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Another American Hostage on Video Tape

Notice the gun to his head:

U.S. Hostage Pleads for His Life in Iraq

...In the video, hostage Roy Hallums spoke slowly, rubbing his hands as he sat with the barrel of the rifle inches from his head. He said he had been arrested by a "resistance group" because "I have worked with American forces." He appealed to Arab leaders, including Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, to act to save his life.

Hallums, 56, was seized Nov. 1 along with Filipino Robert Tarongoy during an armed assault on their compound in Baghdad's Mansour district. The two were working for a Saudi company that does catering for the Iraqi army. The Filipino was not shown.

Stand by for the deafening silence from the Muslim community to the latest atrocity.

Update: Rusty, has more info on this than the MSM.


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Hey Paul,We've known... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul,
We've known about Roy Hallums for some time now. Actually Rusty of mypetjawa has even been in touch with the family.

There is no way of knowing if this man is alive or when this video was taken. We've received so many video's - long after the person in them was already dead. Hopefully for his family, who has been fighting for his release, he is still alive and all this BS from the terrorists is for naught. All we can do is hope and pray that he is definitely still alive.


Yeah, that's in the section... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's in the section I clipped. (honest, go read it)

The newsworthiness is the video release.

Well it's never good when o... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Well it's never good when one of our boys has to step up to the plate for their country. That's sacrifice, and a supreme one at that.

I have slightly less respect for the contractors over there, even though they too are tryin to bring freedom to the people, since they see it as a fat paycheck more often. I hear that a lot from the boys I speak to who've finished their stints.

But this guy...he works for SAUDIS...the very people who HELPED ATTACK OUR COUNTRY!

Sadly, I gotta say he was playing with the devil on this one.It's not nice to lose your life in the ways those animals take them, but come on, he was in it for the money and was UNAMERICAN in choosing who he shoulda worked for.

I call it as I see it.

yeah but let's not lose sig... (Below threshold)

yeah but let's not lose sight of the fact that he is AMERICAN and he will inevitably lose his life in a horrific manner nonetheless. No one deserves to be dismembered or beheaded for trying to make a living.
Are we becoming desinsitized to it after so many have taken place?
I can't bear to watch another one. I haven't since Nick Berg. Can't.

Daily Kos shared some thoug... (Below threshold)

Daily Kos shared some thoughts on this:

"Screw 'im. I feel nothing. He's a mercenary there to loot Iraq and oppress Iraqis. I hope the freedom fighters cut his head off with an extra-dull knife and use his corpse as an IED to kill Iraqi voters (or collaborators as they SHOULD be called)."

no..I will not speak harshl... (Below threshold)

no..I will not speak harshly against anyone there trying to better themselves. I will say that the path he chose is a dangerous one and that only he should be responsible for his fate as a result of the choice. I can't say that he deserves what he gets. That's as barbaric a response as the action of his inevitable beaheading.

Tall Dave,Yup, the D... (Below threshold)

Tall Dave,
Yup, the Democrats made a really smooth move paying this bozo [Markos]. If I wanted to be taken seriously by anyone I'd go way out to the fringe and hire the looniest person I could find. Makes sense to me.

"We bought it, we own it, we're going to take it back."

Here, take it for free. Just take it away.

Rob Hackney,
Loosen up. He's a human being and doesn't deserve this under any circumstances. There's no justifying his predicament with remarks like "being in it for the money". He's likely to have his head sawed off for crying out loud. I'm just as horrified when they do it to their own. I'm with Debra on this one.

Oyster, I NEVER sa... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:


I NEVER said he deserved it...but I would ask you to be aware of the circumstances such people often get themselves into these situations.

He was working for the "stab you in the back" SAUDIS who ATTACKED US and all to make a quick buck. Ask the troops how they feel being payed what they are paid to risk their lives, and then ask them how they feel about fancy contractors coming in on fat contracts earning MANY TIMES what the troops get all the while needing to be babysat.

