but her appetite is remarkable. The college student from Princeton, N.J., is the first to meet a restaurant's challenge by downing its six-pound hamburger - and five pounds of fixins' - within three hours.

Stelnick didn't eat for two days to prepare for the challenge. "I felt very full, but I was too excited that I actually ate it to notice," Stelnick said.

Stelnick, 19, made the five-hour drive to Denny's Beer Barrel Pub with two friends from The College of New Jersey on Wednesday, after they saw pictures of the monster burger, dubbed the Ye Old 96er.

Denny Leigey Jr., the owner of the bar 35 miles northwest of State College, had offered a two-pound burger for years and conceived of the six-pounder after his daughter went to college and phoned him about a bar that sold a four-pounder.

But nobody had finished the big burger in the three-hour time limit since it was introduced on Super Bowl Sunday 1998. In addition to the meat, contestants much eat one large onion, two whole tomatoes, one half head of lettuce, 1 1/4 pounds of cheese, two buns, and a cup each of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, relish, banana peppers and some pickles.

Stelnick did it all in two hours, 54 minutes.

If you have to see it to believe it, read on...

Image copyright Randy Reali. Mmmmm hamburger!!!

Image copyright Randy Reali.
All Done!

Photo's via FARK.


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Comments (22)

I think I'm in love...... (Below threshold)

I think I'm in love...

"I think I'm in love..."</p... (Below threshold)

"I think I'm in love..."

With the woman or the burger?

There's something sexy abou... (Below threshold)
Holy Crap:

There's something sexy about a girl who can swallow all that meat... dayum

About twenty-five years ago... (Below threshold)

About twenty-five years ago, I used to work at a pizza place that offered $100 to anyone who managed to eat the large pizza all by themselves (you got to pick which two toppings out of a dozen to leave off). The pizza came to at least twelve pounds, full up, and you had one hour to eat it.

A *very* tiny pregnant woman came in and managed it.

At 100-lbs. that meal repre... (Below threshold)

At 100-lbs. that meal represents 11% of her body weight. No big deal if you are a dust mite, but very impressive for a human.

She's got a stomach that co... (Below threshold)

She's got a stomach that could handle about 9 consecutive bukkake gangbangs!

Now that was just plain wrong!

Wrong I tell you!

I'm taking Hector Vex out o... (Below threshold)

I'm taking Hector Vex out of here.

Dayumn!... (Below threshold)
Red Five:


I think i'm in love, too...... (Below threshold)

I think i'm in love, too...with both the woman and the burger...rawr!

So, what did she win?... (Below threshold)

So, what did she win?

Did anyone else notice she'... (Below threshold)

Did anyone else notice she's wearing one of those Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelets? How do you think Lance feels about 6 pound cheeseburgers?

I'd like to use this as an ... (Below threshold)

I'd like to use this as an example for a question I've always wanted answered: Let's say the burger, in toto, goes at 11 lbs cooked weight. Right before eating it, Kate Stelnick gets on a scale holding the burger. She and the burger would weigh in a 111 lbs.

Then she eats the burger. Immediately upon finishing, Kate gets back on the scale. How much does she weigh (ignoring any calories she's burned during the three hours it took her to eat it)?

Contests like this make car... (Below threshold)

Contests like this make cardiologists drool.

Nice! This is the girl to b... (Below threshold)

Nice! This is the girl to bring with you to the Big Texan in Amarillo...

What's the big deal? Michae... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

What's the big deal? Michael Moore has two of them for lunch every day.

What was the question? Oh y... (Below threshold)

What was the question? Oh yea... So what did she win?

A date with Johnny Schlong of course.

Would if be safe to say it may be cheaper to clothe this women, vice paying her Piggly Wiggly bill?

She looks like Renee Zellwe... (Below threshold)

She looks like Renee Zellweger gearing up for a Bridget Jones' Diary sequel.

In depth story with these p... (Below threshold)

In depth story with these pictures and lots of quotes ! here -- > http://www.foodmarket.com/news/2005011701.html

Here's a link --<a... (Below threshold)
You go girl!! Whoot!!</i... (Below threshold)

You go girl!! Whoot!!

I noticed this weekend that... (Below threshold)

I noticed this weekend that KateStelnick.com and Stelnick.com were unregistered and I went ahead and registered them to prevent them from being hijacked. (I thought all unregistered last name .coms went out with sub $1 gas). I have set up a page of links at Stelnick.com and a page of 11-pound burger facts at KateStelnick.com At Kate's request, I would like to either upgrade these pages to a real website or give her these domain names.

Cool i had a 10 pound hambu... (Below threshold)

Cool i had a 10 pound hamburger once me and my friends made it. I was bet i couldnt finish it in 4 hours and i did it took 2 hours to make and it had all of the toppings this one does except ketchup. I think I got a chance. The hard part is hauling my friends up there.






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