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Weblogs Are Telling The Natalee Holloway Story

Over at Scared Monkey's, where they've been on the Natalee Holloway story since the beginning, they've noted an interesting dynamic.

In Aruba today, we are seeing a very interesting dynamic. The country is terrified over the damage that to their country that the whole Natalee disappearance is causing. This is not to discount the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, the people are genuinely caring and loving and searching and worried for her, it is part of their make up. However, when the islands economy is hanging in the balance, the people of Aruba are scared and near panic. They know that if the story goes wrong, many bad things will happen to them

The Aruban people are especially frustrated by the American media. Bill O'Reilly is being vilified after his show last night insinuating that the drug lords are so influential in Aruba that they are trying to make the story to go away so the US government will not look closely at them. So FOX is persona non grata.

Rumors are abound that the CNN reporters have been abrupt with the people they have been in contact with and are writing stories that are not true. So CNN is not as disliked as Fox but still not very well liked.

So today, we were amazed that on ARUBADAG.COM, the national television and radio chain, had a large graphic pointing there American readers to Scared Monkeys as the authoritative news source for the Natalee Holloway story. Both Red and I said a big WOW

Even though they're far removed from the tiny island nation, the Scared Monkeys guys and their readers are providing a lot of under reported details on the story.


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Well done, Scared Monkeys.<... (Below threshold)

Well done, Scared Monkeys.

Another pretty white girl s... (Below threshold)

Another pretty white girl sleeps with the fishes and the media has its panties in a bunch. The safest women in the world is a ugly black women, never hear about them getting hacked and dumped.Lets see if I have the story so far. Pretty young blonde is missing, two black security guards who liked to birddog said PYBs are arrested, 3 young locals, (one or two sons of a judge, as if that makes em saints) The cute one of the bunch screwed the PYB. They are arrested. The PYB is dead, someone will fry. Whats the BFD?

the judges' son is saying t... (Below threshold)

the judges' son is saying the black man did it. Too bad Johnny Cochran is dead. Maybe Jesse Jackson will fly out there. Can you say fallguy?

scarlett I think you hit it on the head, or you have a reasonable theory, but no body has turned up, maybe she's in a sex ring or something. I am surprised that the Aruban authorities are calling it murder already. That is to show the U.S. that they mean business and the bad guys will be found. No matter who it is...

the island has an extremely low crime rate, first time something like this has happened, etc. It was bound to happen, no place is perfect, not Aruba, not small hick town USA, nowhere.

It is a big deal to Natalee's family and friends. The media is jumping on the chance for ratings as usual. It is also a big deal for Aruba because if this goes ugly, they will lose a lot of those George Washingtons.

I wonder where Natalee is now. In the ocean, in the hold of some ship, or maybe she's looking to lay low for a while...who knows?

Anyway, I am pulling for Natalee and hope that she is alive

Later and peace out


I have been voicing this th... (Below threshold)
Dan Dellipriscoli:

I have been voicing this theory since day 1:

1. Venezulela is less than 20 minutes from Aruba by boat;
2. Venez. is famous for engaging in the white slave traffic AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.............
A few days after Natalee's disappearance, Pres. BUSH suddenly lettered the news media with a condemnation against 15 countries for trafficking in human beings. Guess what? VENEZUELA was one of them. 1+1=2 You think it was a coincidence?

3. Gets better. All of a sudden Venez. is condemning US for not extradicting a prisoner back to Venez. Think a trade could be at hand???????? Think people!

Given Posada's own boasting... (Below threshold)
Dan Dell:

Given Posada's own boasting and from the available evidence in published documents, the Justice Department had to either try him for terrorist acts or deport him to Venezuela, which has requested his extradition. He plotted the 1976 airliner bombing from Caracas and escaped from prison there. He also apparently committed murder and torture there as well. Despite this overwhelming documentation, however, the Justice Department rejected Venezuela's May 2005 extradition request to try Posada for this crime on the grounds that the request lacked sufficient detail.

You know, it never occurred... (Below threshold)

You know, it never occurred to me to take what will probably end up being a horrible tragedy for some family and turn it into a diatribe about racism in the MSM.

I must be getting old.

I think we should raise mon... (Below threshold)

I think we should raise money for a blogger to go investigate this story first hand. I'd volunteer!

I think Crank is on to some... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I think Crank is on to something. Over the last few years the MSM has always gotten it wrong and the blogisphere has to jump in to get it right. This "mystery" will never get solved until we have our man on the ground (sand) in Aruba.

Crank will need to take lots of stuff to do the job right. So I volunteer to go along to carry the stuff.

Crazy kids! This is why Na... (Below threshold)

Crazy kids! This is why Nancy told the kiddies to "Just Say No"! When the reports read, "High school senior...casino...bar...stumbling...," it makes you wonder what kind of parents would let thier children participate it this kind of thing. I guess I am old.

I can't believe that you pe... (Below threshold)

I can't believe that you people are being so cruel. This was a girl, who was on vacation, having a good time, celebrating her graduation of H.S., she befriends three locals with her southern charm who obviously took advantage of her being drunk....hense the pitch black beach and creepy lighthouse at 2:00 in the morning! All I hear on the radio is people calling this girl a fluse, and trash. Who are they to critic a young girl, on vacation, who had the hots for some boy and was maybe just looking to hook up on vacation. People make me so mad! We should all be praying for her to be found...not wondering if she is in cement blocks on the bottom of the ocean. I pray that they find this girl...I haven't felt this intense about something since Elizabeth Smart was missing...I feel so bad for Natalee. However I also have to question her girlfriends, for even LETTING someone as drunk as Natalee leave a club at 1:00 in the morning with three boys!! what else does a boy have on his mind when he is with a drunk girl....My true feeling, gut, stomach, head and heart feeling is that someone took this poor girl for a Brothel House. I think she was taken, put on a boat and shipped to Columbia...and now she is so drugged up, she has no idea what is going on....anyone ever see that movie Revenge with Kevin Coster? perfect example. And if that is the case, we will probably never see her again. It makes me so upset. I know that I am not the only American in this world who feels like this. Dutch Law sucks and they need to be taking action....checking boats, getting undercovers to go to these brothels and bring this girl home. I had no idea about how bad columbia was until I did some research. We could never get our officials in there, not even FBI....

Please pray for Natalee, instead of trashing her.

If she is alive, she is goi... (Below threshold)

If she is alive, she is going to be filthy rich when this whole thing is over - TV shows, movies, book deals, maybe mattel will make a Natalee doll.

I can't believe you people ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe you people are talking like this isn't a big deal...how would you feel if this was your daughter, or a close friend of your's daughter? Do you think her friends and family are saying....oh geez! after we get her out of the w*ore house, she will be a millionare!

Have a heart people!
something like this could happen to ANYONE, ANYWHERE.

Everyone is a critic, we al... (Below threshold)

Everyone is a critic, we all must lead such perfect lives and can't imagine what it means to have misjudged a situation or made a mistake.

As for Natalee's parents, they are certainly not to blame. They have raised a beautiful, intelligent young lady. She is widely known for her personality, she is likeable, she was successful in school. This doesn't happen from poor parenting. Considering the world we live in, and the factors that make parenting difficult I would have to say the only thing Natalee's parents have to be guilty of is loving their daughter too much, if there is such a thing.

Also remember Natalee is 18 and does not need permission to go away. Unfortunately when you are 18, and have been somewhat sheltered from the realities of what bad people can do, you resort to the only thing you know, you trust.

I believe what ever has happened to this girl, is the direct reflection of the individual who may have brought harm to her, not the reflection of a community or country. If that was the case what would they say about our own country and our misguided individuals. They make us all look bad.

It sounds like the twisted individual found opportunity in taking advantage of a young inexperienced niave girls trust.

Any parent out there, ask yourself this question, what are your goals in raising your children. Natalee is the epitomy of everything we would wish for in our own children. Natalee nor her parents did anything wrong. They trusted others.

I know for myself, as much as I shelter my own children, I know I can't protect their every action as they get older. We can only teach our children, as sad as it is, there are many untrust worthy individuals out there and they come in different shapes and sizes. We cannot just point them out, they may be the one who trys to be your friend, the one who watches your kids, it could be someone you know or not. How scarry is that when you are raising children, that even though we teach them to trust we also teach them to be cautious of everyone.

My heart goes out to Natalee and her family. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and sadness. I will keep praying for each of them.

I would just ask, before you blurt out your perspective on this tragic situation, as perfect as your life must be, consider what this would mean to you, if it were your son or daughter, mother or father, or just someone close. Blame is easy, take the time to understand the story and who these people are, before you go pointing any fingers. And remember, the next time you look into a mirror, take the time to think, what would this situation mean to you honestly, if it were someone you loved.

