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Stupid is as Stupid Does

I knew my little satire about ebonics from yesterday would give the drama queen of the blogoshere something to try to use to get a Wizbanging.

What David fails to understand is this:

When a I say (in jest) that black kids are too stupid to learn english it is "hate speech." When a liberal says it for real they are an educator.

Make no doubt about it. The California liberals are telling black kids they are too stupid to learn english. -- They just do it in a politically correct way.

If you don't like that message perhaps you need to complain to the liberals in California now don't you....

But I have some bubble bursting to do.... David whines:

I can not believe someone like Kevin even allowed you to post something so vile and hateful.

I got news for you. An hour after I posted it, Kev and I were talking on the phone and we were disappointed you did not do your usual dumbshit post. Glad you did not let us down.

Remember David.... The liberals in California called you stupid. But you save your histrionics for me. On second thought maybe they're right.

Update For about the 3rd time, David threatens me with some sort of physical violence. I tell ya... That boy just ain't right.

Update 2 It's been about 12 hours since David whined: "I ask ALL decent members of the blogsphere to condemn this hate speech by Paul of Wizbang" and still there is no condemnation from the masses.... I guess David is the only "decent" blogger in the world. Shame what this blogosphere is coming too...


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Comments (28)

No doubt I sought th... (Below threshold)

No doubt I sought the category for this one.

Let bloodbath begin - check brains at door. Er, let's look at that again, students.

Cruisin' for a bruisin'! Nope, too "Happy Days".

I challenge you to a duel! Nope, with sincerest regard and apologies to Zell Miller, too "MSNBC".

Open a can o' whupa**! Nope, too "SNL".

Startin' smack? I'll cap yer a**! Ahh, ebonic slang to the rescue. High-paying job... here I come!

Congratulations. As you can... (Below threshold)

Congratulations. As you can see, Wizbang made our list of the 23 best Ebonics headlines. Keep up the good work. If not, it's not your fault! You're a victim. Sue us!

See who else is on the list with you at www.independentsources.com or


No, you don't understand! I... (Below threshold)

No, you don't understand! It's your intentions that make you an evil, intolerable person! It's not that you and David are saying substantially the same thing. David wants to help the poor downtrodden incapable little black children, you want to ridicule them!

Or is it the other way around? I forget.

It's a bit of a tangent but... (Below threshold)

It's a bit of a tangent but one worth considering since David is obsessing over the use of picking cotton exclusively as a racial slur. People read into that their own bias as Davis clearly has done. I view this as an economic issue and one which Paul is trying to exemplify, against those who do not want to accept the message, as an odious bias ensconsed in foolish policy. Obviously there is the classical racial heritage that should be considered, but it is not the only heritage that exists.

I'll try to keep this generic except when absolutely necessary, but these are facts applicable to my heritage. One of my parents is a European immigrant. That parent was dirt poor and escaped the carnage of war and found refuge here after the entire family agreed to indentured servitude. That parent spoke an obscure, foreign language (one that none of my peers ever heard of then and one that few know now) and did not receive customized tutoring so expected in today's educational system. That parent (and siblings) entered the public school system south of the Mason-Dixon line and did not have classes "dumbed" down. It was sink or swim with lots of homework. That parent worked like the dickens to succeed. That parent now lives a fruitful life and is a master of three languages. That parent has a better grasp and appreciation of sentence structure than yours truly. That's not braggadocio, that's a tribute to that parent's hard work and initiative.

My other parent is a product of the same public educational system and has picked corn, greens, melons, and peas a good bit too. Granted, the obligations were not under indentured servitude but for sustenance of self in an agrarian South. Nevertheless, that parent's success of today was molded from sacrifice of yesterday and not the lowering of standards.

It's quite insulting to have this entire debate dumbed down to one of purely racial overtones. Thankfully, my parents' hard work allowed them to escape the economic shackles to which they were unfortunately bound. I selfishly capitalize on their perseverence but I recognize and honor the sacrifice... lowering those previous standards would likely have diminished both their opportunities as well as my good fortune (which can be measured in more than just coin). To not maintain those standards would be counterproductive at a minimum. Let's not narrow our blinders such that it is only racial epithets that we see rather than the real message.

