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One Picture Sums Up The State of the Union Speech

First lady Laura Bush, right, applauds as Safia Taleb al-Suhail, leader of the Iraqi Women's Political Council, back to camera, hugs Janet Norwood of Pflugerville, Texas, on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Feb. 2., 2005 during President Bush's State of the Union address. Mrs.Norwood's son Sgt. Byron Norwood was killed in Iraq last Nov. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

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Comments (22)

- Rascal - You beat me too ... (Below threshold)

- Rascal - You beat me too it..... What a "money shot"... Says it all in one picture....

Freedom, baby, all about fr... (Below threshold)

Freedom, baby, all about freedom. The second half of that speech is historic. We are living in an amazing era in history, the beginning cusp of sweeping world reforms. The Rights of Man were represented very well tonight.

I was truly moved when the ... (Below threshold)

I was truly moved when the Iraqi woman was given her standing ovation. Her reaction of gratitude was priceless.

I had tears when she hugged the fallen Marine's mother, thanking her. Incredible.

This is what the Dems don't understand. They spit on these people; they toss medals away; they don't understand the price that is paid for their freedom or the freedoms of others. They are unwilling to stand up to those who are oppressed (unless it creates a good soundbite.)

Wait, what about the missed... (Below threshold)

Wait, what about the missed shot of Cheney coughing, turning all Red State in the face and then slipping a tab of something into his mouth in mid-speech?

Forget the "what's in Bush's jacket during the debate" kerfuffle. Clearly Cheney needed a nitro pill to stave off a heart attack. Where are the moonbats when we need them?

Idiot... that was a blue pi... (Below threshold)

Idiot... that was a blue pill, haven't you seen the pictures from the campaign? He knew he was gettin' some after the speech....

And on the opposite side, y... (Below threshold)

And on the opposite side, you had Hastert, who seemed at times to be taking on the human qualities of a star collapsing in on itself.

Jesus Jones, Denny. Sit up in your chair. You're mama would be ashamed at the posture.

- What could be more heart ... (Below threshold)

- What could be more heart warming than Mrs Norwood giving her fallen sons dog tags to Safia Taleb... Talk about Americans sacrificing for freedom....Unbelievable.....

Just be surfing around in n... (Below threshold)

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certainly visit your site again sometime. Really good work.

As always - great round-up ... (Below threshold)

As always - great round-up Kev! And the picture just brings tears...I think even Bush got teared up on that one. Laura looks like she is too in the pic.


Yes great, but - the MSM is... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Yes great, but - the MSM is already saying the Iraq election as bad news, cost too much, too many American dead etc. It only took them 2 days to get back on their Bush is bad track.

Great picture!Has ... (Below threshold)

Great picture!

Has anyone noticed that trackbacks have become very difficult these days to a few sites? Wizbang, Powerline, Captains Quarters have all been either timing out or just not been availible.

Any ideas why this is happening?



You might want to check out... (Below threshold)

You might want to check out Daily Kos for some background info on Safia Taleb - she may not be all that she's cracked up to be:


I cried ......... then it ... (Below threshold)

I cried ......... then it took me some time to realize that the other woman hugging the mother was the person the president had already addressed from Iraq who was able to vote for the first time ever in her life.

then I cried some more.


Nobody in their right mind ... (Below threshold)

Nobody in their right mind would read "the Daily Kos!" idiot!


Wow, They suckered u right ... (Below threshold)

Wow, They suckered u right in with that great photo op didn't they Cindy of Firstbrokenangel. Looks like your the idiot !!

If you had actually read Ko... (Below threshold)

If you had actually read Kos's desperate attempt to slag of at the Iraqi lady you may not have been so quick to link to it. Its a confused and jumbled mess of inuendo that doesn't have any direction. Does he think she a fake or not? Surely his summary isn't the guts of his little story i.e that her seat at the sotu was a "payback to covewr some behinds"

P.S I wonder if Kos meant to leave in the reference to Safia as a human rights activist in the last article he quoted, I mean how can anyone who wanted Saddam out be a human rights activist? aren't they all warmongering monsters? (unlike the brave insurgents/rebels/freedomfighters/minutermen who use handicapped children to do their dirty work for them)

OK, first of all, we need t... (Below threshold)

OK, first of all, we need to ditch the current anti-spam bot and get one with Liberal Detection. This place just doesn't need high schoolers with a less-than-rudimentary grasp of the English language.

Second, I'd like to suggest a close runner-up to the "best picture" title. We need a shot of Bush laying out his budget reform commitments, where exactly half the room applauds while the other half sits staring daggers like some kind of ill-tempered 14-year-olds.

Is it just me, or is that t... (Below threshold)

Is it just me, or is that the headteacher's assistant from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

She hasn't lived in Iraq si... (Below threshold)

She hasn't lived in Iraq since her family was exiled in 1968.

Anyone else notice that Nor... (Below threshold)
its hard work bein stupid:

Anyone else notice that Norwood lady giving Pickles a dirty look when Pickles tried to shake her hand?

She had this look on her face that said, FU beatch, you killed my son.

"It's hard work being anony... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

"It's hard work being anonymous" is exactly like 99% of blow hard liberals. They couldn't even feel anything except for the need to judge a woman being respected and recognized by our government on TV based on what he heard on the Internet.

Oh well, if it's that insightful, then let it be heard.

Boy, even Leni Riefenstahl... (Below threshold)

Boy, even Leni Riefenstahl would bow to that propaganda shot!






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