So the trip of the bloggers... (Below threshold)

So the trip of the bloggers to Aruba will be headed by

Lewis and Crank.

Oddly, that seems just about right.

I am with Nicole, we should... (Below threshold)

I am with Nicole, we should all hope that she will turn up safe and sound.

Guys,cool it on nata... (Below threshold)

cool it on natalie, its a very serious situation for those of us that live in Alabama. I have already cancelled my vacation to this island...and will not return until she is found or those responsible are brought to justice.
They will feel the pain of the lost american tourist dollars and i will be the first to do so.

is anyone else having troub... (Below threshold)

is anyone else having trouble accessing the scared monkeys website? i'm getting a file not found message...

I agree totally with Nicole... (Below threshold)

I agree totally with Nicole (very well said), Valynn and Kim. This is a very tragic situation that could happen to anyone. I feel so bad for Natalee and her parents.

While we could question why the chaperones were not present to watch over Natalee at the Club, or why Natalee's classmates would ever let her depart at 1 am with three non-classmates, it's hard to blame anyone.

Let's hope she turns up safe and sound.

My personal opinion is that... (Below threshold)
texan tried and true:

My personal opinion is that she is alive and is no longer on the island. She has been taken somewhere by boat and is being held against her will. I think the prostitution and slave trade theory may unfortunately be what happened. If she was dead there would be some kind of physical evidence by now. And bodies float to the surface after this long. Authorities need to start investigating and checking Venezuela and islands of close proximity to Aruba if they have any hopes of finding any trace of Natalee. I also believe that in a situation like this, there are many more people involved. The three boys are probably involved, but I am almost sure that if she is alive, they had accomplises to help transport the girl to another location. The fact that Natalee's friends have reported seeing the Dutch boy on several occasions indicates that he strategically planned whatever happened and wa scoping out his target. He may be involved in something more illegal like trafficking and its possible that Natalee fit the description of someone that they could get a lot of money for in the prostitution industry. Also, I recently came across an article about a young woman named Amy Bradley that disappeared from a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean around the island of Aruba in 1998. Authorities investigated and found no clues as to her whereabouts. A year or so later, a US military officer reported seeing her in a brothel somewhere in the Caribbean- I think in Venezuela but am not positive, and she said she needed help, but at the time he thought nothing of it. He reported the sighting, but unfortunately when authorities arrived, the brothel had burnt down, and she hasn't been seen since. I think its a big mistake for the authorities investigating Natalee's disappearance to ignore this previous case because there are some striking similarities that can't be overlooked. First, Amy's mother reported that a man approached her daughter on the ship and asked her to go get some drinks from a new bar, Carlos n Charlies- the same bar Natalee was seen in. Also, that bar opened in 1998-the same year Amy disappeared. I'm not saying the bar is involved but the cases are similar. I believe there is a illegal prostitution or slave trade ring in the Caribbean and that Natalee may have fallen victim to these sick people. Another scenario is that she witnessed something illegal that someone didn't want her to see, and consequently she was taken to avoid her exposing them. My prayers go out for Natalee and her family and friends as well as the island of Aruba. I pray that this mystery is solved and that the island can return to normal.

Mr. David . So you are blam... (Below threshold)

Mr. David . So you are blaming an entire ARuban community because of the fact that a girl got extremely drunk , stepped in a car with 3 guys she knew for a few days and then went missing ?
oh now ARUBA is to blame for that ?
Well..in that case , I completely feel good about those Europeans refusing to buy any Florida Orange Juice from you USA people !
oh, and by the way..there will be no pain in losing your stupid american money. We have our other tourists who are not closed minded and ridiculously judging a community that has NOTHING TO DO with it !
If you must know..the governement is holding off their very important work for helping with finding this girl. Other countries WOULD NEVER do that. And , if you think it's because we are SCARED to lose your 'american dollar' you're dead wrong. We are truly good people , NICE , and we all help each other as much as we can. The caribbean life is much better than your American Dream.
Stop making this a discrimination issue.
I wonder , if I WENT missing in New York what you "American people" would have done to help find me...I TRULY WONDER !

If you have been to Aruba ,... (Below threshold)

If you have been to Aruba , you would also stop relating this island to Venezuela and relate it more to Holland , But that's ok. You can't know the world.
AAND ! It is highly unlikely she was a victim of "people trafic" or "slavery". I will tell you why I think that.
COlombia guerillaz do this , they kidnap and they ask for a BIG amount of money to bring back the kid. In most cases they kill the kid/person before they get the money. THis is a big reason why there are a lot of wealthy Colombian family living here..IN hiding , because they were already threatened.
Venezuelan criminals might do something like that..BUT they would definitly MAKE contact , in order to get their money.And , the Bradley case is really something else. That is CURACAO , which has e much higher crime rate , and has much more poverty--> more reason to kidnap.Also , it is said that she contacted a person (in Curacao) asking for help. SHe is not kidnapped to vene or colom. if she is still there , right ?
Today there has been another development on the ARuban media in which it is said that ms Holloway was spotted at some places wearing a cap , a sweatshirt , and sunglasses. Police are currently checking some tapes.
I know she is alive , i can really feel it
Because if this Joran guy dumped her in the water , she would have already been found.If he burried the body , the stench must have come out.And on such short panick moment , he would never come up with an extremely brilliant plan to hide the body in such little time , and problably under the influence , while at it.
I know that as much as there is an "angel"profile of Ms Holloway , so is there an "angel"profile for the 2 other Surinam boys. THey would never hurt a fly. But , again , you can't be sure of anything. I have a feeling she IS STILL ON THE ISLAND. Have they checked if all her clothing was found ? There are so many possibilities. And us Aruban wake up and go to sleep with this case. We call the police with every potential tip , we look around when we drive to school or work. Has nothing to do with us missing the dollar or something like that. We TRULY care. This is really awful.
Anyway , i really hope she comes back. SHe can't be dead.
And i am sorry i had to vent early on. But come on , 2 weeks of constant criticism on my happy island makes me REALLY angry . It is truly unfair !
I never think like that of the USA , i love the country . But now , I am changing my mind , not because my aunt was once robbed and hit at a parking lot in FLorida. NO , because you are judging us , putting us in a position in which we can't defend ourselves. And the reason ? Is there really a good one ? I leave with this " we love the American people". But this is just unfair
and pls pray for Natalee's safe return

mari's comments are right. ... (Below threshold)

mari's comments are right. it is unfair to judge aruba by this one tragic incident. Tragedies occur daily in our country. I disagree that her body would have already surfaced if she were murdered. I'm sure the three boys are intelligient and could have come up with a plan to dispose of the body very discreetly.

Coming from someone who goe... (Below threshold)

Coming from someone who goes to school with Natalee, don't believe everything that is reported by the news. As this becomes more and more of a common interest national story, the distortion of the facts continues to grow. Please pray for both her family and her safe return. Thanks

As I stated before, this is... (Below threshold)

As I stated before, this is not about countries, communities, ethnic groups etc.... When we (the Americans) post a comment, we need to be careful not to make such generalized statements that look like blame directed at an entire country.

We can't assume that Natalee got in a car on her own free will. We shouldn't be assuming anything. The forensics are not back yet from the four vehicles they have confiscated. They do not have a report from the computers they took. The FBI shared with everyone today that even though the divers were in Aruba, they were used for other reasons(there is a reason for this). They didn't get into the water. They have five people in custody. I can't imagine with the Aruban government teamed with the FBI that they wouldn't figure this out, if any one of the five are involved, they will find out. It is just going to take a little time. These boys are young, it would be difficult to keep anything undercover if they were involved. Stories would have discrepancies. It will just take time.

We Americans need to be careful not to put ourselves above others. Consider what the Aruban people are trying to accomplish. It is completely evident that they care. Look in your own backyard before we start complaining about trash in someone else's. Listen to the remarks made by Natalee's family, and the overwelming support they feel from the people in Aruba.

Remember this is an investigation, we are not privy to all of the information. There is more to this, we won't know until after the fact. The media puts their spin on everything. We cannot lose focus of the facts, and we need to be mature and responsible when making comments. Unfortunately you always will have a handful that makes everyone look bad. Maybe they just don't know any better.

Perfection doesn't exist, and as I pointed out in an earlier entry, becareful in what you say, what if this happened to you or a loved one. Say that to yourself before you go and blast someone or some country.

Keep saying your prayers for Natalee and her family.

Isn't it possible that the ... (Below threshold)

Isn't it possible that the 3 young men did scope out this young woman, and the reason the overnight security guard does not remember seeing her and the fact that there was nothing on a security tape showing her return, as the 3 boys have claimed... is because they took her to the beach to meet a boat to take her away. I think they sold her. And that she has ended up like Amy Bradley. The first reports of the 3 young men.. was that the one that was posing as a Dutch student was also known as a local drug dealer...