I DO NOT wish him harm but I WILL NOT shed a tear for a mercenary who sees fit to switch sides for a buck.

If he was a charity worker,... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

If he was a charity worker, now THAT would be different.

Rob, I think you'r... (Below threshold)


I think you're missing an important piece to the equation. Hallums worked for a Saudi catering company providing food to U.S. soldiers. Maybe that will make a difference in your assessment of whether or not he was "playing with the devil."

I think the fact that the m... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think the fact that the man is doing a job, it may not be glamorous, and it may not be for a company we some seem to approve of, but frankly, he was there working, and he was kidnapped, and now he is going to be the next big media event for the terrorists.

Nobody deserves it, and the Kos quote is appalling, no human, Saudi, Iraqi, American or otherwise deserves what is probably going to happen to this man.

I think the sad thing is that we do seem to be getting more desensitized to these beheadings, but we appear to be, I think for anyone to say he deserves it, even tongue in cheek shows a lack of compassion and value of human life.

Keep in mind that he is som... (Below threshold)

Keep in mind that he is someones son..brother..husband..father and friend.

A man working to provide a service to our men and women in uniform.
Regardless of his motive whether it be survival for he and his family stateside or plain greed for the lucrative paycheck he receives he doesn not deserve to be spat on by anyone for his choices.
My stomache churns at the thought of any person (American, Iraqi or otherwise) being forced to wait out their end knowing what is coming and knowing that here will be no one that can help. His death warrant was signed the moment he was abducted just by his nationality alone.
I'm saddened. Truly saddened. Please don't cheapen the sacrifice by judging the victim.

He shouldn't have been ther... (Below threshold)

He shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Chad,No, he still ... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:


No, he still was in it for the money. It was merely a job for him. Albeit one that went badly wrong. The fact is, he was helping put money into the hands of the SAUDIS, who will ironically probably turn over some of the profit to the PEOPLE WHO HOLD HIM HOSTAGE.

Of course he does not deserve what those scum fighters might do to him, but MOTIVE is everything.

The stinking LIBERAL MEDIA will twist and turn this into a tear jerker and we will all be oversaturated with this yet again. And then we really won't give a crap.

It is very sad, but the more this goes on, the more we NEED TO ACCEPT THIS IS A WAR.

In the old days, people just got on with it.

I noticed that his handlers... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

I noticed that his handlers slaped him around and jabbed him with rifles. But I did not see the MSM screaming to high heaven about torture. Did I miss all those articles and "news" shows?

"He shouldn't have been the... (Below threshold)

"He shouldn't have been there in the first place." Are you out of your fucking mind? Maybe someone ought to saw your head off the next time you are somewhere you "shouldn't have been in the first place."

I've been there, done that,... (Below threshold)

I've been there, done that, but I agree with Rob Hackney 100%. I did civilian contracts in Peru, Iran and then for seven years in Viet Nam. (read my profile www.newsfrombangkok.blogspot.com.)We all knew the risks but We stayed. We could have taken the next plane out, but we stayed.
What pissed me off about Viet Nam was they had draftees there, even in '62 when there was no need. And also they had women there. I knew if it came to a choice on the last chopper out between me and a woman, my ass was mud. Whether they were volenteers or not.

I notice the MSM's NEVER br... (Below threshold)

I notice the MSM's NEVER broadcast the picture of the female CARE worker, Margaret Hassan, with her battered face and disemboweled body on the streeets of Falluja. I don't know what her husband's politics were, but this was clearly a message to him.

Initial reports described the body as "blond". They speculated she was "European". No doubt her hair color changed after torture.

I am so sick of the world's view (Europe) of TERRORISTS, as "insurgents". Their time is coming an Eurabia. It is already in play, and Europe better get on the offensive!

Since this man is doing the... (Below threshold)

Since this man is doing the Lord's work (and not that false idol, Allah's) he does not need to have any fear at all.

