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Paris Hilton Semi-Blind Items

The goal of the game is to decipher the somewhat cryptic entires in Paris Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick notebook (alternate link, NSFW) and fill in the details or explain the entry.

  1. [September 19, 2004] Assuming JT is Justin Timberlake, who are ken and jess?

  2. [October 8, 2004] Who was Paris planning to sneak off with?
  3. [September 19, 2004] What kind of tape would Gary Shandling have of Paris?
  4. [November 12, 2004] Does Carson Dailey have a dossier on Hollywood celebs? That might explain his continued career.
  5. [September 29, 2004] Who is Kristen and what kind of lesson did she need to learn?
  6. Who is this girl, seen kissing a topless Paris?
  7. eglantina_zingg_mtv_03.jpg

    [It appears to be MTV Latin America star Eglantina Zing (pic 1/pic 2) , not Playboy Playmate Nicole Lenz. Defamer has the rest of the pictures (NSFW), and so does Gorilla Mask.]

  8. Who is Egplant dike ass?
  9. [Probably Eglantina Zing as well, seen getting very intimate with Paris on the cell phone pictures. The two were reported as "canoodling" by FemaleFirst.uk]

  10. Why is Southwest Airlines in Paris Hilton's phonebook?

Use the number of the entry in your response.


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Comments (82)

Paris Hilton is pretty (ugl... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton is pretty (ugly) and dumb like a rock. what do yall think?

Kevinc'mon man. Don'... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

c'mon man. Don't go publishing someone else's personal info like this.

Unless this is all a spoof, of course.

Plus, its not like anyone <... (Below threshold)

Plus, its not like anyone wanted Pauly Shore's phone number.

Playboy Model Nicole Lenz? ... (Below threshold)
Eric C.:

Playboy Model Nicole Lenz? She also is supposed to be in a new homemade movie with Ms. Hilton.

grow up children.... (Below threshold)

grow up children.

...... (Below threshold)


This is where it started:<b... (Below threshold)

This is where it started:

Recordings of phone coversations too.

ttp://hacking.to/parishilto... (Below threshold)


This URL works - the other ones seem to be shut down.

[1] Ken Jennings... (Below threshold)

[1] Ken Jennings

6 is Eglantina Zing a stupi... (Below threshold)

6 is Eglantina Zing a stupid hot and slutty VJ from MTV Latinamerica... i guess 7 is also her

I think that whore does thi... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

I think that whore does things like this on purpose.

Oh no! HOW did my homemade porno get out??!

Oh no! HOW did my sidekick info get out??!

More to come.

I'm sure this is a well-tim... (Below threshold)

I'm sure this is a well-timed PR stunt. Or at least it will be by this tuesday..



I like the PR-stunt idea. D... (Below threshold)

I like the PR-stunt idea. Didn't Hilton just sign to do some sort of wireless e-mail or text-messaging ad campaign? What better way to promote it than to come up with a few dozen e-mail addresses for moderately famous people and "leak" them on the Internet?

Damn. I wish I'd thought of it. Seems like a great idea to me.

AM answers his phone... (Below threshold)

AM answers his phone

That is one goddam lucky ph... (Below threshold)

That is one goddam lucky phone. That cellular bastard sees more sex in one week that I've seen in a lifetime.

[1] Ken Baker from US Weekl... (Below threshold)

[1] Ken Baker from US Weekly

Jess=jessica simpson

She was leaking gossip to the magazine.

<a href="http://parishilton... (Below threshold)
I don't approve of her life... (Below threshold)

I don't approve of her lifestyle or believe she deserves so much media attention, but Paris Hilton is an extraordinarily beautiful and sexy woman. She's got the face of an angel (and the soul of a devil).

Does anyone else find it fu... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else find it funny that Paris has Stephen King's email?

Mark: I agree, but it is f... (Below threshold)

Mark: I agree, but it is funny AND scary. Lets see if a spoiled rich heiress shows up in Stevie's next book.