The hypocritical Americans ... (Below threshold)
Captain Zen:

The hypocritical Americans are disgusting in the extreme. To blow out of proportion the news about one single missing girl against 100,000+ dead and missing Iraqis! The evil that America is globally doing to others must come back to them somehow or other. Is this pinprick in Aruba in any balance with the swordslash in Iraq?

MY local source tells me Jo... (Below threshold)

MY local source tells me Joran is out of his cell it's on my blog. AP has tracted the confession story to some extent the individual only said "something bad has happened to her" One of them is leading police to the body. Likely Joran according to my source in Island radio news.

> The safest women in the w... (Below threshold)

> The safest women in the world is a ugly
> black woman, never hear about them getting
> hacked and dumped.

I remember all too well the poor black girl who went to the club NOBODY's on Northern Boulevard, in Flushing, Queens, New York City, and wound up with her headless body being dumped in a lot later that night. Aside from it being the end of that club (despite 3-4 quick name changes), they never found that poor girl's killer. But they didn't cover it up -- it was big news, and there was a long, involved manhunt all around NYC. But it was not, it is true, national news -- and the knowledge of a brutal chop-em-up killer stalking NYC night clubs didn't seem to interfere with NYC tourism any at the time.

I have heard the same thing... (Below threshold)

I have heard the same thing in reference to one of the three boys, now talking. I knew it would only be a matter of time.

Captain Zen- of course there is no balance between what is going on in Iraq vs what has happened to one individual in Aruba. By no means could there be a comparison. It is apples and oranges, Natalee wasn't in Aruba defending others from the evil Saddem and his groupies.

It is very sad for all those who have suffered as victims in that war or as soldiers fighting it. One should not assume that we all share the same viewpoints on the reasons this war is being fought. But no matter what our views are, it is not something we can change, nor have the power to control. In the case of Natalee, this is something that still may have a breath of hope, communities pulling together, strangers offering endless hours of their time, all for the hope in finding this young girl, and not wanting a thing in return for their unselfish offerings.

It is just so sad that these types of overwhelming unselfish kind behaviours from so many people usually manifests from a specific unexpected tragedy and is somewhat short lived.

I have heard the same thing... (Below threshold)

I have heard the same thing in reference to one of the three boys, now talking. I knew it would only be a matter of time.

Captain Zen- of course there is no balance between what is going on in Iraq vs what has happened to one individual in Aruba. By no means could there be a comparison. It is apples and oranges, Natalee wasn't in Aruba defending others from the evil Saddem and his groupies.

It is very sad for all those who have suffered as victims in that war or as soldiers fighting it. One should not assume that we all share the same viewpoints on the reasons this war is being fought. But no matter what our views are, it is not something we can change, nor have the power to control. In the case of Natalee, this is something that still may have a breath of hope, communities pulling together, strangers offering endless hours of their time, all for the hope in finding this young girl, and not wanting a thing in return for their unselfish offerings.

It is just so sad that these types of overwhelming unselfish kind behaviours from so many people usually manifests from a specific unexpected tragedy and is somewhat short lived.

Keep saying your prayers, to everyone who needs them.

New Update:ORANJE... (Below threshold)

New Update:

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) _ One of three young men who took an Alabama teenager to the beach during a high school graduation trip to Aruba says --quote-- "something bad happened" to her. That's according to authorities on the Caribbean island.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gerold Dompig says the man was leading police late tonight (Friday) to the scene. He refused to identify which young man had made the statement.

18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared May 30th while on a five-day trip to the island with 124 classmates and seven chaperones. The trip was in celebration of their graduation from Mountain Brook High School. She never showed up for the return flight.

Two brothers from Suriname and a Dutch student were arrested yesterday (Thursday). The three detainees are ages 17, 18 and 21.

The men previously said they took Holloway to a beach and later dropped her at her hotel.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) _ On... (Below threshold)

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) _ One of three young men who took an Alabama teenager to the beach during a high school graduation trip to Aruba says --quote-- "something bad happened" to her. That's according to authorities on the Caribbean island.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gerold Dompig says the man was leading police late tonight (Friday) to the scene. He refused to identify which young man had made the statement.

18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared May 30th while on a five-day trip to the island with 124 classmates and seven chaperones. The trip was in celebration of their graduation from Mountain Brook High School. She never showed up for the return flight.

Two brothers from Suriname and a Dutch student were arrested yesterday (Thursday). The three detainees are ages 17, 18 and 21.

The men previously said they took Holloway to a beach and later dropped her at her hotel.

Sorry for the double posts,... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the double posts, I didn't think it took since it didn't display the web page.

I've seen it on vacation wi... (Below threshold)
Mother of PYB's:

I've seen it on vacation with my own 4 pretty young blondes (PYB's) We're all having a good itme, they drink (sneak since they're not of age), flirt and then somehow this Natalee - smart, beautiful, not likely (yeah right) goes off with the 3. I'm sure a little sex happened, and I am betting, before the news comes out that alcohol poisoning or the death related to alcohol is going to be the reason for an "accident". WE think our kids are perfect, they're not. They're spreading their wings - I hold the chaperones totally responsible! God speed Natalee - to her family - look up - that's where your comfort is. She's safe now, after a tragic ending to a young life.

Someone said we have no cho... (Below threshold)
Captain Zen:

Someone said we have no choise to go to war and kill innocent people. I say BS, every body has the choise as how to conduct his/her life.
check this
and this
and see what America is in the eyes of the world!
No Choise!!!

I understood that a press c... (Below threshold)

I understood that a press conference is about to happen. It will start at 10:00 o'clock AM Arubian Time.

You can acces different Arubian Stations at http://www.arubadag.com The radio Station TOP FM 95 seems the hottest.

Just make sure you are there in time due to small server capacity.

Captain Zen, I flush your K... (Below threshold)
Captain America:

Captain Zen, I flush your Koran!
This is about a family's anguish over the fate of their daughter. You should find a copy of the one true Bible and join us in praying for Natalee,

Let me try the link one mor... (Below threshold)

Let me try the link one more time: http://www.arubadag.com

Then click on one of the radio stations.
You have
Canal 90
Magic FM
Caruso booy
Hit 94
Top FM 95

And the local Television: TeleAruba. Though I do not think they will cover it at this time.

Right NOW click on <a href=... (Below threshold)

Right NOW click on http://www.arubadag.com and chosse TOP FM

Rest In Peace Natalee Hollo... (Below threshold)

Rest In Peace Natalee Holloway.
Unfortunate ending to your life.
You somehowe predicted this when you ironacilly quoted 'Freebird' from "Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Aruba will always remember you as a beautiful freespirited bird , choosing our island to start being a free bird.
You never deserved this no matter what people say>
I truly hope god has you now. And will lookout for the rest of your family.

I think that if Natalie was... (Below threshold)

I think that if Natalie was only two inches tall then she would have been kept in a cage or a purse and this never would have happened. If my daughter was only two inches tall I would definately have kept a closer eye on her. It's nearly impossible to find someone thats two inches tall in your kitchen cabinets, but searching a whole island?

I saved all my prayers once... (Below threshold)

I saved all my prayers once, I saved em for like two months but they went bad. Atleast they smelled bad, I wasnt gonna try em when I found them all stuck together like that, and they didnt smell right.

This story sure flushes out... (Below threshold)

This story sure flushes out racists!

Lots of other cute white gi... (Below threshold)

Lots of other cute white girls from that group didn't disappear. Gotta say something about something, right?

In virtually every case of ... (Below threshold)
The Banker:

In virtually every case of this nature (involving women overseas), there is rampant speculation re "white slavery" or "sex slavery" being the net result. Statistically, this isn't likely. Any investigator worth their badge would be the first to clarify that, after 48 hours of a disappearance, the subject is SUPREMELY likely (95%+) to be dead. (Actually, if anyone was truly "keeping score" on all of these types of vanishings, the % might be even higher.)

There has not been one report (that I have seen) indicating with any level of factuality that Ms. Holloway left (with the 3 men in question) by any means OTHER than her own will. What happened after she left is anyone's guess... to this point.

Honestly, the people of Orenjestad and Aruba have been terrific in dealing with this crisis. If the roles had been reversed and an Aruban girl turned up missing here in the USA, I daresay it would likely generate no more than a "gee that's too bad" followed shortly by "hey Hank, pass the biscuits, will ya?" Tell you what - - first thing I'll do when my schedule allows is to book a trip to Aruba for my family. Anyone who vilifies Aruba or its citizenry for this incident is, in a word, idoitic. The alleged principals under arrest AREN'T EVEN ARUBANS!