He is probably praying right now, and I'm sure God will make everything all right for him. Doesn't he always?

I think most Muslims are as... (Below threshold)

I think most Muslims are as offended by this as people of other faiths, but are more afraid to talk about it.

Bringing emocracy and freedom to the Mideast will
defang some of these radicals that currently enjoy sumbiotic relationships with tyrannical regimes.

Yes, he shouldn't have been... (Below threshold)

Yes, he shouldn't have been there in the first place - he should have known better. Who invited him there? If someone invades my house, I'll use my weapon.

But he didn't invade "your ... (Below threshold)

But he didn't invade "your house." In fact, I doubt anyone has ever invaded "your house." And I doubt that you contribute enough to society to earn enough to even possess a house. And furthermore, I doubt that you have a weapon to use, or any virgins waiting for you in heaven. Your view is that of a neanderthal, and it is slowly being stamped out of the world. Freedom rocks.

The idea that a couple of masked dudes with guns, tormenting a common man, somehow speak for anyone's house let alone any country or religion is an absurd leap on the face of it. Freedom will triumph in Iraq and the neanderthals will be left with stone. And I'm afraid that those virgins will be left for our boys fighting the good fight, a small token of appreciation from God for American altruism.

One thing about the moonbat... (Below threshold)

One thing about the moonbat trolls, they get real excited and all come out everytime there is a beheading on the horizon. They just love the thought of an American getting their head cut off. Isn't that right, JN and minnie? I bet you are both salivating as we speak. Are you going to bark for us some more? Come on, bark!

[QUOTE]Stand by for ... (Below threshold)

Stand by for the deafening silence from the Muslim community to the latest atrocity.

What the fuck has the Muslim community got to do with it. You can stand by for the deafening silence from me because I couldn't give a rats ass, and I'm an agnostic. America has happily created this situation and America has to live with it. If you think that's the Muslim community's fault somehow then you need to wake up and realise that the rest of the world is not American. Pointing fingers isn't going to help anyone is it now. Tosser.

Bark bark bark bark bark ba... (Below threshold)

Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark.

I agree with what McCain wr... (Below threshold)

I agree with what McCain wrote with one modification and that is that the behavior isn't the eqiivalnet of Neanderthals, but something far worse: zombies.

As earlier I wrote about something Paul wrote about that, Neanderthals exhibited qualities that were quite entirely human. Some that were not (cannibalism, for one, but that's also a shared behavior by Homo Sapiens the world over at times of extreme deprivation, and it's proven by archaeological records, so, can't diss Neanderthals for that behavior, as vile as it was).

I'm just saying that the behaviors that McCain identifies here and well is sub human, not even pro-human, nor even remotely related on any ancestral line of humanity, but is zomibiesque if ever there was/is such a thing...

About Muslims remaining silent on this issue, everyone else has given them room to remain silent on this issue for a while now, and look what their silence has fostered: Saddam Hussein, Usama bin Laden, and many other zombie dictators the world over.

Leon: spit the brains out.... (Below threshold)

Leon: spit the brains out. Just spit them out, stand up and be a man.

Daily Kos shared some th... (Below threshold)

Daily Kos shared some thoughts on this:

"Screw 'im. I feel nothing. He's a mercenary there to loot Iraq and oppress Iraqis. I hope the freedom fighters cut his head off with an extra-dull knife and use his corpse as an IED to kill Iraqi voters (or collaborators as they SHOULD be called)."

I don't even know how to adequately respond to that kind of shit, except to say it's unsurprising at the very least. Burning in hell is too good for anyone who says that kind of filth. Mercenary? Loot? Oppress? Freedom fighters? Collaborators? That Kos is an effing sociopath.

-S-: Bark bark bark bark ba... (Below threshold)
Leon the Barking Moonbat:

-S-: Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!