Travis: Perhaps you have spent too much time in the alt.binaries newsgroups and its warped your esthetics.

8. Look for a new SWA ad campaign. Somehow I can't see her waiting in line with the other cattle before boarding... ... unless its one of her new show episodes.

I am SICK TO DEATH of that ... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

I am SICK TO DEATH of that BRAINDEAD WHORE getting the attention she CRAVES.

Thenext picture I want to see of her is a mug shot, since she should be ARRESTED for forcing me to WASTE precious minutes of my life on her pathetic bullshit antics!

If you reach AM, call him A... (Below threshold)

If you reach AM, call him Adam and ask if he's with Nic. Then tell him you met her in Jacksonville during Superbowl week. You're sure to have an, um, interesting conversation. (He's precious!)

I'm starting to believe tha... (Below threshold)

I'm starting to believe that this whole thing is just a PR stunt. Look closely @ all the released pics ...they all seem to be taken by a third party and not a single one showing her stretching her arms to signify a self taken pic.

This is awsome... Nick Cart... (Below threshold)

This is awsome... Nick Carter even answered his phone. I farted in it, and then i laught my ass of... great!!

SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME A CO... (Below threshold)


[email protected]

SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME A CO... (Below threshold)

[email protected]

please send me acopy of thi... (Below threshold)

please send me acopy of this list. thank you :)

[email protected]

Ken and Jess.It mu... (Below threshold)

Ken and Jess.

It must be Ken in Street Fighter.
And Jess Margera in CKY (Bams Brother)

Does anyone have the link t... (Below threshold)

Does anyone have the link to her address book, id like to see it plz

NO i don't have a link but ... (Below threshold)

NO i don't have a link but i do have some numbers from the phonebook :p
Ashley Olsen +13107601996
Kelum +31628416671

Have a great call people :p

Gimme a list please!~... (Below threshold)

Gimme a list please!~
[email protected]

Plz ppls can u send me a co... (Below threshold)

Plz ppls can u send me a copy of the list!!!! Pleeezzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee!!!!

[email protected]

i want the list pllllllllll... (Below threshold)

i want the list [email protected]

Someone please email me a l... (Below threshold)

Someone please email me a list

Someone please email me a l... (Below threshold)

Someone please email me a [email protected]

Hello to all my fans. I mad... (Below threshold)

Hello to all my fans. I made a new email address for all of you to write to me. I used Gmail since some friends told me it has a lot of space. I want all my fans to say hi! I will pick a few at random to help if I feel you have a worthy cause.

I love you all.


[email protected]

<a href="http://hacking.to/... (Below threshold)

get it all there, haha. i think its rather funny. i think imma try some ppls #s now and talk to them pretending to be a producer or some'in

theres more on her in the l... (Below threshold)

theres more on her in the link i posted...

some one send me a copy of ... (Below threshold)

some one send me a copy of the list plz [email protected] thanks alot!

i cant find the list, someo... (Below threshold)

i cant find the list, someone plz send me a copy: [email protected]

ok..for all the people who ... (Below threshold)
+-+THE "LIST"+-+:

ok..for all the people who were asking..here's the site where THE LIST of #'s are and also Paris' own little **notes**..have fun!!! http://kellyanncollins.com/paris-hilton/paris-hilton-address-book-sidekick.htm
========= and ========= http://kellyanncollins.com/paris-hilton/paris-hilton-notes-sidekick.htm

Ken is the guy from US Week... (Below threshold)

Ken is the guy from US Weekly and Jess is Jessica Simpson? Kristen is a character from Paris' movie "Pledge This?" She was probably trying to memorize the lines.

You can find her address bo... (Below threshold)

You can find her address book on the peer 2 peer file share programs such as emule.


You can find her address book at:

Paris is a timid little stu... (Below threshold)

Paris is a timid little stupid bitch. The sex tape shows her half heartedly scoffing cock like an off bit of fruit. THEN that other chick kissing her in the t-mobile pics and she's pulling away... insane for such a big wanna be famous sex star.

Paris is a moron.