Oh, and by the way... nice job of chaperoning, Mountain Brookers. Take a group of teenagers virtually to South America and lose one, probably for life. Who the h*** are these morons? Were they as drunk as the students?? Hey, Ma & Pa Kettle, maybe you shouldn't let kids who aren't old enough to drink in their own COUNTRY go out on a week-long international KEGGER. Ya think?!?!

First of all, I don't blame... (Below threshold)
Krystal Hoover:

First of all, I don't blame the entire Aruban community...i blame those at fault. I blame THE CHAPERONES who were on the trip who allowed a CHILD to go out to a "bar" and if they didn't allow it, they should have watched them closer. Book smart doesn't give you street smart. Don't get me wrong, i feel terribly for the family and all those who knew her. i have been affected as well. However, being 18, drunk, and in a foreign country...hmm...smart??!! i think not. Where were her friends during all this..they just let her go?? where were the so called chaperones?? probably getting drunk themselves. come on...the news said that there were only 24 students, that is maybe 4 students per chaperone. and that little dutch boy...shut the hell up, he was part of it too. SCARLETT, YOU GO TO HELL. WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR DAUGHTER DEAD?? OR MISSING?? OR YOU?? BFD, RIGHT? THIS IS A LIFE AND SOMEONE'S BLOOD. YOU, WEIRDLY ENOUGH, ARE JEALOUS OF A PRETTY, YOUNG BLONDE WHO WENT OUT FOR A GOOD TIME.


ok sorry, i just read somet... (Below threshold)
Krystal hoover:

ok sorry, i just read something that said 125 students...if there were that many, there should have been atleast 10-15 chaperones at the least

The girl did something pret... (Below threshold)
Mr. P:

The girl did something pretty stupid and it may well have gotten her killed. Don't blame the chaperones. If the young woman is dead her failure to use some common sense did it. This also applies to actions of anyone either in Aruba or the USA. This kind of thing happens in Atlanta and Podunk. How many people tonight are going to go home with some stranger and have sex? I did it years ago and today I shake my head at some of my actions. I could have gotten killed. I did something dumb and survived. Most do. But a few get killed. She's 18. She's an adult. Don't think so?She can vote, drive, go to college, join the military, get married, have a baby. etc. Getting drunk and getting picked-up was her call. She put herself in harm's way.

Well, what I am truly shock... (Below threshold)

Well, what I am truly shocked by is the cynical, reverse rasism dripping from some of the comments. Ya know, this kid did not ask to be born a blue eyed blonde. She is missing. Probably dead, Possibly raped - drunk or not. This is a tragedy. Blonde or not blonde, don't you think that she is human in the first place? Which seems to be more than one can say about some of the comments.

Folks,The real sto... (Below threshold)
minnesota dad:


The real story here is the Aruban cover-up. Son of a Justice Minister (judge) not investigated for 10 days after girl goes missing...yet he was the last one seen with her.

The kid fingers two poor black guys who, if it wasn't for the intense media pressure and attention, would have served time for the misconduct of the kid.

This whole story has been an attempt to cover up misconduct of the Dutch elite kid. Arubans should be ashamed of their government and justice system. Tourism should not return until those governmental bodies step up and tell the world how they tried to cover-up and how they will never, ever, again attempt to coverup a murder on their island.

Boycott Aruba!

I'm a teenage girl and I wi... (Below threshold)

I'm a teenage girl and I will never drink again in honor of Natalee. I don't think girls should drink if this is what happens to them. We're a bunch of idiots!!

Natalee Holloway didnt do a... (Below threshold)

Natalee Holloway didnt do anything wrong to cause her death. Joran and his 2 lap dogs. She was targeted. Mnay women are raped and murder while not drinking anything, old women are raped, youmng kids are raped and murdered. Did they cause the violence perpetrated upon them? Blame the person who did this. Natalie was a young girl who was drinking and got in a car with folks she thought were friends and gentlemans. Are women to never ever drink, befriend anyone ( remember everyone is a stranger until one gets to know the person, never to dress in a bathing suit (rember granny can wear a duffel bag and still get raped or a child) blame the men...why are people afraid to make men accountable for their horrendous behavior instead always making the woman at fault for what the man or men do to her. If Natalee was drunk and naked and acting out..no man had a right to touch her at all...noone...we live where men let their penis rule their brains...its just that simple

Seedyrum: The Laws of the ... (Below threshold)
Mr. P:

Seedyrum: The Laws of the Nature and laws legislated by human beings are quite different. You make a valid point, more valid than perhaps you intended, when you said men are penis driven. Men are and it's the Law and religion that keep us in our places. In real life or in the wild there truly are the quick and the dead.

If Natalee is dead now I disagree with you about her not having done anything to cause her death. Her own lack of common sense helped cause it. Certainly, people should obey the law. We should be each other's keepers but that is hypothetical.

Put a steak dinner on a coffee table in a room with a dog and see if it is still there if you leave the room for a minute. The dog will act out of impulse as do men with no moral upbringing. If you think that a pretty naked woman is going to lie there unmolested amongst a group of men without morals....you are quite mistaken. If a girl is drunk and naked in such a situation then she's going to be raped. Like some little bird that has flown into a house-full of hungry cats....that bird is doomed.

The females can carry this torch that a woman should be able to go anywhere and do anything and not be molested but that idea flies in the face of reality.

I'm a man. It's only in recent history that we have been civilized. Our male ancestors looked forward to war because if war was survived the reward was rape and pillage. Ever see some domesticated dog take its toy and rip and shake it? That's the dog's primintive intstincts of killing its prey.

Men are somewhat the same with women. The penis is, indeed, a weapon. Men lust after women all day long mentally separating women into two groups; women that...if they could....they would have sex with and women they would not.

Each man is a potential rapist. Overall the man has the advantage in much more physical size and muslcle mass. What keeps so many men from rape? Fear of God. Fear of the Law. The Golden Rule.

Be it Ms. Holloway....the media's victim de jour...or any other woman or man who today will foolishly place themselves in a position that will get them hurt or killed most of them will get hurt because they didn't think. They didn't use their common sense.

I know what I'm talking about. Decades ago I lost a 21 year-old uncle to alcohol. He got drunk and choked to death. After reviewing the facts one could point to the folks who had the party where he got drunk, the folks who made the whiskey or the hospital that failed to help him but in the end the fault lay with my uncle. He was the one who kept drinking and it killed him.

When we are tempted to put ourselves in the company of unscrupulous people we run the risk of getting hurt.

The quick and the dead.

The number of FBI assigned,... (Below threshold)
Dan Dellipriscoli:

The number of FBI assigned, Pres. Bush's press releases on June 3 wherein he targeted Venezuela (15 min by boat from Aruba) for slave trading, Venezuela's condemnation of the US for not extradictiing a Cuban Terrorist all point to high level negotiations to free Natalee from Venezuela. Remember, Aruban releases indicated the scope of the investigation had extended to other islands and Venez. Plus, a Fox news report states, Holloway Twitty said she appreciated all that Aruban authorities have done but added, "I will not be satisfied until they give me back my daughter. I want her and I want her now." Read into that. Someone has her. Keep praying!

Highly unlikely that someon... (Below threshold)

Highly unlikely that someone has her..
Interesting how you say that it's 15 minutes by boat..have you ever traveled from Aruba to Venezuela by boat before? Was it a super speedy boat? Just wondering ;)
There are just too many possibilities.I pray a lot to give the people working on the case strength and more courage.Also for the family , and for Natalee of course.
But I really think at this point , that she has lost her life. It is a very distrubing case.
Maybe we should just pray..and wait..since there is nothing we could do now is there?

Does anyone have any new in... (Below threshold)

Does anyone have any new info on the investigation? I have been watching CNN for two days and I haven't heard anything, besides the blood found in the car wasen't even blood at all....could be seamen or some other body fluid. I can't believe after two weeks the Aruban authorities can't get these stupid sh*t head dirtball murders to talk! They were the LAST one's with her!!! I just don't understand it. I know on Saturday, on the news it said Joran was finally talking, and that he was taking the police to the lighthouse and the families were following. Now that statement has been retracted. What the f*ck is going on over there!! These boys will never be put to justice....they have had 11 + days to talk to their families and lawyers about making up a story of what happened.....THEN they get arrested after they get their car cleaned out and get their stories together....low life scum.
This whole thing just makes me so sad. If anyone knows anything, please reply.

*Please remember to keep praying for Natalee and her parents. I have a feeling she is still out there pleaing for help.

There was another person br... (Below threshold)

There was another person brought in on Saturday morning around 6am per the reports. What have we learned about that person. Age: early 20's and male is the only thing I have. I have heard nothing about this last person brought into custody. Anybody out there know more?