Leon: IKnowYouWantToBeAMan... (Below threshold)

Leon: IKnowYouWantToBeAManButYouCan't. Just put the brains down, abandon the zombie-in-the-grass-wiggle mode, give up trying to beat your way through a barred window with a limp zombie wrist and even though you can't be a man, you can still try. A great place to start would be realizing that no matter how hard you might want it, no one wants to waste time 'flaming' you. I think there are more effective ways to deal with zombies.

S: no matter how hard yo... (Below threshold)

S: no matter how hard you might want it Shouldn't that be, no matter how loud you bark? ;-)

"America has happily create... (Below threshold)

"America has happily created this situation and America has to live with it."

That is a non-sequitor. It is the victim who will live or die. "America" will continue spreading freedom regardless of what happens to him. And by that, of course, I mean American foreign policy -- thinking people understand that Amercans hold a divergence of opinion on every topic, which is a concept known as "freedom." Someday you will have it yourself.

So for the sake of understanding an illogical mind, does Roy Hallums somehow represent America to you, and if so, how? Are you unable to differentiate one person from 290,000,000 people? And yes -S-, perhaps neanderthals could handle this question in their pea sized brains.

Here Paul goes again, using... (Below threshold)

Here Paul goes again, using this tragic situation to further his misinformed rhetoric.

(By the way Paul, nice job deleting my post...that shows real maturity on your part)

Paul has been making a very false claim that the "Muslim community" as he generalizes, has NOT SPOKEN out against terrorism, or atrocious acts like these repeated beheadings. That assertion is false. Maybe I shouldnt call it a lie; maybe Paul is just misinformed.

Here's a selection from an article that may be found on the US Department of State website concerning the beheading of New Jersey resident Paul Johnson last June:

Johnson was from Eaglewood in southern New Jersey. The majority of the 400,000 Muslims in the state of New Jersey live in the northern parts of the state. In that area, representatives of nine Muslim and Arab organizations, including the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations CAIR and the American Arab Anti --Discrimination Committee (ADC), endorsed a statement on June 19 expressing their outrage and condemnation of Johnson's murder and insisting the murder did not represent the tenets of Islam.

link: http://usinfo.state.gov/mena/Archive/2004/Jun/24-269913.html

Paul continues to attempt to demonize ALL Muslims, for what some criminals who are Muslims have done.

One of Paul's favorite replies to this is that I am defending murderers, or somehow being aplogetic, which is about as far from the truth as one can get. I am correcting Paul in making judgements about large groups of people, based on what a segment of them has done.

In no way does that condone the acts of those who commit such horrid acts, I am seeking to correct the implication that all Muslims are somehow complicit with what terrorists do.

And yes Paul, in your other post you implicated ALL Muslims. In this post your implication is more subtle, but you are still suggesting that the "Muslim Community" has not reacted at all, and therefore calling "their" character/morality into question. If you took a little time to look into the situation more thoroughly you might come to a different conclusion, and present these stories without such misinformed statements. There is opposition, there are Muslims who condemn these atrocities.

Of course the real question is this: is Paul interested in considering multiple viewpoints, or is he posting here on Wizbang merely to spout out his view of the world as he sees fit?

People overreact on both sides of this, and both liberals and conservatives make stupid remarks that are less than productive in coming to an understanding of whats happening. For example the above anonymous DKos quote:

"Screw 'im. I feel nothing. He's a mercenary there to loot Iraq and oppress Iraqis. I hope the freedom fighters cut his head off with an extra-dull knife and use his corpse as an IED to kill Iraqi voters (or collaborators as they SHOULD be called)."

I completely disagree with what the writer says. Complete bullshit. Nobody deserves such treatment. To make such a claim is so assinine, idiotic, and ridiculous that I cant believe someone really thinks that. Clearly that poster is a fool.

I'm really trying to get some of you people to drop the generalizations about "Muslims" as a whole. And cut the crap about calling me a liberal for countering some of your bullshit. Stick to specifics instead of making giant leaps. There are terrorists, and they ARE murderers, and they should be pursued and prosecuted. I find it really un-American to go around making statements, however, that implicate innocent people for what others are doing.