The Shauna in Paris Hilton'... (Below threshold)
Lord Grillo:

The Shauna in Paris Hilton's address book is Shauna Sand-Lamas. She's a former Playboy Playmate who is separated from Lorenzo Lamas.

Shauna Sand-Lamas
Manager: Park Place Management - Eric Parkinson more »
Profession: Actress
Known for: Back to Even / Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1997 / Playmates: Bustin' Out
Also Known As: Shauna Sand Lamas / Shauna Sand / Shauna Sands Lamas more »

I think I called every numb... (Below threshold)

I think I called every number on the list, the only person that answered, was #1-310-963-2000 listed as Sean,stewart I don't know who that is but all he said was hello? I didnt say anything they he said hey, fuck you and hung up. LOL

Well if anyone knows who th... (Below threshold)

Well if anyone knows who that is email me, click on Don, Thanks L8r, NIce site BTW

Yo.. I can't believe usher'... (Below threshold)

Yo.. I can't believe usher's e-mail is up there.. [email protected] wow. i would of never guessed that.. someone should find out other celebs shiiit..

it's time for us fans and admirers to have funn

There is someone on the Par... (Below threshold)

There is someone on the Paris Hilton List named Louis Sentanni. Hes very nice and he IS trying to speak to everyone. Unfortunately, he is getting swamped with so many calls it is very difficult to answer the phone to everyone. He is asking that everyone please visit his website www.laughterbylou.com and check out his schedule and email him. Please be nice! He is very friendly!

check that page... (Below threshold)

check that page

The girl appearing on the P... (Below threshold)

The girl appearing on the Paris Hilton's lesbian pics is Eglantina Zingg, and she is a famous VJ for MTV Latin America.
In this site you can also find the complete picture series of lesbian kissing between Eglantina and Paris Hilton.
Previous reports were made about Paris Hilton "canoodling" with Eglantina Zingg, but no picture proof: Until now!

<a href="http://www.paris-h... (Below threshold)

http://www.paris-hacked.com has it all just back online

DOES NO1 ANSWER NOW?... (Below threshold)


Hey guys, i just w... (Below threshold)

Hey guys, i just want to let you all know
that "ken" from

Edit Edit
9:02 PM, August 25, 2004
Tell ken about jess trying to bone JT
ken is a nicname Paris uses for Cameron Diaz!
jess is Jessica Simpson.

i'm lesbian and she's so se... (Below threshold)

i'm lesbian and she's so sexy

to all u people who want th... (Below threshold)

to all u people who want the list go to www.hiltonhacked.com

has anyone else noticed the... (Below threshold)

has anyone else noticed the number for 'crank'? is our little paris gettin mixed up in the crazy drug world? who would thunk....

this is priceless!!!... (Below threshold)

this is priceless!!!

please send me the list!</p... (Below threshold)

please send me the list!

[email protected]


id like to see the list als... (Below threshold)

id like to see the list also pls email to [email protected] thanks

Although slightly funny jus... (Below threshold)

Although slightly funny just because someone could do it, but this is horrible....don't f*cking try to call these people. How would you like your phone ringing off the hook with people you don't even know wanting to know everything about you. Way to be creepy. You think you are going to call your fave celeb and you guys are going to talk for hours about how you are long lost best friends?
Thats so immature of anyone who actually called the numbers. Get a life.

GO TO DATINGANDRATING.COM<b... (Below threshold)

hey i just updated my website here is everything guranteed all the numbers PICS AND COMMENTS http://datingandrating.com/parishilton

Okay - One thing we know is... (Below threshold)

Okay - One thing we know is that Paris Hilton thinks that she is a God. She does nothing but shop every single day because she has unlimited funds. She is not that fine, she has a decent face but her body reminds me of a monkey-mantis. BAD GIRL BAD KARMA! She deserves whatever she gets because what goes around comes around. She's a bitch. She thinks that just because her daddy is famous and rich around the US for having a stupid fucking hotel chain (BIG FUCKING DEAL) that she is the best thing ever placed on this earth. She has the dumbest sounding fake baby voice that she seems to think is sexy but every female can see through. I really hope that someone slices her face up really well one day and lets the spoiled, snobby, self-centered slut see what's like to be NOT SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE OF WHO MY GRANDFATHER IS. She is honestly the person I hate most in this world.

