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Wizbang Ultimate Survivor Contest - Palau Edition

Survivor:Palau is down to 4 contestants going into tonight's finale of Survivor: Palau.

So who do you think is going to be in the final two? What is the vote going to be? Who is going to win?

If you've got an opinion, I've got a contest for you... Pick the final two, the winner, and the jury vote, and you could be a winner. For example (remember there's nine seven members of the jury), you might pick Ian over Tom 4-3. Leave your guess (winner, runner-up, and vote) in the comment section.


$100 AND a two week BlogAd at Wizbang ($225 value)


In the event no one guess the correct winner, runner-up, and vote total, the closest to the actual result will be declared the winner. In determining a winner the three criteria in order of significance will be winner, runner-up, and vote total. For example, if Katie beats Jenn 4-3; an entry that picked the final two correctly (but not the vote) will be ranked higher than an entry that had Katie winning 4-3 but the wrong runner-up. In all cases, the decisions of the judge (me) are final.

In the event of multiple winners (i.e. correctly guessing the vote, winner and runner-up), if 3 or fewer folks have everything right they'll each win the cash and BlogAd prize. If more than 3 people guess everything correct, they'll each get the BlogAd prize and split the maximum cash prize pool ($300).

One entry per person.


8:00PM Eastern. Once the show starts entries will be closed. That gives you four hours. Get to work, and spread the word...

Update: Corrected the number of jury members. There are only seven jury members.

Update 2: Several people are in the running for the prize since, in an uncharacteristic omission, the total number of votes the winner received were not announced on the reunion show. This information will be available tomorrow on the CBS website so check back to see who won our contest tomorrow.


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Comments (26)

I'll take Tom over Ian at 6... (Below threshold)

I'll take Tom over Ian at 6-3. I'm beting on Tom to win the remaining immunitiies.

There are only seven member... (Below threshold)

There are only seven members of the jury: Coby, Gregg, Janu, Stephenie, Caryn and the two who get voted out tonight.

My pick is Ian and Katie in the finals with Katie winning by a vote of five to two.

I'll take Tom over Katie 5-... (Below threshold)

I'll take Tom over Katie 5-2. Then again, my only knowledge on Survivor is based on Jeff Harrell's summaries each week (and if you aren't reading them, you should), so what do I know?

I pick Tom over Ian 4-3.</p... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I pick Tom over Ian 4-3.

Ian and Katie, Katie wins 4... (Below threshold)

Ian and Katie, Katie wins 4-3

Tom & KatieTom wins ... (Below threshold)

Tom & Katie
Tom wins 6-3
Ian is third
Neither Tom nor Ian dares vote the other off with two women remaining. Katie has to go along to vote Jenn off.
If Ian wins the final immunity, then I'm backwards.
If Jenn wins the first immunity, then fagedaboudit.

If it's only seven jurors, ... (Below threshold)

If it's only seven jurors, then correct my guess to a vote of 5-2

if only seven jurors, amend... (Below threshold)

if only seven jurors, amend my vote to 5 to 2 as well.

Katie and Tom in the final ... (Below threshold)

Katie and Tom in the final two with tom winning by a vote of 4-3.

Tom over Ian 5-4 (if it's n... (Below threshold)

Tom over Ian 5-4 (if it's nine on the jury)...

Tom of Ian 4-3 (if seven)...

Katie beats Tom by a count ... (Below threshold)

Katie beats Tom by a count of 4 to 3.

Coby, Janu & Caryn vote for Katie, while Gregg, Jenn, and Stephenie vote for Tom. It thus comes down to Ian. And as a commenter on one of Jeff Harrell's recaps said, Ian is a blind lovesick dope when it comes to Katie. Ian votes for Katie, Katie wins the $1M, and Ian never hears from Katie again as she becomes the worldwide spokewoman for Jenny Craig ("39 days on a deserted island couldn't rid me of my cellulite, but 39 days of Jenny Craig did!").

In a gesture rich with Survivor:Palau symbolism, Ian commits suicide by jumping into one of his dolphin training tanks in a shark suit.

Tom and Steph re-appear on Survivor All-Stars 2, where neither one even makes it on to the jury.

Tom wins over Jenn 4-3.... (Below threshold)

Tom wins over Jenn 4-3.

Tom over Katie 6-1... (Below threshold)

Tom over Katie 6-1

Tom over Ian 6-1a4... (Below threshold)

Tom over Ian 6-1

a4g - was also thinking that may be an alternate scenario.......

Tom over Katie in a 5-2 vot... (Below threshold)

Tom over Katie in a 5-2 vote.

Just because I really want ... (Below threshold)

Just because I really want the bragging rights if I turn out to be correct, I wanna go ahead and get specific.

Jenn is the next one to go; that much is obvious. Ian wins the final immunity challenge and picks Katie to go to the finals with him. In the voting, Tom and Steph both cast ballots for Ian. Coby, Janu, Caryn, Gregg and Jenn all vote for Katie.

I'd kinda like to hear some predictions for the location of Survivor 11, myself. I got an anonymous tip about a rumor that the next installment would film in the Canadian Rockies during the summer, but that turned out to be a misunderstanding. The most interesting rumor going around is that it'll film in August in, of all places, Nome, Alaska. I don't believe that one for a second — the bikini factor is important, y'all — but it's a neat idea. Shades of the aborted "Survivor Jordan" installment that some folks were talking about before 9/11.

Ian over Katie 6-1... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Ian over Katie 6-1

That's it. Entries are clo... (Below threshold)

That's it. Entries are closed. Discussion, of course, may continue.

Tom over Jen4-3</p... (Below threshold)

Tom over Jen


Jeebus, my prediction didn'... (Below threshold)

Jeebus, my prediction didn't anticipate the

What an ass.

At this point I am tempted to say it will be a unanimous vote for Tom.

They would have shown all o... (Below threshold)

They would have shown all of Katie's votes to build all the suspense they could, right?

Gawd, but Katie sucked at tribal council!

Like a remora - as soon as she had to detach, she lost every shred of power or credibility.

It should have been a sweep! WTF was Coby all about?

Well, I did get somw right.... (Below threshold)

Well, I did get somw right.

I picked Tom to win both remaining immunities and Tom to win over all, but what kind of an ass volunteers to be third?

Well, I need the two votes ... (Below threshold)

Well, I need the two votes they didn't announce to split to make it a 5-2 vote. Otherwise pgg looks to be the winer, straight out.

Since they didn't give any ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Since they didn't give any other's for Katie (and they would have to make it more suspensful) it appears that Katie only got the one vote.

I did not see the Ian/Tom alliance meltdown coming, and have to agree that Katie should get the award for worst final tribal council performance ever. I think part of her problem was that she didn't think it was going to be that hard, and it while she could defend her lack of athletic ability, she couldn't defend her complete laziness in camp.

So, what was the final coun... (Below threshold)

So, what was the final count???

I claim victory!!!! ... (Below threshold)

I claim victory!!!!

After almost 2 weeks, CBS has finally posted the final voting tally!






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