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Murdoch Tabloids Splash Saddam Hussein Underwear Pics Around The Globe


Rupert Murdoch's two tabloid dailies in London and New York today run front page pictures of Saddam Hussein in his underwear doing his prison laundry. The Sun claims to have received the pictures from a source in the U.S. military who hoped they would take the steam out of former Ba'athists turned insurgents.

"Saddam is just an aging and humble old man now," the Sun's source said. "It's over, guys. The evil days of Saddam's Ba'ath Party are never coming back - and here's the proof."

The military and the President reacted angrily and quickly.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - British and American newspapers published photos Friday showing an imprisoned Saddam Hussein clad only in his underwear and washing his laundry, prompting an angry U.S. military to launch an investigation and the Red Cross to say the photos may violate the Geneva Conventions.

Britain's The Sun and the New York Post said the photos were provided by a U.S. military official it did not identify. The photos not only angered the U.S. military, which issued a condemnation rare for its immediacy, but also were expected to further fuel anti-American sentiment in a country edging toward open sectarian conflict.

"This is an insult to show the former president in such a condition. Saddam is from the past now, so what is the reason for this? It is bad work from the media. Do they want to degrade the Iraqi people? Or they want to provoke their feelings," said Baghdad businessman Abu Barick, 45.

President Bush was briefed by senior aides Friday morning about the photos' existence and "strongly supports the aggressive and thorough investigation that is already underway" that seeks to find who took them, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.

Somewhere Michael Isikoff is breathing a sigh of relief...

We'll Publish More Saddam Pictures Says Defiant Sun - [PA/Scotsman]


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Comments (36)

A little saggy, sure, but S... (Below threshold)

A little saggy, sure, but Saddam appears to be well-endowed. The Iraqi people have something to brag about. Why the fuss?

Is it proper for the pictur... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Is it proper for the picture to be posted here?

This is actually the "July"... (Below threshold)

This is actually the "July" photo in Newsweek's "Evil Dictators Gone Wild" calendar.

Dang, probably too late to ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dang, probably too late to make THIS the Caption Contest photo...


Jay:Simply merge t... (Below threshold)


Simply merge the two photos - Darth was simply reading the paper containing the Saddam layout. Of course, that's how I came up with my captions for the caption contest, but it's your blog and your contest rules. So, do as you must.

The Force will be with you. Always*.

*Except when it isn't. Remember, only the Sith think in absolutes.

Bush should stuff his hypoc... (Below threshold)

Bush should stuff his hypocrisy in acting aghast that the photos are out. They should have been published months ago.

Hussein was never a legitimate ruler--he was always a genocidal thug and overall piece of shit as the dictator of Iraq. Under Hussein by the norms of international law, Iraq had no sovereignty as a nation among nations. Pretending so has always been a farce (yes, that criticism applies to the Vatican as well).

Let's have some moral clarity here. Cheers for Murdoch!

which "norms of internation... (Below threshold)

which "norms of international law" would that be, Paul?

Hey, Hanes could use that p... (Below threshold)

Hey, Hanes could use that pic in an advertisement. Or perhaps Fruit of the Loom.

McCain, Paul,Inter... (Below threshold)

McCain, Paul,

International law be damned. We're America and we police the world. If we say some country needed ass-kickin' then you goddamned better believe it needed an ass-kickin'. No apologies. No regrets. Move on.

I want to see racing stripe... (Below threshold)

I want to see racing stripes?

"President Bush was briefed... (Below threshold)

"President Bush was briefed by senior aides Friday..."

Bad pun alert.

Many people have been waiti... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Many people have been waiting to see Saddam hung!..
There you go...

Great. Another American "at... (Below threshold)

Great. Another American "atrocity" for Andrew Sullivan to add to his ever-growing List O' Torture and Shame.

They should find who leaked the pics and discipline them accordingly. But why would the people of Iraq be angry about Saddam in his tighty-whiteys, anyways? It's not like he could lose their love and self respect.

boxers, man...i'm tellin ya... (Below threshold)

boxers, man...i'm tellin ya...dude.

Now we know where he hid th... (Below threshold)
a. moral:

Now we know where he hid the WMDs!

What's the point of their p... (Below threshold)

What's the point of their publishing this?
My first reaction as a lady was, who wants to see a grandfather in his underwear. Then I began speculating what possible other reasons there could be, but please help me out and tell me there's some other good or bad PR, pro-US or anti-US reason for this, because it doesn't make sense to me:

1) Saddam's picture, not being a religious symbol, deflects from the current demonstrations in London where banners are calling for the bombing of NY (due to Newsweek's fiasco),

or 2) it's another Newsweek-type attempt to inflame Middle Easterners against the US and US military,

or 3) it was surveyed beforehand and either came up as a green light for pro or anti-US sentiment, can't tell which,

or 4) ????

