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Semi Live Blogging the Inauguration

So maybe this isn't completely fair-- but someone how I'm not surprised. I turned on the TV to catch some of the inauguration coverage and my Tivo was tuned to the local CBS affiliate.

I watched for about five minutes while they are pondering whether Bush would PLEASE ask the nation for a sacrifice and raise taxes. -- All the while panning the crowd showing every Democrat Senator they could find. They just can not seem to get the camera off John Kerry. They'd cut to another Dem Senator then return to Kerry, cut to a Dem Senator then return to Kerry over and over. I saw a Republican Senator and they turned the camera so fast I almost got dizzy.

No, my 5 minute observation of CBS probably is not fair... but somehow I was not surprised.

Update HA -- CBS "conveniently" lost the audio signal. Idiots.

P.S. They did actually give 1 Republican Senator face time.. go ahead guess which one.


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Comments (22)

Sorry to get serious, but b... (Below threshold)

Sorry to get serious, but best to be prepared – survival info for people currently in the Boston and DC areas. Drudge is also reporting on the threat right now.

HaloScan trackback's not wo... (Below threshold)

HaloScan trackback's not working for me right now, but I'm liveblogging moonbat sightings.

Do I get a cookie if I gues... (Below threshold)

Do I get a cookie if I guess John McCain?

Let me guess, John "maveric... (Below threshold)

Let me guess, John "maverick" McCain?

Leopold you missed the cook... (Below threshold)

Leopold you missed the cookie by 2 minutes. - Next time I'll try to ask a harder question. LOL

Leopold- ::neener neener:: ... (Below threshold)

Leopold- ::neener neener::

My, Laura looks lovely. How does she always manage to look like that?

And please note the ... (Below threshold)

And please note the very last sentence of the article:

Remember that if you survive the explosion itself, the amounts of radiation from the bomb will most likely be so low that even a few hours of exposure is not likely going to be fatal.

If the true threat is the bomb, what type of bomb could cause significant damage? One like WTC I or OK? Good luck amassing that much fertilizer if your a terrorist. They also have had radiation and fertilizer (or I shd say its organic components) detectors set up everywhere for quite a while.

Julie - it's nuclear. Read ... (Below threshold)

Julie - it's nuclear. Read the link under Boston and DC - top 2 items there.

Other details <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Other details here - entry via Mexico.

Your observation of CBS is ... (Below threshold)

Your observation of CBS is probably fairer than they have ever been to Bush and is probably closer to the truth too. We may be angry at how conservatives are treated in the media, say for the last 40 years, but that doesn't make us wrong. And we are in such a dangerous place today that our enemies in the media don't deserve fairness, they deserve to be utterly defeated and wiped out!

BR: I read your link which... (Below threshold)

BR: I read your link which said: “dirty bomb” and nuclear material – not nuclear bomb. The nuclear material is what makes the bomb "dirty." As your article said, the bomb is more likely to kill you -- not the radiation. The chances that they would one, have the time and materials to build a massive explosive device, and, two, it would go undetected, is slim to none.

John "will never be Preside... (Below threshold)

John "will never be President if I can help it" McCain, I presume.

John McCain doesn't bother ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

John McCain doesn't bother me a whole lot. I think every party needs their mavericks, although the fact that he has taken on that role, means he probably won't ever become president.

I also think the dumbest thing he ever did was get his stupid campaign finance reform bill passed-I wonder if he regrets how it turned out after seeing it in action.

The media, especially the liberal media seem to adore him. Make you wonder what would happen if the GOP base actually did give him the nod in '08, would the media eat him alive, or give him a pass.

Personally I would rather t... (Below threshold)

Personally I would rather they skip showing all those old guys altogether and just focus in on the lovely twins and Laura.

Hrm... First Haloscan drop... (Below threshold)

Hrm... First Haloscan drops out on me and now Blogger. *sigh*

The song "Bless this house"... (Below threshold)

The song "Bless this house" was unbeleivably beautiful.
The inaugeration speech was awesome.

- ..."As I sit here revelin... (Below threshold)

- ..."As I sit here reveling in the inauguration of a good man and true leader, and from time to time reflect on the misery of moonbats everywhere"....

- Victory is sweet....

Goddamn I think I nearly cr... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Goddamn I think I nearly cried. What a great day for our nation. It's good to know Bush hasn't curbed his ambition, that's why I voted for him.

Makes me proud. I think I almost got wood.

Don't know why you'd watch it on CommieBS though, are you a masochist or something Paul? Haha!

One of the Fox foxes got he... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

One of the Fox foxes got her ass kicked by a light stand.

Cheers Mr. President!... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Cheers Mr. President!

- Fox had a shot of the Cli... (Below threshold)

- Fox had a shot of the Clintons walking out of the inaugural luncheon at the finish, where slick willy was saying something ubber amussing to Hillery and looked up suddenly and saw the camera pointing his way, screwed up his face and clapped his hand over his mouth.... ahhh the power of live TV.....

What a wonderful day! A be... (Below threshold)

What a wonderful day! A beautiful, inspiring inaugural address. It embodies the best in mankind. I'm so happy it all transpired so successfully.






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