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The Multi Blog Interview: Zell Miller

Lance McMurray at Red State Rant recently had an opportunity to conduct and extensive interview with former Senator Zell Miller of Georgia. Instead of using all of his own questions, Lance solicited one question each from 20 different bloggers. The first set of questions and answers is up. Here's Wizbang's question.

Of your Democratic colleagues in the Senate, which 3 are the strongest on defense?

"I... gee... I couldn't do that... Well, I am not up there where I know individually what they are doing on the armed services committee. Certainly Ben Nelson from Nebraska is one. Joe Lieberman and Mark Pryor also and possibly Evan Bayh "

Go read the rest.

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Zell Miller is one Democrat... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Zell Miller is one Democrat I would be very likely to vote for! He is very pro American. So many of the Dems. today have swung so far left the true definition of Democrat has lost it's meaning! I really enjoyed your interview! Looking forward to part 2...






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