BR,4) They thought... (Below threshold)


4) They thought it would sell tabloids

Jay, It may be new... (Below threshold)


It may be news to you, but a ruler that practices genocide against those he rules is not recognized as a legitimate ruler by customary international law. (Yes, I took a course in IL, got an A, and remember this point).

Check it out yourself. It should be common sense to all.

So, by inference, what can we say of your understanding of legitimate norms of behavior?

Oops -- last message should... (Below threshold)

Oops -- last message should be a reply to McCain.

Sorry Jay.

Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!... (Below threshold)


If I wanted to see something that disgusting I'd get undressed in front of a mirror.

Dear Connor, Yes, (4), very... (Below threshold)

Dear Connor, Yes, (4), very sad.

Newsweek causes demonstrations, violence and death - and it's not over yet - by further inciting the already fanatic Islamic elements worldwide, then Sun/NYPost targets a separate and overlapping public: all Middle Easterners. I don't buy their excuse about an intended message to Ba'athists only. The Baghdad businessman quoted by AP illustrates that even if Iraqis despise Saddam, it affects every Middle Easterner, somewhere deep inside one's ethnic pride.

Utterly below the belt. To Middle Easterners and the US & US military.

My only reaction was, now w... (Below threshold)

My only reaction was, now we know where he keeps his spare socks.

Whew, this scene is getting... (Below threshold)

Whew, this scene is getting complicated! Now the Shi'ites in Iraq are doing anti-US demonstrations (not the Ba'athist Sunnis, the Shi'ites who were oppressed by Saddam) and Al-Jazeerah is NOT airing the Saddam photos!

On another aspect of this, since Saddam's lawyers are threatening suit against those publishing the ongoing series of photos, it makes me wonder if these dated (possibly year-old according to the Pentagon) photos were taken by his own lawyers or even the Red Cross.

Did Sun/NY Post say how the... (Below threshold)

Did Sun/NY Post say how they got the photos - hand delivered by a "US military" source to their London offices? Or e-mailed? Anyone can be impersonated. I wonder to whom the Sun sent their "over $900" check payment for the photos.

Heck, Isokoff took the pict... (Below threshold)

Heck, Isokoff took the picture...!!

"Breathing a sigh of relief"

Seriously, can you imagine the jail mail from 'lonely' women he is going to get now?

"Hey Saddam,

At first I thought you was just a murderous thug. But after seeing your photo....

Two years since he wore the... (Below threshold)

Two years since he wore them in the spider hole, and he still can't get the skidmarks out.

Yellow in front, brown in b... (Below threshold)

Yellow in front, brown in back.

This just in: The next iss... (Below threshold)

This just in: The next issue of Newsweek will feature a story by Michael Isikoff that interrogators attempted to flush Saddam down the toilet.

What were YOU eating under ... (Below threshold)

What were YOU eating under there!

I just got an email from hi... (Below threshold)

I just got an email from him. He said "...these pictures ARE extraordinary images!" "I look like a million US bucks!"
[email protected]

Priceless, Jim!Her... (Below threshold)

Priceless, Jim!

Here's the latest from AP: Paper Prints More Photos of Saddam in Jail.

"Iraq's Interior Minister Bayan Jabr said he did not know how the pictures were taken but he did not believe the U.S. military was involved.
"I don't believe that these pictures were taken by the U.S. Army or coalition forces," he told reporters in Baghdad...."

*** [A few paragraphs lower down:]

"A member of Saddam's legal team, Giovanni di Stefano, told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Saturday that he believed the British military could be behind the release of the photos but he said little to support the claim."

US military? British Military? Red Cross worker? Saddam's lawyers?

Nice basket! Always thought... (Below threshold)
Brian Feroze:

Nice basket! Always thought that Saddam was one hot daddy. Never mix politics with cruising. I awit the Honco centrefold when he buffs up again like all those guys having hot gay sex in prison do.

Oh No!!! We certainly woul... (Below threshold)
Aaron B:

Oh No!!! We certainly would not wish to humiliate the poor, poor man. Why, he's merely a humble old man. Let us not cause him any embarrassment.
He certainly has never hurt anyone in his charming history. Oy vey!!!

He is very well endowed, bu... (Below threshold)

He is very well endowed, but the pic wasn't necessary.

Anyone who defends putting ... (Below threshold)

Anyone who defends putting pics of saddam in his y's is both a lickspittle of rupert and a repressed fag hypnotized by murdoch's "shock and Awe"-Could losers ever get any more loser??!!!!!!!!

Rummy is in thee closet <br... (Below threshold)

Rummy is in thee closet
like all the other nencon fags
rummy is the salter according to the wolfo oh!
A jew and a fag!
oh! what a surprise!







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