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Quote Of The Day - Dean For America Edition

"This is a struggle of good and evil, and we're the good."

DNC Chairman Howard Dean, addressing a private gathering of supporters in Kansas.


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Comments (33)

Remember when they use to c... (Below threshold)

Remember when they use to call Dean a centrist?

Amusing how quickly he moved from political center to psychiatric center.

This from the same man who ... (Below threshold)

This from the same man who couldn't prejudge bin laden.

I think Dr Dean is Dr Death... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think Dr Dean is Dr Death for the DNC.

He is doing them no favors, and in Kansas no less-that is really going to appeal to the red staters.

Lack of common sense appear... (Below threshold)

Lack of common sense appears to be hereditary in the Dean family. I'm still shocked by the fact his brother thought it was a good idea to backpack down the Mekong Delta in 1974.

Well that certainly explain... (Below threshold)

Well that certainly explains why just last week he was saying how he hates. Who could blame him, since were all so evil? I just wonder exactly how many people from the center he thinks he's going to draw in with this kind of speech. We know what wonderful people that are adherents of Dr. Dean are, they drop in on us here to visit from time to time, but can they really build a losing party into a winning party with nipple rings and semi-reformed socialists?

Howard Dean said, "This is ... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean said, "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."

Jesus said, "No one is good - except God alone." (Mark 10:18)

Obviously, Dean contradicted Jesus.

So will Christian Democrats openly disagree with Dean?

If they don't, then they will appear to be placing their politics ahead of their faith.

If Christian Democrats don't object to what Howard Dean said, then they will be justifying the belief held by some that a person can't be both a good Democrat and a good Christian.

Christian Democrats, the ball is in your court. What say you?

The greater context of that... (Below threshold)

The greater context of that line is hilarious. Dean was talking about how tolerant the Democrats are and how intolerant conservatives are. ROFLMAO!!! Yeah, you just know that if a conservative had made the "good vs. evil" statement regarding Democrats, they'd be calling us intolerant.

Open mouth. Insert Paul Bun... (Below threshold)

Open mouth. Insert Paul Bunyan's foot. Repeat.

I realize more clearly now ... (Below threshold)

I realize more clearly now why "Dr." Dean is not working in his field (that'd be the practice of medicine). At least, I surely hope so.

From the Dean statements in that article, I'm not sure what a NON "right-wing pastor" would be, and perhaps someone needs to, ahem, pin Dean down on his definitions. It's an important issue as to Dean's psychology and spiritual wellness.

Rather, I surely hope so, t... (Below threshold)

Rather, I surely hope so, that Dean is not working in his field, and that is, the practice of medicine. People deserver better, at least deserve sound psychology from a physician, not the grandiosities of a delusional mind, which Dean is beginning to appear to exemplify.

Predicted response of a lib... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Predicted response of a liberal "but it isn't intolerant to call yourself good, if the other side is really bad, be besides it is okay to be intolerant of the intolerant, because that makes them bad"

Honestly, I always get a giggle at just how hypocritical liberals really are. I think they get so caught up in their self definition as the "good guys" they fail to see their own hypocrisy.

"Good... bad... I'm the one... (Below threshold)

"Good... bad... I'm the one with the gun." -Ash

Interesting that Dean relie... (Below threshold)

Interesting that Dean relies upon, well, "right-wing" terminology and ideology to identify himself and his concept of what Democrats are.

I mean, *hint to Dean here*: get your own ideology, because, mocking God is not a good idea.

Dean and his version of Dem... (Below threshold)

Dean and his version of Democrats want the entire definitions of "evil" and "good" redefined. At least, that's what I get from his crazy remarks. Down is up, bad is good, wrong is right, and, um, Hitler wasn't Left.

He is doing his job, which ... (Below threshold)

He is doing his job, which is to raise money for the party by firing up the base. You all need to be more sophisticated. If the Booshies didn't have the brains to hang Moore around Kerry's neck in the debates, I doubt they will get any traction with demonizing the party leader. Get over your own buttlock and think about the game in terms of the other guy and the electorate.

Yeah, "me" -- us Republican... (Below threshold)

Yeah, "me" -- us Republicans sure aren't doing anything right, what with having the White House and both houses of Congress under our control.

When will we learn?

Me George Soros couldn't bu... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Me George Soros couldn't buy Kerry the white house, what makes you think Dean can do it?

Winning elections in Red States isn't about how much money you have, it is about the words that come out of your mouth, and Dean is doing his party no favors.

I completely agree with hal... (Below threshold)

I completely agree with half of that statement.

Hypocrites, all of you!! No... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Hypocrites, all of you!! Not fun when the hard rhetoric is coming your way.

