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Is It Sweeps Week?

Katie Couric is talking about oral sex tonight on an NBC special on teen sex. On Fox, Paris Hilton is taking jobs she's not qualified to perform (which is pretty much all of them) on the premiere of The Simple Life - Interns.

Ironically there is one "job" we know Paris Hilton IS qualified to perform. She should have been a shoo-in to host the NBC special...


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Comments (14)

That's gold, Jerry. Gold!!... (Below threshold)

That's gold, Jerry. Gold!!

How can teens not think Ora... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

How can teens not think Oral Sex is no big deal? Paris working as an "Intern" easily could be combined into Katie's special. I can imagine Bill Clinton watching a show where teens discuss oral sex matter of factly like it is a "massage technique" and using it as a defense to Hillary. "See Hillary, I was just a'head' of my time." Those Clintons sure do a good job of staying ahead of the trends. They sure set the trend for Martha Stewart's stock trades with Hill's cattle future dealings and Bill's BJ's were so innovative at the time before "everyone started doing it."

<a href="http://www.infinit... (Below threshold)


I laughed and laughed and laughed....

Is it only me or do others ... (Below threshold)

Is it only me or do others notice how obsessed Liberals are about teen sex. The lil' perverts are always discussing the subject -- perhaps even more than teens actually discuss the subject. For instance, I think they fantasize about teens masturbating after Dr. Jocelyn Elders, Clinton's Surgeon General, talked about teaching teens about it in school. LOL.

The sex scandal of the refu... (Below threshold)

The sex scandal of the refugees under UN protection is widespread and one of the worst events in the Congo since King Leopold...many, many 10-13 year old children offering sex to UN peacekeepers for "two eggs and a cup of milk".

How soon, we wonder, will we see a Couric special taking on the UN, the leftist sacred cow.

I was fliping through the c... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I was fliping through the channels and happened upon dear, sweet Katie's show. She looked about as unprofessional as a journalist could. SHe was dressed very casually. She was sitting barefooted with her feet curled up under her. I guess she wanted the girls to think she was one of them.

She did managed to distort some statistics quite nicely. She through up a graphic that said 1 in 8 kids have engaged in sexual activity (while troublesome, it is not exactly an epidemic.) She quickly switched to a "disturbing" graphic that showed something like 68% of them had engaged in oral sex. Of course, she managed to completely dodge the fact that the 68% was of the 13%. Instead, she made it sound like it was 68% of the teen population.

She also pointed out that teen pregnancies were down because of better sex education (cue the picture of teenager holding a condom). Oh, and by the way, she did note that teaching abstinence palyed a small, almost miniscule, role in the downward trend of teen pregnacies.

I only watched about 3 minutes and I saw all this distortion. I wonder what the rest of it was like?

Heh... Blew me away!... (Below threshold)

Heh... Blew me away!

Well it could have been wor... (Below threshold)

Well it could have been worse -- a repeat of Katie's Kolonoscopy Kapers.

I would argue that Katie is... (Below threshold)

I would argue that Katie is overly qualified to speak about oral sex, since she's been blowing liberal guests for years during her interviews on the Today show.

I just don't get Katie's po... (Below threshold)

I just don't get Katie's popularity. She's not very pretty. She's not very bright. She's boring. Yet she's paid millions. I just don't get it.

I'll never forget when she was interviewing an FBI agent about the capture of a terrorist and asked him, "Other than the fact that he trained at an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, what evidence do you have that he's a terrorist?" The FBI agent looked at her as if she were a total moron.

Sounds like a perfect repla... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a perfect replacement for the antics of Dan Rather...

Paris and Nicole? How about an internship diffusing roadside bombs in Iraq? Those little rich bitches can joke about how the "dirty" soldiers do such lowly work. Then they can debate red wire- blue wire with eachother, only to discover that neither knows the difference. The show ends in a huge explosion. As their last appearance, I would not miss it.

Great idea, LJD. I'd even d... (Below threshold)

Great idea, LJD. I'd even do a pay-per-view to see those two in your scenario. LOL

Katie didn't know what "fri... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Katie didn't know what "friends with benefits" meant? Oh please. If that's true then she really is the airhead everyone makes her out to be.

I do not think NBC's hourly... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

I do not think NBC's hourly rate is near what she got for that job. Last I saw (and it was months ago) the video sales were over $5,000,000. If she get 10% that $0.5 mill.






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