Paul, you are still right regardless of what some dunderheads perpetuate. To be sure there are many like me whose ancestors managed under similar circumstances and they did not fall for linguistic semantic gymanstic (:-)) either nor were they confused by politically correct misdirection.

[PS - Bruce, please append "dunderheads" to your previous list. ;)]

You really blew it this tim... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

You really blew it this time, Paul.

You gave that bonehead JUST the excuse he needed to get rid of his "Karl Rove sticky post" that was gonna remain at the top of his site until Rove was fired for... well, being a big mean doodyhead or something. Now he's got a new drum to beat: he's gonna keep THAT piece at the top of his site until Kevin fires you. You gave him just the excuse he needed to quietly bury THAT "personal protest," because everyone knows you're MUCH more important than Karl Rove.

I wonder... would that be the blogosphere equivalent of holding your breath until you get your way? It seems to have about as much maturity and effectiveness, especially in David's case...


Pschewwwww...for a minute t... (Below threshold)

Pschewwwww...for a minute there, when I read, "the drama queen of the blogosphere," I was afraid you meant ME...

And here I thought that eit... (Below threshold)

And here I thought that either Sullivan had taken an interest in your ebonics post or that McCain had started a blog...

Based on <a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)

Based on his snapshot, the drama queen is mostly engaged in hand-to-hand combat with pizza. Clearly he hasn't found any clues among the anchovies.

Well, while I didn't see an... (Below threshold)

Well, while I didn't see anything about anchioves (nor anchioves themselves), I did read more about cake than I'd otherwise care to. Oh, and pants.

O.Kayy, then, that sums up my guest read of David's SearchFU.

Lefties have no humor. Peri... (Below threshold)

Lefties have no humor. Period.

Hey Paul,My mama a... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul,

My mama and her family picked cotton, so can I be offended too?

No, that's silly. I'm white, so I can't be offended about anything.

I certainly don't have the right to be offended when my children get a substandard education because some bonehead administrator thinks just like your original post reads.

I tell you what, the left j... (Below threshold)

I tell you what, the left just can't stop manufacturing controversies these days, can they? Faux outrage must be on their latest talking points list.

I read your post yesterday ... (Below threshold)

I read your post yesterday and thought to my self you are a glutten for punishment. If people take your satire as truth they need help. I Am For ENGLISH ONLY.

It's times like these that ... (Below threshold)

It's times like these that I miss Uppity Negro's insane reactionary posts.

I had this thought Paul how... (Below threshold)

I had this thought Paul how about this- Its rather hard to teach english when you teach in spanish. Get what i mean.

What is truly offensive is ... (Below threshold)

What is truly offensive is that this educator is basically saying black kids are not intelligent enough to learn what we are teaching them so let's teach them what they already know. Even worse, when people like Wizbang make this point and do it in a touch of humor, out comes the race card! Gime me a friggin' break.

Paul:Your observatio... (Below threshold)

Your observations were 100% correct. It doesn't matter that anyone became offended by it. Their feelings aren't the issue and don't count. The facts count.
Teaching US born Americans ESL is a horrid notion, nor will it stop at elementary education in California; the Legislature will next label these same blacks as disabled, forcing (California) businesses to accomodate them.
Oh yeah, it's over.

From Reidblog: “The post to... (Below threshold)

From Reidblog: “The post touched off a furor on Wizbang over whether it was proper satire.”

From In Search of Utopia: “I ask ALL decent members of the blogsphere to condemn this hate speech by Paul of Wizbang, disguised as some sort of sick satire. I especially beseech those decent conservatives I know to provide feedback on this post, and to demonstrate once and for all, that this type of speech is unwelcome as part of our political discourse!”

Dear politically correct bloggers:

I need your assistance. Please let me know who sets the standards for proper satire and hate speech.

I thought I was in charge.


