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Quote Of The Day - If By Blogosphere You Mean Daily Kos Edition

The blogosphere continues to go bananas over the National Press Club's invitation to "Jeff Gannon" to appear on a panel about journalism and blogging.

Dan Froomkin in The Washington Post's White House Briefing column, failing to recognize that the only ones who give a shit about a retired "fake" journalist (and alleged gay prostitute) attending ANYTHING are the very same people who answered Media Matters For America call and "outed" him.


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Comments (12)

We only care because we thi... (Below threshold)

We only care because we think it's funny that ya'll have to hire gay prostitutes to spin your news for you even though you proport to not like gays or prostitution.

Hypogrits, pardon us if we ... (Below threshold)

Hypogrits, pardon us if we don't have the MSM to spin ours.

Kevin, it's another example of how out of touch the MSM is to the dynamics of the blogosphere. The far left only represents a portion of the blogosphere. Why can't they read blogs that don't fit their worldview?

So what gay prostitutes do ... (Below threshold)

So what gay prostitutes do you hire, hypocrit? Relying on equal and opposite definitions like yours means you purport to like gays and prostitution. So own up already.

Hypocrit,I guess y'a... (Below threshold)

I guess y'all prefer to hire the straight chippies like Rather, Jennings, et al. A little narrow minded of you, if you ask me.

Funny how Hypogrits and his... (Below threshold)

Funny how Hypogrits and his fellow dems through out their tolerance towards gays when it suits their nefarious purposes. Just ask the Gay Patriot and Lime Shurbet.

Believe me, hypogrits, ther... (Below threshold)

Believe me, hypogrits, there are more than an abundant array of gay prostitutes and their clients wedged in and around all over the Left and their politics and, um, "entertainment"...industry.

Some very profoundly rich g... (Below threshold)

Some very profoundly rich gay prostitutes foster the careers of other gay prostitutes, happens all the time in, um, "Hollywood." I don't see the Left and their political benefactors turning down all that publicity and career advancement.

The issue here, if Gannon has allowed anything to be of issue, is that it points out that to the Left, they don't blink an eye at their gay prostitution (call it what you will, most people recognize prostitution when they see/read it), while without pause, they pounce on their 'traitor' in their midst because he dared to declare as Republican.

I don't think, not at all, particularly after reading all the faux outrage about Gannon from the rainbow interested, that it has anything, anything at all, to do with morality about his behaviors, but about the fact that he identified as a Republican. It points out, if anything -- conclusion here -- that it's not about his gayness, his appearance of "prostitution," but about his politics. Which also identifies for everyone else just what to the Left "morality" is.

So, let's see...I'm curious... (Below threshold)

So, let's see...I'm curious how George Soros' very special interest in a more than a few very special males in the entertainment industry passees the Left's 'morality' test. Who can say what defines a sexual favor to a billionaire? I mean, the possibilities here...it just starts at ugly and gets uglier from there.

I still doubt Gannon's credibility as personna altogether. And, I still believe there's room to consider that Gannon, the personna, was a poser. As in, created to bring about oh-the-shock-and-horror to the Left, by the Left (wouldn't surprise me).

No one sold this "JOSER" gu... (Below threshold)

No one sold this "JOSER" guy a bridge yet?

I'm wondering how the Right... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering how the Right is afraid of gays, when it is the left pitching a coniption over Gannon, as well as their treatment of 2 prominent gay right wing bloggers.

"though you proport to not ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

"though you proport to not like gays or prostitution."

I haven't seen too many gay conservatives out there seeking out gay liberals in the closet to out.

And honestly, I haven' seen too many conservatives get all het up about gay conservatives. I mean nobody has taken away Drudge's conservative card yet.

I find it ironic that liberals are the ones who are all about privacy and privacy rights, but seem to think it is acceptable to invade the privacy of others in an effort to score some kind of political points.

Frankly, I don't care who is having sex with who.

"though you proport to n... (Below threshold)

"though you proport to not like gays or prostitution."

We do? When was this? Why didn't I get that memo?

Oh wait -- I did, but it came from that damn Kinko's in Abilene...






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