You can all go ahead and personally disavow all the accusations coming from the Right linking Kerry and Bin Laden, the Left being anti-troops and 'gay bashing', the hate coming from Dobson, Falwell and Phelps, and the bile coming from Ann Coulter that you still refuse to condemn - and still have the audacity to criticize Dean.

But, the fact that you cannot refute what he's saying, the fact that his comments are getting under your skin, that fact that you cannot help but fill comment threads with examples of just what he's describing - are all helping rally the party around him!

Dean is talking tough and the truth, not the hypocrisy you're Gannon defending party is whining on about. It's the same truth Chris Rock was riffing on that you called 'Bush Bashing'.

What does it say about your party when you're outraged over Helen Thomas' question about extraditing prisoners to countries that commit torture, and not by the administration's refusal to unequivocally say they don't?

Let's see, I've never heard... (Below threshold)
j. edgar:

Let's see, I've never heard about a Kerry/Bin Laden link. When I pass it on, I'll be sure to name you as the source. The left *is* anti-troops, you have been gay-bashing, and the only people I know who listen to Dobson, Falwell and Phelps are moonbats like you. I think Coulter giving back to the left what they are always dishing out to the right is pretty funny and Dean is a fool. I can refute everything Dean says: You're no good, Dean. Well, strike that: You're good for Republicans. (Thank you for making him the head of your party, by the way.) He's not under anyone's skin, we're laughing at him. And you, Clive, are hysterical – but not in a funny way. As to him being tough, my nana could bitch-slap Dean around the block. No one cares about Gannon – not even your natural ally the msm. If you get your “truth” from Chris Rock, seek help. Do I care whether we extradite terrorists to countries that commit torture? No.

Now, Clive, come to bed!

Say Clive, if we get Falwel... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Say Clive, if we get Falwell to jump off a bridge does that mean you'll do it too? Please?

Clive why don't you provide... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Clive why don't you provide some linkage for your accusations that major GOP leaders are making those accusations.

I could link you up right now with all sorts of DNC leaders making even worse about Bush and the GOP.

I can't recall in recent recent months a the leader of the GOP calling democrats evil.

From the NewsMax.com articl... (Below threshold)

From the NewsMax.com article:

Media weren't allowed at the meeting...

I guess Dr. Eeeeyaaaaa! is still a bit gun shy. Wise move on his part.

"This is a struggle of good and evil," he told the gathered activists, who paid $100 apiece to hear the new Democratic chairman. "And we're the good."

I think he needs new speech writers. I also thought Liberals spoke in terms of gray and not black-n-white. Some nuance.

At one point, Dean asserted that "moderate Republicans can't stand these people [conservatives] because they're intolerant. They don't think tolerance is a virtue." He added, "I'm not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant."

Let me try to understand this. Dean thinks moderate Republicans (who by default would be more tolerant) despise conservatives (other, less tolerant Republicans by default as defined by Dean) because of conservatives' intolerance and that somehow these "intolerant" conservatives effect the tolerance of Democrats (his audience). I think Dean needs to reconsider not only his speech writers but his target audience and convoluted logic as well. Further, Dean's intolerance of the intolerant is quite upsetting. I despise intolerance to intolerance.

Apparently, the Democratic chairman's public rally was more positive than his private message to party insiders.

So the "positive" message is that the other team is "evil" and "intolerant"? Wow, I'd love to hear his private message since even his upbeat public message was rather controlled. Please, Doc, share with us your prescription for a better life. I'm dying to hear it.

The good Dr. may need to start self-medicating.

Clive you're a hoot! I say ... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Clive you're a hoot! I say go Howie, go.

'the hard rhetoric '

'We're the good, they're evil' might be 'the hard rhetoric' on the 1st grade playground but I think most adults can deal with it.

'the fact that you cannot refute what he's saying'

Refute what? He's not saying anything.

'are all helping rally the party around him!'

Where at those big day late and dollar short Vt town meetings?

'Dean is talking tough and the truth, not the hypocrisy '

What's next 'I hate intolerant people'?

God bless you! I hope Howie works out for you. Visualize whirled peas, man!

Hehe....this appeared in th... (Below threshold)
Bucky Katt:

Hehe....this appeared in the DC Examiner's Opinion section today:


Howard Dean..the gift that keeps on giving!

This is going to be a fun c... (Below threshold)

This is going to be a fun couple years. This Dean guy is going to make politics fun again.

What a knught.


Both Dean and Clive are jus... (Below threshold)

Both Dean and Clive are just too good to be true!!

Keep it up boys!

WE, the 'evil' Repbulicans will keep on going with our conspiracies like common sense, goodwill towards our fellow man, and good jobs for everyone that wants one.

Howard Dean is like a bug lamp!! Bring 'em on in and zap 'em!