Paul dont give me any bullshit about this. Just do some research, and cut the generalizations. We both agree that terrorists are committing atrocious acts, so stop acting like I'm somehow on the "other" side because I'm trying to present a view thats contrary to your own regarding "Muslims". You're over-generalizing.

We cant go around making such sweeping generalizations about Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, that is not accepted in our society, for good reason. Making broad generalizations about Muslims as a whole is just as unacceptable, and wrong.

Bark bark bark bark bark ba... (Below threshold)

Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark.

r.a., Show us a statement a... (Below threshold)

r.a., Show us a statement about THIS hostage. And since you are probably so well informed, you know that the Muslim groups in New Jersey were really concerned about the desecration of a mosque in New Jersey at that time -- hence the statement to show their concern for the rest of us. But even if it wasn't motivated by self-interest, your ability to find a dusty statement that is fully 8 months old seems to prove Paul's point.

As a general point, Paul's reference to deafening silence in the "Muslim community" is right on the mark. Where is the outrage? I think the answer is pretty simple ... Muslim's ("generally," I feel obliged to write) don't really object to the spreading of Islam, even at the point of sword. Muhammad spread Islam that way. Maybe, just maybe, the total destruction of western civilization, as called for by Osama's letter to the American people, isn't such a bad thing after all. At least it is worth considering this reason for deafening silence. Isn't it?

McCain: Neanderthals had L... (Below threshold)

McCain: Neanderthals had LARGER BRAIN DIMENSIONS in comparison with their bodies than we do. There is a lot of speculation for good reason that they possessed or were capable of greater intelligence quotients than we are, because, they didn't sprout the larger brains for nothing, had to be engaged over a long period of time in complex behaviors and thought because of their actual physiology.

Thus, it's reasonable to speculate as to whether or not Neanderthals were actually a "smarter" species than we are. Although we survived and they didn't so there's also room to wonder what sort of intelligence they possessed, by comparison to us.

Perhaps it was that the less intelligent species survived by brute force and cunning, who knows, but it is possible that that took place, and that Neanderthals were not at all as barbaric as we need to assume that they are. Perhaps they just didn't reproduce well or too many decades of harsh conditions existed for too long, disease set in, their numbers dwindled and the died out gradually, but, for whatever reason, they had larger brain sizes than we do, and lived within complex social structures.

r.a.: let's see, I think t... (Below threshold)

r.a.: let's see, I think the zombie hoarde is flailing around on the lawn -- perhaps you'd feel more comfortable out there with them. They might even have a few brains by now so enjoy your lunch.

But even if it wasn't mo... (Below threshold)

But even if it wasn't motivated by self-interest, your ability to find a dusty statement that is fully 8 months old seems to prove Paul's point.

I used that reference because it was specifically talking about a similar case, as opposed to a general condemnation of terrorism. It was also yet another counter to Paul's claim that there has been no outcry from "the Muslim community."

And since you are probably so well informed, you know that the Muslim groups in New Jersey were really concerned about the desecration of a mosque in New Jersey at that time -- hence the statement to show their concern for the rest of us.

Maybe they were worried about idiots who might attack them based soley on the fact that they were Muslim, so they made a public statement to make their stance on the issue known.

r.a., Show us a statement about THIS hostage.

Ok here you go:

(ANAHEIM, CA, 1/26/05) - The Southern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today called for the immediate release of an American contractor who was kidnapped along with a Filipino co-worker in Iraq last November.

In its statement, the Islamic civil rights and advocacy group said:

"We call for the immediate and unconditional release of Roy Hallums. We also call for the release of every other hostage currently held in Iraq and urge all parties to the conflict to refrain from any actions that may harm civilians."


As a general point, Paul's reference to deafening silence in the "Muslim community" is right on the mark.