Uhm up until now there hasn... (Below threshold)

Uhm up until now there hasn't been any more person detained.Maybe that was a news mixup.Today Mr Lejuez (not sure who he is representing)adressed a local radio with some other facts.Or potential facts may I say.
Supposedly Joran van der Sloot was crying in his cell where he is held. And he started talking to Jones(one of the security Guards who is also still held).He said that he thinks that the Kalpoe bro's might be up to something.HE added that it seemed as if they are trying to make it seem like he killed Ms Holloway.So he decided to "confess".He said that the Kalpoe brothers dropped him off FIRST.At the goobyes he exchanged email information with Ms Holloway and then he got out of the car.Came monday , they decided to tell the police that all 3 of them dropped Ms NAtalee , and invented the entire 2 security guard story.
My question: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ? Now you want to "confess" again? And without telling a reason WHY the 3 of you had decided to come up with a story?You're all guilty..this is guilty behavior.
But the biggest rumor is this; Joran did get out of the car with Ms Natalee(at the lighthouse/arashi beach)...Accidentaly she stumbled at the beach..She fell on rocks where she hit her head pretty hard.And since then passed out.THey dropped her off a far distance from the Holiday Inn.BUt as guilty as they felt came back a few minutes later to check on her.She was still in the same position as when she was dropped off.Then they discovered she still had no pulse and supposed she turned ice cold and purple.SO they all panicked , took her back in the car , and started to plan what to do.
That is how much i know of this 'rumor'.
This is sooo sickening.These guys SHOULD be pressured MUCH harder ..Make them soob so hard they can't even think straight ,so they confess to this.
I believe the rumor.This is a shame , as for I am born and raised on this lovely island. And it makes me sick ! This is unfair , no matter how drunk this girl was.It's utter and completely wrong.
May god rest Natalee's soul..

Ok Mari so you don't need o... (Below threshold)
Big John:

Ok Mari so you don't need out money thats fine we don't need to waist it down there anyway!! and no we don't blame all of Aruba, but it seems that more and more of our young people are being treated badly all over the word, and some are ending up as sex slaves in other countries, so we need to take a long look at where we go and spend our money. to tell you the truth I beleive we need to send a few hundred troops down there and conduct our own search, and follow all leads until we know what happened to her, we may not be able to fine her but we can make it very unconfortable for the people who have her. If we find that there is a government cover up then we can take care of that also! in other words don't get all snubish and bad mouth the US we are getting tired of it and your little Island is a good place to start the back lash!

Big John,I couldn'... (Below threshold)

Big John,

I couldn't have said it better myself!! you took the words right out of my mouth! We need to get the U.S. troops down there to find Natalee...Enough of this Aruban "everything's a cover-up or secret" bulls*it!
I've been to Cancun, and Paradise Island in the bahamas....It's pretty bad when your hotel has to tell you, do not wander anywhere alone at night...this has to say something....these sick twisted men that live on these islands make me sick....I also have a problem with their security guards. To me, I feel that they can be compared to a U.S. McDonalds drive thru teller...in Aruba, being a "SECURITY" GUARD is just another job for them, their not properly trained! Everyone needs to take off the Rose Colored Glasses and see Aruba for what it really is: An island full of poverty, full of people who would rip the shirt of your back to sell it to take care of themselves....it reminds me of the projects, with a crystal clear beach and some palm trees...
Do you know how many girls go missing or have been assulted or raped on these islands on vacation who have never said anything? I bet the number would shock you...it's really sad that for one girl missing, I've seen 3 other families on the news who also have children missing in Aruba, some back to 1995, and I can almost guarantee the number is larger than that. I think the "security" guards in the jail need to rough these 3 s*it heads up a little bit to get some answers....

I will still keep praying for Natalee and her family, because I truly hope she is found...alive.
I can't wait to here her true story of what really happened the night of the 29th.

Breaking News:Just... (Below threshold)

Breaking News:

Just saw, for a brief minute that a young boy was playing near a small 5 foot pond about a mile from the Holiday Inn in Aruba, where he reported that he found woman's underpants and a bunch of condoms....does anyone have any other news on this....I had to go back to work.

Please let me know....

Tune in at <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Tune in at http://www.arubadag.com and click on TOP FM 95 for BREAKING NEWS!!!

I was just wondering.....is... (Below threshold)

I was just wondering.....is anyone else thinking of the simple solution of giving these three boys that simple little thing called a Lie Detector test. Can this be done in Aruba? That could atleast help in determining to find a body or find a girl.....

This is not about Iraq, thi... (Below threshold)

This is not about Iraq, this is not about a blue eyed blonde,it's not about someone's race, it's about a missing person that I hope most people are genuinely concerned about.

This morning, I feel that e... (Below threshold)

This morning, I feel that everything is falling into place....the three degenerates still behind bars are starting to turn on each other, crossing up stories, which SHOULD mean America will see the truth, or something close to the truth maybe by sometime next week. Ohmygod! does anyone watch the O'Reilly factor? Last night he had Heraldo on who just came back from a weekend investigation in Aruba. HE SAID that he could 100 % report that he was told, by a very close Aruban source, that a very upscale person in the police department was overheard saying: HOW CAN I DO THAT TO HIM....HE IS MY BEST FRIENDS SON!!
I know he was talking about Joran, but I wonder what that was all about....

Nicole..I live on th... (Below threshold)

I live on the island. And I know for a fact that more and more "best friends" of van der Sloot sr. are covering up.
I dunno why , but van der SLoot sr. apparatently did tell some people about the case.
Not all of these friends are not in the police department though.
But what you just wrote , is most problably true because van der SLoot sr. has used anything in his power to make sure his son does not talk to anyone.
Today there has been finally (!!!!)a house search (which is going on now , at the same time I am typing). And the police took all cars from the family also.
Well that's all facts now.
Oh , a search with FBI agents and bloudhound is going on around another area near "the Mill resort". It makes me really angry that this is still going on.I mean, if she is dead and the body is hidden..where IS IT? It's so frustrating, people have conducted searches at all areas allready.ALL areas.
Should I be hoping she is still alive?
I keep on praying..and I saw Natalee's mom twice already with her group of people, they are so peaceful!!So now I'm praying more for the mother.I can't even imagine her excrutiating pain.And she still manages to smile.

Of course the cover up is c... (Below threshold)

Of course the cover up is complete.
Dutch criminal mind can easily compete
with the evil American mind.
The body,
if there is one,
will never be found.
No body, no crime,
and the little crooks go free.
Only the mirror will show the perp
every time he looks at himself.
The question is how long before he cracks up?
Hopefully he becomes a drug addict,
and destroys himself.......

Hey everyone,Here ... (Below threshold)

Hey everyone,

Here is my thoughts on the case which i have been following very close over the past few weeks. Aruba is one wacked country or whatever you want to call it, This case would have been solved or a lot more would have been accomplished if this was in America. They need to pressure these young punks, 3 guys and they all have a different story. HELLO how stupid are the authorities down there? Are all 3 of those guys that stupid they don’t remember what they did, come on. I think it is great the way the parents are handling this, they wont leave until they have their daughter (hopefully alive).
Where the hell were her friends? She was drunk at a bar by herself? I doubt it, was no one else in the bar with her? No one saw anything I doubt all of that. She has some really stupid ass friends to leave her, if that is what they did. Nothing makes sense in this story, a cover-up, its looking more likely. Could Nicole be in a brothel? Not looking like it but those people are wackos down there so who knows, maybe we should look in Columbia or Venezuela. I read an article that Aruba's economy is 60% tourism, if everyone is thinking like me they can plan on losing that 60%. If they put more time and effort into this case Americans may be more likely to return for a vacation. In the meantime there are plenty of other beautiful places in the Caribbean


<a href="http://www.scaredm... (Below threshold)


Everyone please check this out....it's really creepy....makes you think.

-J :Is Nicole in a... (Below threshold)

-J :

Is Nicole in a Brothel??? Did you mean to say Natalee?? I live in the U.S. and I'm not reporting from a brothel! :) I was really thinking this morning that Joran's father needs to be arrested. I believe he knows exactly what happened that night, because I believe Joran drugged her, raped her and killed her....then thought about it, called Daddy to help cover it up....

