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Out: 'Road Rage,' In 'Bush Rage'

Random road rage is so 10 minutes ago, now it's all about red state liberal rage.

TAMPA, Fla. (AP)s -- Tampa police say a man was arrested for chasing a woman who had a Bush-Cheney sticker on her car.

Police spokesman Joe Durkin says that 31-year-old Nathan Winkler faces felony charges after chasing the woman for miles, allegedly trying to run her off the road and displaying an anti-Bush sign.

Winkler told police he was upset with 35-year-old Michelle Fernandez who he says made an obscene hand gesture.

Fernandez says she was trying to figure out why Winkler was honking and pointing at his sign that read, "Never Forget Bush's Illegal War Murdered Thousands in Iraq."

Someone forgot their meds...

Update: Tampa's ABC affiliate, WFTS, has a longer story (w/ video).


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Comments (20)

Democrats are losing their ... (Below threshold)
zvi wolfe:

Democrats are losing their minds.

Besides having the Bush/Che... (Below threshold)

Besides having the Bush/Cheney sign in his yard ripped off and his car vandalized, my 85 year old neighbor received anonymous hate mail.

Grand Theft Auto must be mo... (Below threshold)

Grand Theft Auto must be more realistic than I thought.

They're not called the "Loo... (Below threshold)

They're not called the "Looney Left" for nothing!

"An obscene hand gesture?" ... (Below threshold)

"An obscene hand gesture?" Must've been the 'W.'

my mother-in-law had her ke... (Below threshold)

my mother-in-law had her kerry/edwards sticker defaced about seven times at the church where she sings in the choir. I can't top the anonymous hate mail story though.

Democrats are losing the... (Below threshold)

Democrats are losing their minds.

Now that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. It makes about as much sense as saying Hillary Clinton is losing her looks, or Dan Rather is losing his integrity.

patrick, I am sure i... (Below threshold)

I am sure it was the angels doing the defacing of the Kerry/Edwards sticker. Nothing makes them angrier than a hypocrite.

*I'm am not usually this mean. Something came over me.

Mow all we need is Don from... (Below threshold)

Mow all we need is Don from the Masshole thread to show up and school us all about how "common-sense sign control" could have prevented this tragedy.

Good one, DaveP.... (Below threshold)

Good one, DaveP.

Dumbass should try that dow... (Below threshold)

Dumbass should try that down here where your car is considered an extension of your home & you can keep what you want in the glove box. Repeat after me: "Officer, I was in fear for my life from this lunatic who was trying to run me off the road. So I shot him."

Look everyone, a conservati... (Below threshold)

Look everyone, a conservative circle-jerk! Oh, those nasty liberals are persecuting us again! Oh, the unmitigated gall of those Democrats! Let's have a one-party state!

John,The differenc... (Below threshold)


The difference is that if the parties of the folks involved were revesed (IOW, if a Republican had tried to run a Dem off the road because Bush had lost), we'd be kvetching just as much about the idiot, if not more.

Now that is the most rid... (Below threshold)
zvi wolfe:

Now that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. It makes about as much sense as saying Hillary Clinton is losing her looks, or Dan Rather is losing his integrity.

Good point.

I have a 'friend' who has always been a bit of a moonbat, but this election has sent her over the deep end.

1. She has started reading DU and Kos religiously, and for some reason she takes anything posted on either of those sites as the gospel truth.

2. She's alienated her friends and family by sending them baiting e-mails (cut and pasted from DU probably). At least one family member blocked e-mails from her address

3. She's convinced that George Bush is just a figurehead, who's actions are controlled by a nameless "evil one". "He'll keep on bombing people until SOMEBODY STOPS HIM!!!!"

4. She plans to meet personally with one of our state's senators to inform him of her concerns.

5. If that meeting turns out to be fruitless, she is making plans to "escape" to Canada.

6. She is convinced that W will reinstitute the draft in 2006, and is urging everyone she knows with teen-age children to "escape to Canada".

Since Bush was elected in 2000, this friend has slowly, gradually lost her mind. I wonder if some kind of intervention would be helpful.

Moonbats doing this sort of... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Moonbats doing this sort of crap should come as no surprise to anyone. I've said for a long time that the people who want to ban guns (especially handguns) and remove the legal right to self defense are the same people who do crap like this.

I'm talking people who get road rage over bumper stickers, who suddenly scream at someone in public over a button or t-shirt. People who freak out in the checkout line, yell at their kids in public, and flip out at the gas pump.

It's an anger management issue. I have (or had, anyways, until this last election) a lot of moonbat friends. They ALL had vicious tempers, and they ALL were rabidly against any notion of armed self defense, let alone firearms. If these people carried handguns, they'd have truly shot someone over a parking space by now.

These people project their failings onto the rest of us. Legislating our rights away has the benefit of creating an environment that is safer for them to have their little hissy fits, as well as covering up the fact that they cant be trusted to use force responsibly.

zvi wolfe, people like your... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

zvi wolfe, people like your friend are, qutie frankly, annoyingly predictable. They all have this mental image of B-52's carpet bombing civilians; I have no idea where that notion comes from, other than pure ignorace.

Don't bother with any sort of intervention; either she will wake up when all her doom and gloom predictiosn don't happen, or she will go totally, irrevocably insane.

The same TV station later r... (Below threshold)

The same TV station later reported (see videos side bar) that a second victim of this guy has been uncovered.

I'm sure you've seen <a hre... (Below threshold)

I'm sure you've seen this story by now. Looks like Republican road rage exists, too.

theophylact,The is... (Below threshold)


The issue being discussed here is specifically about road rage being directed at people because of their political beliefs. The story you linked to a) said nothing whatsoever about the reason why the perptraor did it and b) never actually said he was a conservative at all. They only reason politics was mentioned was because the 17 yr olds father is the American Conservative Union Chairman. If your point is that children of politicans do bad stuff, good job. Guess what, children of all sorts of people do bad stuff. That doesn't mean that their parents' ideas are wrong.

Sorry, I meant 21 yr old.</... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I meant 21 yr old.






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