Paul's analysis of this situation isnt the most informed, useful, or accurate.

r.a.: let's see, I think... (Below threshold)

r.a.: let's see, I think the zombie hoarde is flailing around on the lawn -- perhaps you'd feel more comfortable out there with them. They might even have a few brains by now so enjoy your lunch.

Ah...so are you saying that your only way of countering me is with name calling?

Drop the bullshit dude, either discuss the issue or don't reply.

It doesnt reflect well on you when you resort to slander.

Can you respond with a coherent argument, or not?

Can't you guys get past the... (Below threshold)

Can't you guys get past the name calling, mudslinging, and bullshit and discuss this subject like adults?

Or is that too much to ask of you Wizbangers?

Or is that too much to a... (Below threshold)

Or is that too much to ask of you Wizbangers?

Why, yes, it is too much to ask.

Why don't you post your junk on LGF? They are a treasure trove of information and websites documenting the duplicity of the muslim community. I'm sure they will educate you. You are always yapping about wanting to learn and have your ideas challenged, so go to LGF. You'll find plenty of articles and links and commentators to challenge your ideas. Me, I wouldn't waste my time with you. You're a gonner.

Alright, alright -S-... (Below threshold)

Alright, alright -S-
I will refrain from neanderthal ridicule and will include a "conventional wisdom" disclaimer with any future pea-brain reference. By the way, Hummingbirds have the largest brains of any bird species relative to body size. Nevertheless, I would stake my problem solving ability, even in a drunken stupor, against any bird-brain.

And S.A., thanks for the reference. Statements like that are a positive sign, albeit the easiest and cheapest form of political statement. I'll gladly change my view when I see Muslims actively engaged in protest against their Neanderthals (see disclaimer). Any possibility of a million Muslim march for freedom? Not. And I hypothesize the reason is as I stated. The defeaning silence is not from lack of caring, nay, it is from silent support.

McCain:You're welc... (Below threshold)


You're welcome for the link. I agree that statements like that are a positive sign. And I also understand your skepticism about the real value of such statements.

I agree that there should be ALOT more active protest and separation from what the neanderthals are doing.

I dont agree with your hypothesis of "silent support", but again I can understand where you are coming from. I could be wrong, but I have a hard time believing that a majority of Muslims would support terrorists, especially considering much of what I have read. I would expect that the Muslim terrorists are a fringe element, in the way that the KKK was here. They can exert influence and fear in disproportionate amounts to their actual size, via their methods, which I think makes them look bigger than they really are. 9/11 was executed by a relatively small number of people, and the impact was massive.

You have to remember that these terrorists are targeting Muslims and non-Muslims alike...that many Muslim people are also TARGETS or terrorism and murder. So I could imagine that in some places speaking out against those people might be a very dangerous proposition.

Anyway, thanks for at taking what I said into consideration, and for remaining civil...its alot better that way.

BTW: modern homo sapiens (cro magnon) had superior stone tool technology to neanderthals, which may be indicative of a superior intelligence after all. brain size aint everything...

ra One CYA press r... (Below threshold)


One CYA press release by one organization does not equate to "outrage from the Muslim community" (OFTMC) to anyone but you.

Give it up.

They don't give a fuck.

ra turn the brain on for a second - I know you have one- you lose the debate by definition.

If there really was OFTMC you wouldn't have to be trying to prove it, it would be self evident. (What... are they outraged but keeping it a secret?)

The fact you have to struggle to find find a few links to support your point proves the "outrage" ain't all you crack it up to be.

and BTW I deleted you becau... (Below threshold)

and BTW I deleted you because you repeated yourself 3 times saying something that was demonstrably untrue.

You were just chasing your tail and posting the same 3 arguments in a circular fashion. I nuked them in order twice.

When you started on the third rotation I was done.

You can repeat it all day long but the only one I see outraged is you and you are only outraged at me not the murderers.

Actually, McCain, to disill... (Below threshold)

Actually, McCain, to disillusion you further, bird physiology and mammalian physiology are two distinct areas.