This is so wrong. How could... (Below threshold)

This is so wrong. How could you be so assured that this case could have been solved in the USA already?Are you a specialized crime solving officer ?
We are not the ones with a HUGE database with missing people.So , this is like a HUGE challenge.We did not even have the tools(bloudhound..specialized choppers to look for missing people)..Proof enough that we do not have these type of crimes.
Stop thinking bad about our country.And F.Y.I. EVERYBODY..yes EVERYBODY is involved in helping out.Nobody is walking around thinking "ugh whatever,another date rape".
I think J , you are so wrong in starting to blame the ENTIRE island. That the dutch law is different,yes,but that it is better? No.
"If they put more time and effort.."
I can see you are NOT here to see that nobody is sleeping. This is not a violent crime place.
As a matter of fact we got quite scared last year when an american psycho ,who killed his girlfriend chopped her off to pieces and freezed her,came here to ARUBA. He came here to hide thinking he would not be found. Well , the authority did nothing else but put "time and effort" to get this guy out back to the USA. He was found and flown back within 3 days.
I believe in our system,although not in all cases.And I believe we will get an answer.
This girl will not go in our 4 missing people database.Especially taking the fact that the family has a LOT of money.I mean , Alabama has reported a missing woman that same exact month of May.She still is not found,and there is also no huge coverage of it.Makes ya think..
J , of course there are much more beautiful places in the world. We , Arubans, don't think we are perfect and the best and most important..we don't act like we are the GOD of all islands.;) We surely are not ! Aruba is just another place. If you were once here , I'd take you seriously. Have you been here? Don't think so.
So , maybe yeah you could try going to Jamaica..And Costa Rica..Or how about Dominica and MArtinique.Or also Curacao..Sint Maarten..
Or heck , Hawaii or Cali ! I'm sure you can walk half drunk at midnight back to your hotel without being attacked! I'm veeery sure..Why don't you try it out , and get back to us on this.
MY prayers are still on Ms Natalee..and of course her family. (This IS still the topic , right ? )

P.S. Nicole..the dad is in very deep shit right now. He is going to be detained soon enough charged with conspiracy. I hope they do this . And soon ! I admit , I wish the Dutch law was not so damn subtle!

I think that girl travel wi... (Below threshold)

I think that girl travel without a good friend, because now her "friends" are telling stories that she was already drunk in the bar, what kind of friend will not look after a drunk friend or even let her leave with 3 guys. The normal situation is that one of her "friend" will leave with her. Maybe the local police isn't so experienced, but with the FBI with the blood dogs searching a tiny island all over and over again, they even can't find some evidence or a trace of blood, do you think a rich dutch boy can stand so much time arrested in such a poor condition and still telling he didn't do nothing and if you know something about dutch culture you will know that they will even brought their mother in if she done something bad so make up your mind maybe the authorities are searching in the wrong location or in Aruba is a Dutch guy that really can fool the FBI.

So now are Aruba is a wicke... (Below threshold)

So now are Aruba is a wicked island fill with poverty. Over more than 60 years we help US companies made their money like the LAGO, Coastal and many big Hotels and bye the way the same Lago on Aruba is the one that help the US get fuel during the 2 WW ? So we are fill with poverty so that's why illegal immigrant risk their life in a small boat the reach the coast or even swim to the coast the live in poverty ?? We heard in the news that in Venezuela they killed to rip off cloth but not in Aruba. So how come with so many poverty in Aruba companies like Bennetton, Gucci, Hugo Boss are on the island, they sure can't survive if they are only selling to tourist because they surely have to close in the slower season. We heard of a lot of illegal people on the island but we never heard of human traffic so if you in the US know that, why you didn't contact the authorities from day one. Of course you can send you troops here to help find Nathalee of course nothing bad will happens to them like the 17.000 killed in Irak. What I don't understand why Venezuelian and Colombians will kidnapped a girl with flat behind when they have the most beautiful women in the world there. I think you see to much movies !! People are lost, raped, killed every where and every day in the world even US troops did rape a lot of vietnamese. But in Aruba it's a big deal becuase something like this never ever had happen here, some of us even took 1/2 off of our job without payment (not everybody works for the goverment) to help search for Nathalee, do you think you will do that for an Arubian lost in the U.S.

Allow me an oar in the wate... (Below threshold)

Allow me an oar in the water…

All of you that have talked about sending troops, etc… Well, as Miss Pitty Pat Hamilton would say, “Oh, for pity sake.” Virtually any, any, American city is more dangerous than this little island. Further, I wonder that none of you remember how the Salt Lake City police botched the Elizabeth Smart case and if her family hadn’t made their own decisions, broadcasting the perps description for example, she might still be “wifed” to a bearded moron.

As far as sex slavery… The number one criteria for staying in business is a low profile. However many you pay off and however high up they are you and your business must remain under the radar screen to survive. There are poor, naive young girls all over the world more than willing to get on a boat for a promised “better life” and they come in all colors. That being said can anyone think of a more high profile kidnapping than an American girl, on her way to med training, on her graduation trip? What do you think they said to themselves, “We could disappear 20 Russian blond girls but lets take this American, hell, they probably won’t even miss her.”

What happened to this young woman? I don’t know. My heart aches for what she was and could have become and for her family. But just as I personally felt sure that Michael Jackson was guilty the state, thank God, still has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. I’ve had lots of dealings with the Dutch in Europe and it leads me to think that the right thing will be done in this case. I hope with all my heart it is so.


Ok...so here is the thing. ... (Below threshold)

Ok...so here is the thing. I have to appoligize for ripping the entire country of Aruba. I am just SO angry with this entire situation, and I appoligize, sincerly. Yes America is full of wacko's and we have a huge number of missing people, but America is a HUGE country. Aruba isn't even the size of one of our smallest states, hense the small missing persons report as you said. Plus, Aruba has no rules or boundries...it's pretty much anything goes. I would really like for everyone to stop getting into these petty arguments, and spend more time doing research and checking into anything else that concerns the search for Natalee. In the beginning of this, I really truly believed that Natalee was traded for a sex ring. Now after all the info that I have been following, I can't help but to think this girl has passed. Yes, I believe Natalee was intoxicated. Your telling me....your 18, in another country in a bar, where the drinking age is 18, your going to get hammered because you can't do it in the states! As for her girlfriends...stop pointing the finger at them!! I am a 22 yr. old girl. I go out every weekend with my girlfriends, yes we get drunk and have a good time, and yes most of us end up splitting up and go our own way by the end of the night...it's just what usually happens...if I feel that one of my girls might be in a weird situation, I'll go grab her and pull her to the dance floor...but why would Natalee's friends do that when they saw she was hanging out with Joran all week and she probably told her girls she wanted to hook up with him!....her girlfriends did not know he was going to take her and take advantage of her being drunk. What I am going with now is, these skanks know exactly what happened....as does Joran's daddy. I believe he freaked out, called daddy for help, and Natalee was taken in Joran's father's truck to be discarded. His father knows ALL about the law, and all about skanks...just like his son...it's what he studies. I really think Joran's father wants in to see his son because he knows he is breaking, and he wants to tell him they haven't found anything, and to keep his mouth shut. Another thing I have been checking out is the Psychic's page on Scared Monkeys.com. It really gave me chills today, and brought tears to my eyes. Something was posted by a woman about her seeing a blue truck, black bag, bent leg, long high road, burried north of beach vegitation line. That is just to chilling to think about. to think that someone could actually channel into this. She also said the heavy bag is still there, and that's all she got. I believe police are taking SO LONG in this investigation because of Joran's father. Police don't cross each other. They have a bond, they don't betray any other members pertaining to the law. this entire thing is like a bad lifetime movie. It makes me sick, it makes me want to fly down there and search for this poor girl myself! All these white suits, dogs, and helicopters are 12 days to late!! this sh*it should have been done from day one!! But, as we all know, if that would have happened, we wouldn't be having this conversation today. Because Natalee would have been found....possibly even alive.

So.........what if the dutc... (Below threshold)

So.........what if the dutch boy isn't the one. What if someone that came with her did something to her, they switch rooms and they were boys and girls. And did nobody notice how calm her mother is she even smiles, she has a stepmother & a stepfather with all the stories you see on t.v. I think they have investigate a little more outside !!!

Outsider,You obvio... (Below threshold)


You obviously haven't been following this case very closely. These three boys have changed their story of what happened that night at least a dozen times! even the village idiot could see that they are all guilty...including Mr. Van Der Sloot. As for her mother, she is probably just trying to maintain a respectable image on t.v., or is on some kind of calming medication. haven't you read the reports about how at night, she and her husband sit in the room, and she hugs Natalee's clothes and crys and crys and crys...I don't think her mother has slept since they arrived at Aruba....

Come on we are staying at t... (Below threshold)

Come on we are staying at the Holiday Inn too........... did you saw her cry they are telling what the reporter want to hear..........

