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Bonfire of the Vanities - Second Anniversary Edition

The Bonfire of the Vanities returns to its birthplace for a festive 2nd anniversary celebration. The motto this week (in keeping with the weak birthday theme) is "I've Been Naughty, Please Spank Me...." This weeks entries prove that time does not heal all wounds, though they do support the notion that laughter is the best medicine. Unfortunately for the authors, in most cases we're not laughing with them, but at them... All of this weeks entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire...

Bonfire of the Vanities

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It's time to blow out some candles...

Doubly Bad Posts
  • Beth has discovered the new Darwin hair remover, which unfortunately doesn't come with a cooling touch attachment. - [MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy]
  • Will Franklin goes shopping at the PETA gift store. [WILLisms.com]
  • Blogger Two Dogs has accused a liberal blogger of ebarfulating. We're not sure what it is either, but it sounded interesting. Pity it wasn't.. - [Mean Ol' Meany]
  • Northstar isn't a psychiatrist, but his stay at Holiday Inn Express qualifies him to pronounce Tom Cruise crazy. - [The People's Republic of Seabrook]
  • Brian David Crane (apparently not Frazer's long lost brother) is sniffing the fumes of the "make money blogging" pipe. Take it from me, it's still a pipe dream... - [Brian David Crane]
  • Chasing cocks can land you in the E.R. Basil is intimately familiar with this, as his Bonfire classic proves. - [basil's blog]
  • Holly Aho will do anything for comments or e-mail, no really... - [Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho]
  • Sean Hackbarth wisely chooses not to mock the Diet Vanilla Coke god, nor the Diet Coke with Splenda god in his offering to the Bonfire. - The American Mind]
  • Mustang23, blogging from Iraq, has a new nickname, which under the circumstances could be much worse. - [Assumption of Command]
  • Andrew Ian Dodge shares every enviro-weenies worst nightmare (and we're not talking about Tabitha) - [Dodgeblogium]
  • Hoodlumman is making Runaway Bride Photoshop jokes, with the occasional Star Wars reference. He probably wonders why he's not a chick magnet... - [File it Under]
  • If you care, Technogypsy's back. If you don't, they're where they've always been; just with a little more content now... - [Technogypsy]
  • Fear the Matt notes that you're town hasn't eat [Overtaken by Events]
  • Howard Dean's Comedy Roadshow leaves them flat... - [Rightwing Nuthouse]
  • Porn star Mary Carey discusses the New London eminent domain case - [The Jawa Report]
  • The only thing less interesting the blogroll maintenance is writing about blogroll maintenance... - [Practiacal Penumbra]
  • Giacomo doubts that the blogfather's is a bit Monty Python and the Holy Grail fan. He was last seen saying, "I'll gnaw you to death..." - [Joust The Facts]
  • Rusty showers - A new deviant sex act or a blogger whining about dirty bathrooms? - [Coffee with CrankyBeach]
  • Brian Noggle ponders Jane Seymour's magnificent matriarchal mammaries. - [Mussings from Brian J. Noggle]
  • Harvey talks to the homeless people of the Internet. You're not ammused... - [Bad Example
  • ]

  • "Where all da white women at?" - [Multiple Mentality]
  • What do you server with aborted fetuses? Miller Lite of course... - [Hector Vex's Infotainment Blog]
  • If a IQ test tells you to a demand a raise and you're self-employed what should you do? - [Classical Values]
  • Arianna Huffington loves dick!!! - [Pirate's Cove]
  • "Naked Zorro" terrorist composite sketch -[Interested Participant]
  • And finally I offer the first edition of the Bonfire. Even though 104 weeks (to the best of my knowledge) have passed since that first edition, notice the date of the post.. That's why we call it the Bonfire. Seacrest out... - [Wizbang]

Want To Join?

E-mail a link to your worst post of the week and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Alternatively you can use the Carnival Submission Form at Conservative Cat. Get your entries for next week's edition to in via e-mail (bonfire at wizbangblog dot com) by midnight EST Tuesday July 5th (a day later than normal due to the holiday. Need a reminder? Subscribe to the mailing list.


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Comments (6)

Er, is that the best pictur... (Below threshold)

Er, is that the best picture for this? Isn't that the Texas A&M bonfire, which collapsed a few years back with fatal results?

Awful, all of them.... (Below threshold)

Awful, all of them.

That wouldn't be the bonfir... (Below threshold)

That wouldn't be the bonfire that collapsed, because the one that collapsed never burned.

Haha - I like the intro abo... (Below threshold)

Haha - I like the intro about my post. And, while it MAY be a pipe dream, those fumes sure do smell good...

LOL! Please, if there is an... (Below threshold)

LOL! Please, if there is any justice in this world let Arianna read Kevin's comment for my post.

Good post are fun, but bad posts are the best.

As an Aggie, I like that th... (Below threshold)

As an Aggie, I like that the photo is of the A&M bonfire. Yeah, it did collapse in '99, but that's the way I like to remember it. Thanks for using it.






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