The point about the dissing references to Neanderthals is that they possessed greater physical capacities compared to us Homo Sapiens. Whatever their capacity might have been, however, we'll never know. Some contemporary Homo Sapiens, however, rely on other species for purposes of grandiosity, unfortunately, which speaks more about their limitations than that which they demean. Meaning, you can't fly, Hummingbirds can and why has nothing to do with Neaderthals.

Typo: I intended to write,... (Below threshold)

Typo: I intended to write, "whatever their physical potential might have been, we'll never know," but didn't.

We know their capacity, we just are left to speculate as to what they did with their capacity, or would have if they'd survived.

Didn't those gifted neander... (Below threshold)

Didn't those gifted neanderthals have over 150,000 years to develop? That should be just about enough time to judge their "capacity." Show me the flush toilets, man. In fact, wasn't this argument settled? In the end, humans (literally) beat those muscle-bound brutes fair and square. And lastly, I CAN fly, thanks to the aeronautical ingenuity of homo sapien. Just try arguing that 150,000 years of spear throwing put them on the cusp of space flight. Socrates say, tis not the size of the mind but what is done with it. Our species rocks, uhhh rockets I should say.

You are really in a very ba... (Below threshold)

You are really in a very bad mood, are you not, McCain?

I wrote about capacity. I did not write about accomplishments. I wrote about capacity.

Neanderthals as we can study in the archeological record had a larger brain size in relationship to the skeletal structure than do we as Homo Sapiens, even now.

Since Neanderthals went extinct prior to contemporary advances through to technologies as we understand them today, they did not advance through to accomplishments that we can observe in present day.

Meaning, we know that they as a species had the capacity for intelligence comparable if not greater than ours as another species.

Capacity, not accomplishment. What they DID accomplish within their daily lives, however, was a complex social structure that cared for their elderly and disabled and commemorated their dead, which predates similar behaviors on average of our Homo Sapien ancestors. Meaning, had Neanderthals survived as a species, they may have been more accomplished than our own species.

And, to put the extinction of Neanderthals in perspective, it's also been noted that there were one if not several episodes in our Homo Sapien past where our species was nearly extinct and survived only by very small numbers -- not millions, not hundreds of thousands, but very small numbers of surviving individuals, such that it was by mere chance or Divine helps that Homo Sapiens survived at all. Neanderthals didn't but it may not have been because of any handicap by their species but due to circumstances, similarly negatively affecting our Homo Sapien ancestors.

The mitochondrial DNA record of humans indicates that every individual alive today is closely related to one single female ancestor. Meaning, at one time in our human past, there were so few human beings alive through to reproduction age that all the many millions of us today descended from one single surviving female.

And that was after Neanderhals vanished.

So, again I write and only ... (Below threshold)

So, again I write and only write that to regard some standard of stupidity as being the equivalent of "Neanderthal" is, actually, rather stupid itself.

Compare stupidity to .... but not to Neanderthals, who were anything but the epitome of the non intelligent being.

Savage, perhaps, but not no... (Below threshold)

Savage, perhaps, but not not intelligent. But, also savage were our ancestors. Seems that some still are.

I bet that one female had a... (Below threshold)

I bet that one female had an awesome set of birthing hips.

Ok, you win. So they had capacity, usused capacity after 150,000 years. They were trounced by weakling man. Go figure. And what man accomplished in 40,000 years is well, enough said.

Well, I was surfing the int... (Below threshold)
Carrie Hallums Cooper:

Well, I was surfing the internet and I came across this site. You all have interesting things to say about my Dad and his situation.
Best wishes to you all.

Well now, don't some of you... (Below threshold)

Well now, don't some of you just feel plain stupid?
I hope that this last comment by Ms. Carrie Hallums Cooper made you (you know who you are) feel small and insignificant in the greater scheme of things.
Way to go assmunches....Way to go
Not for nothing here but at least feel some humility for crying out loud






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