Outsider:Are you bei... (Below threshold)

Are you being serious right now?!?! what do you mean your staying at the Holiday Inn? are you in Aruba right now, typing from your hotel room? I highly doubt it. What do you want her mother to be doing....screaming and crying all over t.v.? I'm sure she does that in the privacy of her family. Common morals. So are you telling me that you think her family set something up for their daughter to be taken. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard! that type of thing has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS CASE. I just blurbed about fighting over stupid petty things, so I'm not going to argue with you, when I feel you have no clue in the entire world what you are talking about.
You should probably be following much smaller, less serious stories reported on MTV or something.

Good morning all!D... (Below threshold)

Good morning all!

Did anyone watch Gretta's interview last night with Natalee's stepmom? She said she was told that Natalee left with Joran and the brothers because she was going to see "tourist attractions before she left Aruba." She said she was told they went to the light house because they were going to show her Sharks.....anyone think this is a possibility, and that she may have fell in or been pushed in???

Just wanted to comment on t... (Below threshold)

Just wanted to comment on this Janssen person, who I think is a police official in Aruba...he/she was quoted as saying: We can't just rush into Joran's home like a Cowboy....(referring to why officials didn't seach his home sooner)....ok well does anyone agree with me that Janssen had no problem instantly pointing the finger at the two black security guards who were innocent? Janssen had no problem bombarding their homes!!.......this case is a joke!! it's a nightmare, and I give so much respect to Ms. Holloway, who is by the way...conducting a search of her own in Aruba on a daily basis.....this woman has so much strengh...God Bless Her

NICOLEMAYBE BIN LA... (Below threshold)
Ali BAba:



All places in the world has... (Below threshold)

All places in the world has there good and their bad,...and even the safest destinations are sometimes confronted with incidents, accidents and calamity, lets not look too far , we all felt unsafe in our own home since sep 11. Lets stop pointing fingers and start working together. One thing is for sure about the racial discrimination theory, that is really based on ignorance...but i can understand why it is easy for us to think that way looking back at out own history nontheless that tiny island can be an example to us all, where colour wether your yellow, red, black or white doesnt even matter nor the fact that your jewish, christians, muslim or hindu's or non believer...they still found a way to live in peace together. For all Nathalee's families, friends and loved ones may god give you strength and serenity in these hard times,...and Nathalee we haven't lose hope...

to all children missing we pray for your safe return and strength and peace to their families.
And to all Alabama's Current Missing Children

Last Seen

Abigail Louise Angel
2' 00"
5 Year(s)

Amanda Bailey
5' 06"
17 Year(s)

Amber Janae Branham
5' 10"
16 Year(s)

Tara Lexie Colson
5' 08"
16 Year(s)

Bobbie Jo Glaze
5' 09"
17 Year(s)

Venus Grier
5' 08"
17 Year(s)

Rachel Lynn Harris
5' 07"
14 Year(s)

Julian Tiberius Hernandez
3' 00"
8 Year(s)

Jessica Jean Linderman
5' 02"
15 Year(s)

Vernita Mcghee
5' 04"
13 Year(s)

Kasie Lynn Mcguire
4' 4"
8 Year(s)

Sarah K Razavi
5' 01"
15 Year(s)

Nicole Marie Rockwell
5' 03"
16 Year(s)

Heaven Lashae Ross
4' 06"
13 Year(s)

Cameron Justin Smith
3' 07"
4 Year(s)

Joshua Allen Smith
5' 06"
17 Year(s)

Darlene Nicole Tolbert
3' 00"
13 Year(s)

Fred Wright
5' 07"
20 Year(s)

Mary Jordan Wright
5' 02"
15 Year(s)

we have not forgotten you

We really can't blame Aruba... (Below threshold)
JC in San Diego:

We really can't blame Aruba per se. Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island. Its too bad this crime was committed there. Alot of horrible crimes have been committed in the US as well. These criminals all have one thing in common, they never admit they committed the crime. You can't blame Aruba or the US. Its individual sick minds that do these things. And these people, unfortunately, are all over the world.
I was on one webspace, and the girls stated they wouldn't reveal anything about the suspect, which I thought was wrong. Anything to help find the killer is really important.
I think we all need to learn from these horrible crimes, that we must all reach out to each other all over the world, and protect and take care of each other. Unfortunately, nothing will bring the victims back.

Let us also all pray for ”m... (Below threshold)

Let us also all pray for ”mari” – on her “happy island”. Mari, you must really be living in a dream world. If Aruba is such a paradise, why did the cops readily believe the story of the Joran and his gangmen, who were last seen with the victim, and thus arrest the 2 Black security guards? I mean, really, would even you have believed the story of them leaving the bar with this totally drunk girl, driving to a beach and then back to her hotel within 30 minutes? Obviously, your “happy island” seems to be a “living hell” for Blacks and other people obviously darker than thou.

Why don't we boycot Alabama... (Below threshold)
Bobby Friss:

Why don't we boycot Alabama; more unsolved missing person cases over there.

I AM SORRY SORRY… PLEASE PL... (Below threshold)


Ali Baba, Your a f... (Below threshold)

Ali Baba,

Your a f*cking @$$hole. This space wasen't created for s*itheads like you, with nothing better to do. If your not here to give new info, or insites to this investigation then get the f*ck out....go back to checking out your gay porn obsession.

j l,That was a pre... (Below threshold)

j l,

That was a pretty disturbing comment. Where you tortured and made fun of as a child? who actually say's something like that, for hundreds to read???....probably some sicko like yourself!
Keep your personal hell to yourself....Loser!

This is strictly a sight for info about Natalee.

Thanks a bunch, and have a super day!

Hey, I am half Venezuelan l... (Below threshold)

Hey, I am half Venezuelan let me tell you that one of the people I hate the most is Mr. Chavez. I would not rule out the possibility that Natalee Holloway’s may be in Venezuela. However, I don’t think is right to stereotype the whole country of Venezuela and assume that they are responsible for Natalee Holloway’s Disappearance. However, I have to agree that Mr. Chavez is a scumbag that gives the rest of Venezuelan people bad rep in fact he should be helping with the search just because Venezuela is too close.

Deep inside however I believe she is not in Venezuela but in the waters in between. I hope I am wrong and I pray for Natalee to come back to her family.

This story has been pushed ... (Below threshold)

This story has been pushed farther and farther back in the newspaper. I’ve never owned a TV and only see what’s forced on me in the locker room of the gym so I don’t know what’s going on on that media platform but I’m afraid that soon this “story” will disappear… just as if nothing… ever… happened.

Wow, Peter...a...little....... (Below threshold)

Wow, Peter...a...little.....dramatic.....don't you think?

Grin, and just, Nicole, whe... (Below threshold)

Grin, and just, Nicole, when I thought... I'd... catch... you... napping... !!!

But actually I'm long fed up with "shark summer" and "pitbull summer" and the circus of talking heads making a living off of unpleasant events in others lives. Particularly the "experts" who arrogantly "know" exactly how someone whoe's child has just drown should or shouldn't act.

If this story doesn't get some real 'drama' soon it will simply disappear. The only thing, that saved Elizabeth Smart any life was the invasion of Iraq or every unseemly detail that could haver been dug up or speculated on would have been paraded nightly before all the gouls to feed on.

Yeaaaaaaa.....Ok Peter, wha... (Below threshold)

Yeaaaaaaa.....Ok Peter, whatever you say....

Does anyone read the postin... (Below threshold)

Does anyone read the postings on www.scaredmonkeys.com? they are pretty interesting! A LOT OF RUMORS!! There is one on there this morning from a woman named "wonder woman" who is claiming to be a friend of Depaks. She has "deceided" to share with us an e-mail "he" sent her on June 5th. or atleast that was when she received it.....it is the 5th one down.