Can Anybody please tell me ... (Below threshold)
AnGeL <>:

Can Anybody please tell me how it all went down and who was the genius behind this cause he deserves mad props for orchastrating this e-mail me back at [email protected] let me in on this tell me how to get info keep me updated

PLEASE SEND ME A COPY OF... (Below threshold)


[email protected]

She's really fucking nasty.... (Below threshold)

She's really fucking nasty. The world will be a better place without that whore roaming it.

Well I called Mom and Dad a... (Below threshold)

Well I called Mom and Dad and got Dad's answering machine "this is Rick Hilton ... leave a message"

Also you'll get a kick out of calling 3109268595 lindsay .... from the first notebook entry. Classic message!

Finally ... from the last note (and also referenced Oct 5) ... Victor magic tan representative. 35 grand booth for free 310 770 7336 .... give the guy a call and leave him a message asking him for a free tanning booth like Paris.

Enjoy ... I love the idea of deciphering the book. Keep it up gang!

haha...wow rachel..that was... (Below threshold)

haha...wow rachel..that was terrifying and hilarious all at once...all i can hope for is that i'm never one of your enemies...
(i'd say more but i really don't want you to slice my face up.......)

if n e of u know n e of the... (Below threshold)

if n e of u know n e of the numbers please email them to me. dont want pics or notes, just numbers. email me on [email protected]
thanx rianne x

hi i will like to have the ... (Below threshold)

hi i will like to have the phone number of nick carter. plz send thanx bye

Where is Nick Carters numbe... (Below threshold)

Where is Nick Carters number????

is it K, Nick... (Below threshold)

is it K, Nick

Here's a crossword puzzle f... (Below threshold)

Here's a crossword puzzle focusing on Paris. I call it Sex Cells:

I hate that Usher's e-mail ... (Below threshold)

I hate that Usher's e-mail address isn't working anymore. Did anyone actually use it and get a reply? Let me know.

This awsome i hate paris fo... (Below threshold)
Nancy .C.:

This awsome i hate paris for reall she sucks and i don't care if her phone got hacked she desevers it that skinny little B*I*T*C*H

I heard that Jon Bon Jovi's... (Below threshold)

I heard that Jon Bon Jovi's number is in Paris' list. Which is his number?

Can you send me the list of... (Below threshold)

Can you send me the list of phone numbers at [email protected]

im tired of everyone buggin... (Below threshold)

im tired of everyone buggin out on paris hilton AHEEM(rachel) u all dont know shit about paris hilton ...she didnt mean for her phone to get stolen n im not sayin that its not funny im saying that u dont need to talk crap about her if u dont even know her...hell yeh id shop alot to if i was that god damn rich....seems to me like all the ppl who think they know paris n talk shit bout her is just jealous n we all know she is pretty so dont even say she isnt..o n by the way all u GIRLS who say she is just a whore cock sucker then what does that make u?????????????

can you please send me a co... (Below threshold)

can you please send me a copy of the list at:
[email protected]

you suk paris, it's ur los... (Below threshold)

you suk paris, it's ur losss. suk it up.

Hey. i hate paris. dont y... (Below threshold)

Hey. i hate paris. dont you? tok about WhORe. hehe.

hey you guys i think paris ... (Below threshold)

hey you guys i think paris is a very pretty girl so she is kinda stupid sometimes but you guys dont need to be calling her a skinny whore and bitch shit like that that not nice you guys what if ppl was talking to you like that what would you do?how would you feel?ok think about it. i bet you would feel pretty fucken bad wouldent you guys so i think you guys need to say a lil more nicer shit on her if you have nothing to say nice then keep your fucken mouths shut.....love always and forever p.j






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