Chief of Thought Police

P.S. My favorite book on the subject is “The New Thought Police: Inside the Left’s Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds”

It be by dat bull dyke Tammy Bruce. (For the humor challenged, dis be satire.)

This bores me. Can we get ... (Below threshold)

This bores me. Can we get the guest bloggers back? Paul is boring and just tries to get into pissing contests.

RE: John's post (July 19, 2... (Below threshold)

RE: John's post (July 19, 2005 11:30 AM)

Paul is boring and just tries to get into pissing contests.

So that's one "No" for a return of "Thumpers" versus "Oozers".

[PS - For the newbies, browse the archives for posts on 4/01/95 and its preceding few days.]

Bingo. Is it too much to a... (Below threshold)

Bingo. Is it too much to ask for something of real consequence with maybe a little insight?

Kevin and Jay seem to have no problem.

Bill Cosby is one of the fe... (Below threshold)

Bill Cosby is one of the few black spokespersons that has dared to chastise young blacks and their parents for their lack of grammatical acumen. I believe that what as well as how the spoken word is used, tells more about the person than anyother statistic.

When a person reads a comment filled with spelling and punctuation errors, or hears the words "I Be" the focus on the meaning of the post is replaced by a focus on the lack of linguistic skills being presented. If learning, diction, and vocabulary skills were actually taught in public schools, all children would be better prepared for life and employment.

I am totally surprised at the lack of homework given to my daughter. She will be a senior in high school, and has less homework than I was given in grammer school. I live in Anaheim Hills, a pretty affluent neighborhood, with a good tax base, so there is no excuse!

I believe that the teachers have become lazy and refuse to challenge their students. That is why I give my children homework (math and vocabulary).
The only answer is for parents to take charge of their children's education.

I am an hispanic, single parent, engineer and proud republican. So I don't fit into any stereotype!

I'll condemn you Paul, you ... (Below threshold)

I'll condemn you Paul, you ignorant racist you.

Seriously, what were you thinking?



PS - For the newbies, br... (Below threshold)

PS - For the newbies, browse the archives for posts on 4/01/95 and its preceding few days.

Wow, these guys have been blogging forever!


RE: mantis's attention (Jul... (Below threshold)

RE: mantis's attention (July 19, 2005 05:18 PM)

Oops! Well spotted. It was a Y2K bug. Yeah, that's it. And yes they have - measure their presence in blog years and, well, that's an eternity to you and me.

Unfortuneately this topic a... (Below threshold)

Unfortuneately this topic and others like it , like affirmative action, brings out the bleeding hearts and those who walk the Politically correct line so straight they look like they have a ten penny nail stuck up the A$$e$. I was half expecting some "HATE" Rhetoric when posted at my blog about these issues, I guess the trolls were here instead.

Yo haffa truley wonner ef th bored o edukashun even haf the branes to teech wiff!

Keep up the Good Work! If they hate you, You are probably rockin the boat of truth on em.

I would love to see what Mychal Massie has to say about this.

I'm old enough to have know... (Below threshold)

I'm old enough to have known and followed the various incarnations of the international Communist movement, and have read fairly deeply about it. I've noticed that one of the odd characteristics of committed "compulsory socialists", from Lenin and Trotsky up through the Berkeley Free-Speechers to today's Move-On-ers, is their absolute lack of subtlety, deftness or humor. This includes not only the way they craft and disperse their message, but also their complete lack of undertsanding of any kind of satire except the broadest and most juvenile sarcasm.

So I guessshould not be surprised that today's philosphical heirs of Communism find Paul's renarks "vile" ,"xenophobic" and "racist". But it is so very tiresome and dreary.

Ignore the Modern Commisars.

Whoops...I guess you forgot... (Below threshold)

Whoops...I guess you forgot to file this post under satire.

Because you had to satirical when you wrote in regards to David Anderson: "That boy just ain't right."

If you don't change the category, then I would have to assume that your use of the word "boy" which is pretty much commonly perceived as a racially charged word - depending on the circumstances - when directed at a black man wasn't satirical...but out-and-out racist.






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