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On The Democratic Response

In case anyone actually watches or cares...

Stephen Green - The response is from a mortician and a real estate saleswoman with too many tucks. I'm not sure I can watch. Not without another martini, anyway.

Ankle Biting Pundits - Can anyone name one new vision the Democrats have for America that would excite people and make them want to vote Democratic? Me neither. It's all "hate Bush" 24/7.

Peter Cook - All in all, nice effort but pessimism and dour talk should never be the answer to optimism and hope. You'd think they would have learned this by now.

Erick Erickson at RedState - The Democrat response was lacking... I kept waiting for Mr. Rogers to get out of the grave and beat the mess out of Senator Reid for the bad impression. Congresswoman Pelosi came across as weak in her first major public address. The Democrats have a long way to go and they need to get a refund if Pelosi and Reid had PR coaches for the night.

Steven Taylor - I hate the opposition rebuttal
I hate it when my guy wins
I hate it when its my guy who spins
I hate it cause it's a huge bore
I hate it each year more and more

[Ed - Ass-fucking obsessed bloggeers are mentioned in an update]

Willis Cheng - I would honestly have preferred a Howard Dean to provide the rebuttal, because he would be up front with his feelings -- screaming that the speech sucked, just cause he hates the f****** Republicans. It's much better than listening to Pelosi lie about how Bush hasn't provided a plan on defending America from the Islamofacists, only to cover it with something along the lines of "I really support the troops".

John Hawkins - If you work really hard -- come from a wealthy family, marry a rich widow, or amass a fortune as a trial lawyer -- and are willing to lie day in and day out about what kind of shape Social Security is in, you too can be the chief obstructionist in a political party that's slowly circling the drain in the bathtub of America's body politic!

Andrew Sullivan - A "Marshall plan for America"? Could these people be lamer? More out of touch? More pathetically pandering? Just when you thought you couldn't get any worse than Tom Daschle, you get this ... Jeez. "Groundhog day"??? "We can do better"?? Who writes this guff?


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Comments (13)

damn, I finally found out H... (Below threshold)

damn, I finally found out Harry Reids life story and that he gets his policy positions from teenage skate boarders, from the sounds of it that's who crafted his speech too.

I usually don't come to Wiz... (Below threshold)

I usually don't come to Wizbang to read about "Ass-fucking".

But it's a nice touch. More of the same, please.

Wasn't choosing Dean as DNC... (Below threshold)

Wasn't choosing Dean as DNC chair bad enough for them? If that was signing the suicide note like Dick Morris said then Nancy and Harry have started digging the grave. The only things lacking are an electrical appliance near the bathtub and the eulogy.

- Heady times yes... But we... (Below threshold)

- Heady times yes... But we need to preserve the hapless Dems....They make perfect "foils" (pun intended)....

Reid was right when he said... (Below threshold)

Reid was right when he said "He could have done better" about choice of role models the skater made. I've seen rocks with more charisma and intelligence. I will not stoop to Nancy P's level of stupidity and comment on what she tried to say beyound saying that whatever it was she failed miserably.

Well, <a href="http://vodka... (Below threshold)

Well, Stephen Green's roundup hits it out of the park for my read. The only thing he could have done to improve the excellence of his homerun writeup would be to take a bat TO the Democrats, but then again, I'd have sympathized with the bat. I laughed, I cried, I wanted a hotdog.

Wait, no one has yet mentio... (Below threshold)

Wait, no one has yet mentioned the moment when Joe Biden got up to applaud one of Bush's lines and then sat down when he realized that he was alone on BOTH sides of the aisle.

Who knows... maybe he heard a line that sounded good enough to plagiarize.

I think that 'Devon' from S... (Below threshold)

I think that 'Devon' from Senator Reid's home town CAN do better, he can grow up to be a Republican!

Reid sounds like Jimmy Cart... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Reid sounds like Jimmy Carter. Who BTW told us in 1978 that Social Security was failing! The crisis is not news it is just something that is very tough, if not impossibel, to save.

Re: Stephen Green, I said t... (Below threshold)

Re: Stephen Green, I said the *exact* same thing to my wife while we were watching the Dem response -- well, the first 5 minutes, after which she felt physically ill and put on Food Network.

"Baby, she looks like she's trying to sell a time-share! Look, she's trying to grin creepily and talk at the same time!"

Ms. Pelosi sure has an eye ... (Below threshold)

Ms. Pelosi sure has an eye for where the camera is. When Bush was leaving the hall, she maneuvered herself into the background in a vast majority of the shots.

Why would she want to be seen with Bush?

I think it would be kind of... (Below threshold)

I think it would be kind of funny if Bush did give them the Marshall plan...lets see, do away with the regulatory controls, strict limits on government spending, don't print new money...Are they sure they really know what they are asking for?

One good thing is emerging ... (Below threshold)
Pi man:

One good thing is emerging from the hissing left: many sensible democrats are starting to jump the gunnels of this liberally captained ship.

The left has often stated that the ‘country is divided’, maybe, it is that the (democratic) party is divided as it has become clear that liberals, who have a party of their own, are running as democrats. They have even admitted to this on their web site (liberalparty.org)!






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