We Aruban know that the Dut... (Below threshold)

We Aruban know that the Dutch system isn’t like yours from what we see on TV or from TV programs, what we know is that someone commit a crime they arrest the suspect, the police make the investigation, they charge it , after sometime, if they have enough evidence or prove they sent the suspect to jail but because we are a small community it's better not to have the details in the press, because evidence can leak, so the details, the public will know them when the case appears in court. Maybe how the media had made this incident “headline news” only makes it more difficult to solve it. We are sure that most teenager everywhere in the world when they are not in the present of their parent act very different as when their parent are with them, they feel free. But what really hurts us that some of us toke 1/2 day of our job without pay, not all the people searching work for the government to help search for NH. And know we have to hear all the comments that the news reporter or talk shows are telling about Aruba. This incident could had happen everywhere in the world and we know that before and after this incident, cases like this or more tragic happen to US tourist but it's only Aruba they are trying to boycotting. Of course we have crime drug dealing, raping, incest, robbery we even had a bank robbery with one dead, kidnapping we had one of a wealthy boy his dad was Italian some 5 year ago. We have a lot of passionate crimes. But never a tourist went missing on the island. Maybe we are wrong but these "high profile" boys how they are calling them, how it possible that a 17 year old boys can stand being detained in a small cell without his usual comfort and with 11 hours interrogation a day with the FBI helping the authorities, he must be damned clever. We read a lot of things about Aruba on different sites but none of these people even visit Aruba, our north coast is like a desert but we don't feed sharks to keep them from attacking tourist, because at the north coast is where to locals boys go to do "body boarding" of course in the sea there must be sharks and sometimes fishermen catch them too but they are not the size of Jaws. Some suggest we don't have landfill and they kill NH and sent her body abroad. Of course we have our own landfill how they can suggest that we sent our trash to a country that isn't related to us and for their information we search the landfill too. They are telling that this can be an isolated case that they want to see our crime record because we have a huge jail. We sure the authorities will glad the sent everyone who ask a crime statistic of the island and maybe they can ask for information of the jail to see what is the nationality of all those in there, you will be surprise!! They suggest that the island is full with poverty, like every country we have poor people but if we are full with poverty it's very difficult to understand why we have so many illegal risking their lives in a small boat some even swim to reach the shore to live in poverty. Maybe the authorities don't have experience in these kind of cases because we never had one before, but with the cooperation of the FBI it's still a mystery maybe they made the mistake of investigating from inside to outside and not outside to inside, it was the weekend of Soul Music Festival we were full of tourist, all the guard of Festival worn black suit, that Monday every body leaves the island they even let all the student and chaperone go, the local authorities never spoke to them, they make their investigation from information and tip they received from locals, a local radio station received a tip that on the plane coming to Aruba one guy was bothering one of the chaperones and NH. Why nobody questions why some student are telling that at the bar only one chaperone went with them and maybe they can find out if NH has a dairy if she knows Jv/dS from the net of something like that. They reporting of Drug baron , money laundering if all this is true then the FOL that is working isn’t working properly and they must know if you want to put money in a bank how many papers you have the fill all of that because of the MOT law to prevent money laundering. The media didn't focus on that they go searching for drug addict or prostitutes to interviewing them because they think it's a case of white slavery, we never heard of that hear now we are searching information about that, because here the demand is for Latin Girls and they comes freely and they goes freely they even married locals and stay here. And for what they are trying to boycott Aruba, we will suffer some will lose their jobs, but we will not suffer alone because the planes bringing tourist are from the US the Hotel owner and manager are from the US and ½ of the main street stores are owned by US citizen. And for the comment that the Aruban people can’t be so friendly because the Dutch Government is trying to restrict our entrance to the Netherlands, now you can see it's must be true from what our previous statement that when we sent our children to study abroad or when they are alone sometimes they don’t behave like you teach them. And the irony of this is that in this case it's a Dutch boy causing all these troubles!! But we sure if they are the ones responsible for what ever happen to NH they will be punished for sure no matter who they are. And of course we know that the majority of the US citizen don’t think like this and when they solved this case we won’t have any hard feelings and we will be free to show you the real Aruba and it’s people and for the ones of you who insulted a whole island who hosted you companies and people for more than 60 years we only have to say: Los perros landran y la caravana pasa !

Concern,The dogs b... (Below threshold)


The dogs bark and the carivan go by??? is that what you said?
Most of us who made a comment about the entire country have appoligized already....You have no idea what it's like in America, to have an American girl missing in another country and not being able to get ANY info is what is driving us insane! In America we get info and sometimes details when something like this happens....all that is coming out of Aruba is rumors! If Natalee is alive, she is definetly not in Aruba. Some are saying the jungles between Venzesuala, or Columbia, and if that is the case, R.I.P. because we'll never get in there, without risking our own lives. If she is not alive, then there is a good chance that she is in the ocean close to Venzesuala by now because the current is way to strong for her to be anywhere near Aruba this late in time.
What I want to happen is for Natalee's mother demand all these suspects take a polygraph test. I don't care if it's something that won't hold up in court....ATLEAST Natalee's mother will know if her daughter is alive or dead, and if the suspects did actually have something to do with all this! I do find it weird that her mother hasen't already demanded this to be done. She is an American, she knows the importance of a lie detector test. Unless she knows something, that they wouldn't need to do a lie detector test.....
I don't know....I guess we will never know the truth unless Natalee is found, or this goes to court....even then, if it goes to court, we aren't guaranteed to be informed because cameras could be banned from the court room.

Natalee I read that you say... (Below threshold)

Natalee I read that you say that some people say she may be in the jungles of Venezuela. However, the jungles in Venezuela are at least 500 miles away from the coast of Venezuela… Why would they take her there?

Second, Venezuela is the entrance to South America therefore; its coasts are very well protected. Don’t think it is just an empty space where people can walk into. There are cities they would have to pass by to get to the jungle. I have been there and any city there especially Caracas is as modern as any city in the US.

I think she is either in Aruba or in the water but not in Venezuela or Colombia by any means.

Sorry I ment to say:... (Below threshold)

Sorry I ment to say:
Nicole I read that you say that some people say she may be in the jungles of Venezuela. However, the jungles in Venezuela are at least 500 miles away from the coast of Venezuela… Why would they take her there?

Second, Venezuela is the entrance to South America therefore; its coasts are very well protected. Don’t think it is just an empty space where people can walk into. There are cities they would have to pass by to get to the jungle. I have been there and any city there especially Caracas is as modern as any city in the US.

I think she is either in Aruba or in the water but not in Venezuela or Colombia by any means.

Screw apology. Those peopl... (Below threshold)

Screw apology. Those people in Aruba are incestuous. Older Van Shoot knows everyone and works with everyone from prosecutor to justices. Arubean live on American touristism. I think there's enough other Caribbean nations and let's shut Aruba down. I'm not apologizine to Arubeans, they took one of our own. They laugh or give crocadile tears - they don't care or they would give Natalee back. The best way is shut down their economy other the Van Shoots win.....they are laughing...they smirk and tries to hide their elation - like the father said "no body no crime!" Now, it's up to us: "NO ARUBA!"

Jayson,I have also... (Below threshold)


I have also blamed the ENTIRE country of Aruba in some of my more heated past posts. But I really don't think we can do that....if you visit www.scaredmonkeys.com, I mean that site is amazing. There are local Arubans, retired FBI, cops, everyone is on their putting in their two cents, some Aruban members give us info before it hits the news. Aruba can be compaired to like, a Garden of Eden, with a dark side. It's a beautiful place, but when the street lights come on, all hell breaks loose. It would be like here in the U.S. Every state has nice communities and suburbs, but there is always a bad part of town you don't go to, along the lines of "the projects"

To all of you commenting on... (Below threshold)

To all of you commenting on Aruba and you never visit Aruba or even got out of the States, not on the NH case, maybe you can ask to reporter that are staying here or you may ask the Texas Equusearch, they are all over Aruba, if it's true that when the street lights come on, all hell breaks loose or all this isn't about NH anymore it's only about Aruba or maybe the reporters must start reporting what some people do when they are on vacation, if you search closer you can find a report that E television films some time ago, you will be really surprised !!!

I hate that kid's face - Fi... (Below threshold)

I hate that kid's face - First off, he is guilty as shit...No, not in this case - he is not innocent until proven guilty. He is just straight up guilty. But secondly - I hate his arrogant fucking face, and it makes me sick as shit that all he has to do is keep quiet and he will walk. I hope somebody murders him, I honestly do.

Concern,Read closer.... (Below threshold)

Read closer.....I am NOT referring to the entire island of Aruba. I am talking about sections. There are definetly bad sections of Aruba. I've been to Aruba....ever hear of the Red Light District? that's what I'm talking about, places like that. that is why I compared it to the "projects" we have here in the U.S. I'm not saying the entire country of U.S. is bad, I'm saying the Projects....put it to-get-her!

I think they buried her the... (Below threshold)

I think they buried her there right on the beach under about 8 feet of sand.. can those dogs smell through sand ??

WTF? They left the two othe... (Below threshold)

WTF? They left the two other assholes walk free? That makes me very very angry...

All I can say is if someone... (Below threshold)

All I can say is if someone doesnt go to jail for a long time, Aruba is gonna suffer BAD. I know lots of people mad about this

es una verguenza que en aru... (Below threshold)

es una verguenza que en aruba el señor van der sloot y su hijo y amigos tengan el derecho de matar a una chica y no hacerse justicia.
desde españa estoy haciendo campaña "contra aruba" y dando a conocer el caso de natalee.
justice for natalee

where is joran van der sloo... (Below threshold)

where is joran van der sloot? please dont come to spain!!

The Natalee Holloway timeli... (Below threshold)

The Natalee Holloway timeline detailing persons, places, known suspects, & known crimes....







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