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Free Republic vs. Sean Hannity

PunditGuy alerts us that folks at Free Republic are pretty upset by comments made today by Sean Hannity on his radio show. [Listen] [FR - Hannity bashes Free Republic]

I'm not sure Sean is going to be broadcasting from CPAC tomorrow, but if he is I'll give him a chance to respond to the 2,000+ posts of pissed of Frepers...


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Comments (23)

I heard that. Give the she... (Below threshold)

I heard that. Give the sheer number of people on that site, I can only ask one thing: What was he thinking?

I am not a freeper. The last time I checked it was 2000 in the run up to the general election. I met some great people on there, and even met up with them at CPAC that year and the next. We had a good time. Great folks. I left because it wasn't MY style, but it worked for them.

That said, I would never put them down - especially if they were consumers of my products (books, radio, TV, you know, like Sean's stuff)...

I don't know what he was thinking when he said that.


Well, DU is obviously a fev... (Below threshold)

Well, DU is obviously a fever swamp. Are the freepers anywhere near as bad? Probably not. But it's clearly not a medium that atttracts the reasonable.

I'm a Freeper too. And I ha... (Below threshold)

I'm a Freeper too. And I have a thick enough skin not to sweat what Sean had to say. 'Course I don't listen to his show much anymore but that's a different story.

In my view Freerepub is not... (Below threshold)
Zell Miller Repub:

In my view Freerepub is not a discussion blog...it's a cheerleading session for like minded people. The site and "freerepub" name is an oxymoron as posts that don't fit the mold are regularly deleted and posters blocked. If Hannity bashed it I have new found respect for Hannioty. Just my opinion.

I don't own shares of Free ... (Below threshold)

I don't own shares of Free Republic but wasn't "buckhead" a Freeper. Not a small thing really.

CAT FIGHT!!... (Below threshold)


The context of his comments... (Below threshold)

The context of his comments is that he was promoting his own blog site. It was a dont-go-there, come-here instead thing, assuming wrongly that the pie is of finite size. The remarks sounded self-serving and disengenuous to my ear.

And Zell, he said that Freerepub "eats their own" and that he wouldn't allow that on his own site. So it seems he is saying that a cheerleading session for like minded people really IS the goal.

Call me weak kneed, but I t... (Below threshold)
Condi 2008!!:

Call me weak kneed, but I think Freepers seem a bit unhinged. There is no doubt that the werdos on Kos, and DU are much scarier, I don't think that Freepers are doing conservatives any favors. The threads--I've really only checked 2 or 3--read like a schizophrenic's train of thought. I think Hannity might be wise to alienate them.

I belong to FR, don't go th... (Below threshold)

I belong to FR, don't go there that often, my view is that there are a lot of smart people who know a lot of stuff. There are also some nutballs on occasion, but usually they get at least contradicted or argued with, if not ridiculed.

Its a very conservative site, but mostly I detect a sense of responsibility there, unlike some places. Posters there are usually much better informed than at Lucianne.com in my view.

What's funny is that Sean himself can be a bit over the top and even mean spirited on his show.

All one needs to do is revi... (Below threshold)
karl r:

All one needs to do is review the comments whenever there is a sad story about someone (be it left or right) who either dies or comes down with a terrible illness. Sure there will be jerks who say something like "he deserved it" or "divine justice", but far more often than not one sees comments like "god bless his soul" or "he is in my prayers" - and this is even for folks who are ultra leftists.

Now when we compare that to the hate that appears on DU, for example, it is clear that the Freepers are far more civil and respectable than anything the left has to offer at present.

Sean's comment were not onl... (Below threshold)

Sean's comment were not only self serving but will cause a considerable backlash within the conservative community. It's true that about 5% of the freepers go overboard and do seem to eat their own but the majority do not. They are in no way comparable to DU. As an avid reader of FreeRepublic (Freeper since 98), my opinion of Mr. Hannity has dropped considerably. His statement says more about him than it does about the majority of the members of FreeRepublic. He WILL regret his comments!

Any place as big as FR is g... (Below threshold)

Any place as big as FR is going to attract a spectrum of people. The distribution is probably similar to that of society - 10% are geniuses and 10% are of the bottom of the chart.

It is a cheerleading section for sure, but it is also a great source of news and information. (And humor - some of the one liners I have read there are priceless.)

I see exactly where Hannity is coming from, although I always believe it is wise to never burn any bridges ever and his words were foolish.

I was listening and heard i... (Below threshold)

I was listening and heard it too. I thought he was asking for it- but I don't think he was being really defamatory. Basically he was saying that it was a great site- a lot of wonderful people on there- but that there was also too much in-fighting there and he felt that conservatives should, in general, be more polite about their disputes and disagreements. Hey- I agree! ::dons her flame proof panties:: And I didn't see anything controversial or disrespectful about his comments. Unless- of course- you're one of those people who just likes to start trouble, I guess.

There's a recent spate on F... (Below threshold)

There's a recent spate on FreeRepublic, from what I read elsewhere last week, of long standing users being booted, comments deleted, their I.P.s banned, based upon their allegations that they were sent away due to opposing what they describe as President Bush's indulgence for illegal immigration, and they opine that the website owner/maintainer is removing people from FR, despite them having been active there for a while previously, when/if they write anything that disagrees with President Bush's supposed indulgence/excusing/allowing for illegal immigration.

I don't know, and have no first hand experience for that, but that's probably the issue fueling the Hannity comments about FR.

I really like and agree with nearly all/anything that Hannity opines on FOX (that's my only familiarity with the man), so I'd assume that whatever he is now saying about FR in this case, should be worthy of consideration (given that everything else he opines is, that he can be relied upon to express a certain standard of conservative and realistic opinions and perspectives).