Clive Tolson: No, Dean is ... (Below threshold)

Clive Tolson: No, Dean is not "talking tough," he is talking crazy. As in, a crazy person talking craziness. I notice today's press has him quoted as now using Biblical concepts and selecting for his own adaptations various Biblical passages, otherwise tailored to suit Dean and Dean's DNC idea of what the Bible SHOULD HAVE EXPRESSED, NOT WHAT IT DOES.

Kerry did the same thing, as did Clinton and Edwards...you get people who insist on violations of Biblical concepts and ideology as being "just" (the violations of Biblical concepts, etc.), trying to cut'n'paste Old and New Testament faith to propell their POLITICAL PURPOSES, a sort of 'cooked books' approach toward religious principles.

Democrats insist that certain principles are "unjust" and, the ever handy (to Dean, in this case) "intolerant" and yet they also (Dean surely does, so did/does Kerry/Clinton/et al.) simultaneously attempt to seize upon and put to personal use the very Biblical teachings that they promote be violated.

Snake oil salesmen at least made it clear that they were just earning a living (most did). Unfortunately, what you get by those led astray by people such as Dean and these other Democrats are people being indoctrinated in the WRONGFUL understandings of these important concepts and those encouraged to not only go astray from the ideology but to continue to remain apart from it in the process.

It's truly blasphemous, in the fullest sense of the concept, this behavior by, mostly as a standard, Democrats, certainly by Kerry and Dean, sometimes by Clinton...they use Biblical concepts when they "work" for their own gain in the political area, but they also then promote violating those concepts and wrongly instruct the very concepts as being "wrong" themselves.

It makes for pompous (and to my view, "crazy") personalities. Dean's speeches lately are him just coming more clearly into view because I now see that he was able to moreorless hide from public access his actual personality in all it's ugly inconsistencies. Dean will motivate and polarize more conservative voters and lead astray vulnerable, hapless liberals. I just hope he never again is responsible for clinical practice.

He's doing his job. The sh... (Below threshold)

He's doing his job. The sheople will not remember this in 2006, let alone 2008. Sure the freepers will get buttlock over it. But his purpose is to energize the Kossacks and get money and volunteers flowing. He's doing well. Just like when he had all that internet money and surprised Lurch, etc.

Just Me distorts:<... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Just Me distorts:

Clive why don't you provide some linkage for your accusations that major GOP leaders are making those accusations.

What I actually wrote:

You can all go ahead and personally disavow all the accusations coming from the Right linking Kerry and Bin Laden, the Left being anti-troops and 'gay bashing', the hate coming from Dobson, Falwell and Phelps, and the bile coming from Ann Coulter...

From the February 28 edition of FOX News' Hannity & Colmes:

COULTER: I don't think stupid and evil don't exist in the world, but I notice that Howard Dean doesn't give any examples. This is a party that supports killing, lying, adultery, thievery, envy.

He said that they are the same people who wanted to go to Iraq and become human shields for the enemy.

"I say it's just too damn bad we didn't buy them a ticket," Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-NV) said.

At the very least Just Me, thanks for respectfully replying to my comment!

Well, at least there's ackn... (Below threshold)

Well, at least there's acknowledgement that Dean represents the "Kossack" vote in the U.S.

About remembering what Dean does, did, will do, said or still may say, people will remember it. All of it. Problem is is that his own party won't. Democrats tend to cannabilize one another and Dean's their sacrificial animal at this point. However, as to motivating conservatives to vote their ideals or at least the most realistic in line with their ideals -- that'd be as Republicans in increasing numbers -- Dean is doing a great job. ~Go Dean!~

"me:" since this isn't the... (Below threshold)

"me:" since this isn't the "freepers'" site, I'm not sure who you're referring to but, no, I really doubt that Freepers will get any sense of upset about Dean doing whatever. Because, Dean successfully6 repels enough voters to such a degree that it drives people into reconsidering voting as Democrats. As I wrote earlier, ~Go, Dean~ -- because, all Dean has to do is keep on like he is and watch the Republican voter registration grow.

You overestimate Dean's "power" of influence, however.

-S-, If Dean was t... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:


If Dean was to reek the havoc you claim is imminent in the Democratic Party, wouldn't it have been smarter for your side to just ignore him?

Did you ever stop to think that the 2 or 3 'outrageous' statements you've all pounced on, were calculated to trigger just such a response?

Have you seen anyone from the Left or the party come out and condemn Dean's remarks?

About remembering what Dean does, did, will do, said or still may say, people will remember it. All of it.

So far, he's called Republicans 'evil'. True! No outrage from the American people, no calls for him to resign from the party.

Next, he remarks how Republicans could not fill a room with Black members. True! No outrage from Jesse, Sharpton or the NAACP, but you guys trout out the Black Republicans of Mississippi (all 8 of them).

But, I'm loving the rhetoric, keep it up!






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