I don't know about FR but only know the story that I related here after reading comments to that effect elsewhere, written by a few who were removed from FR and why they concluded they had been. Which doesn't make it correct, accurate, just that that's what I read, written in that context by persons booted from FR after writing (they allege) comments that criticized President Bush's also alleged indulgent stance about illegal immigration.

A lot of us don't condone illegal immigration, as an issue aside from FR and Hannity. I surely don't and it's a concern to many of us, both conservative and liberal though generally among conservatives. President Bush has never made a very clear stand against illegal immigration on any public level and AG Gonzales is on record as being very similar to even preposterous perspectives that V. Fox from Mexico holds about this issue....but that's not me going dark on Bush and his Administration, it's just me posing inquiries and differences about illegal immigration, based upon statements I've read.

But, about FR, I've never been a member, but think the place is a great source for current information that you won't find in most any, if not all, other areas of the internet. About the issue Hannity expresses, I think I agree again with him, that FR is undergoing some unexplained and clouded editing that is unusual for the site itself, based upon what I've read there.

HowEVER, I am aware that wi... (Below threshold)

HowEVER, I am aware that with websites as complex as FR, there might very well be attempts to be that which some are not, inorder to squeak by with certain naysaying about President Bush, just because they can. You never know, is what I mean, unless someone with a website explains why they banned which in any specificity, what the actual story is.

But, I do know that the issue of illegal immigration in the country is a very large wedge issue among conservatives. It'd be a shame if conservatives were being silenced if and when they disagreed with President Bush over this issue, but it's not the Bush Administration doing the silencing, which is important to recognize. If FR is taking those steps in reference to their website management, to keep the peace, whatever, well, it's their website, they can do what they chose to do with it. But, as a conservative group of voters and citizens, it's a shame to allow this problem to be used for leverage by others who intend to create harm.

Maybe that's what's bugging Hannity, all things considered.

Being a Buchanan Repub, I d... (Below threshold)
Zell Miller Repub:

Being a Buchanan Repub, I disagree totally with Bush and the neocons on illegal immigration, free trade and their infatuation with overpaid CEOs.

IMHO Kerry & Dems missed the boat by not taking the illegal immigration issue and running with it. Had Kerry stated in the last debate that he would fight to oppose illegal immigration and enforce laws against employers, he would be President now. But the Dems weren't that smart. Maybe they'll wise-up and worry about their constituents, instead of fretting about the PCness of calling them "illegals" instead of undocumented aliens.

Illegal immigration hurts not only their primary constituency but all Americans except those in business looking for cheap labor and those looking for nannies. But we all pay in increased social services, gangs, drugs and street crime.

Well -S- , that isn't what ... (Below threshold)

Well -S- , that isn't what he said. He said that he left 2 years ago, along with "everyone I know" because they allow too much arguing. Oh and by the way, he happened to mention in the same breath that he has his own blog site. It is pretty clear what the motivation is here, and it isn't what you are guessing.

McCain: I don't know what ... (Below threshold)

McCain: I don't know what it is you think you are correcting...because from what I wrote, I didn't quote anyone, particularly, but described a situation. Like I cautioned several times earlier, I was simply relating the generalized stories of others I'd read elsewhere, with no specificity.

I didn't even quote Hannity, that I know of, just that I was attempting to run through what --I-- might assume was his thinking, just taking a guess at it. Not quoting anyone or trying to represent any specific quote or position by anyone other than making some generalized statemetns, which I, again, wrote were just that: guesses and generalizations, me making a best guess at what *might be* the issue.

Anyone who has followed Sea... (Below threshold)

Anyone who has followed Sean Hannity would understand that he's a totally self absorbed narcisist. Just note how he somehow makes his own personal connection to a guest's comments or story. It's incredible.

And oh, does it surprise anyone that he plugged his own blog.forum at the end of that bit? Yeah, me neither

Here are the details on the... (Below threshold)

Here are the details on the FreeRepublic purge. Hannity should be happy; the KoolAid level there is rising by the day. However, it would have trouble reaching his level.

Free Republic is downright ... (Below threshold)

Free Republic is downright hateful. I was banned, because I was gay. I've also heard many stories that anyone who defends gay rights is banned as well, no matter how conservative they are.

Then again - there are many on the right who insist you can't be a real conservative unless you beat the crap out of gay people and insult them in public whenever possible.

FR is a great place, so lon... (Below threshold)
Don Quixote:

FR is a great place, so long as ya toe JimRobs line on Illegal Immigration. The moment ya post an article on that subject, someone such as Cultural_Jihad accuses ya of being racist. When ya point out that it is nationalist to place ones own country first, and not racist since you would not care WHAT race they invaders are, that is ignored. Then you get booted, and Cultural is still there playing his games, even when HE is the one who consistently race baits.

These days whenever you post ANY article which shows a negative side of the current border problems, in JimRobs mind that is, by default, supporting vigilantism and racism.

I agree with Hannity.Don't ... (Below threshold)

I agree with Hannity.Don't trust Freerepublic,they are not about free dialog. They will quickly delete any posts with which they don't agree.
I was just banned and had my post deleted because I wrote this:
They have a name for Liberals in Europe, they are called Socialists. I think it's funny that Americans use the word Liberal. Why don't we call call them what they are.
If you want more centralized government control of the market, price controls, higher than 50% taxes, gun control, more union control, government control of healthcare, etc. You are a Socialist. It's all about control for the Socialists. They should admit who they are.

Don't waste your time going to their website.






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