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Quote Of The Day - See Dick Run Edition

"The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself."

Veteran White House corespondent Helen Thomas, on the prospects of Vice President running for President in 2008. Cheney has previously indicated he has no plans to run... [Via Drudge]


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Comments (26)

Well... I can honestly say ... (Below threshold)

Well... I can honestly say I've wished Cheney would run ever since the debate with Edwards. And gee... is Thomas' silly declaration begging him to run, or what?

How do you spell "explorato... (Below threshold)

How do you spell "exploratory committee" and what is Cheney's middle name?

Let's get this thing rolling.


Praying that Cheney decides... (Below threshold)

Praying that Cheney decides to run...

Whether I would vote for him or not.

She should be immediately banned from the press room.

Though, we probably won't have to wait that long for nature to intervene and make her wishes irrelevent.

Sorry to be so nasty, but disgusting comments like that bring out the best in me.

What happened to this country?

/rant off

"Exploratory committee".</p... (Below threshold)

"Exploratory committee".

Sign me up.

/no "heh"

First of all Helen Thomas s... (Below threshold)

First of all Helen Thomas should just go away. She is a sad case at best.

Second: if Cheney (even as a job) said he was running for POTUS - MSM would imply that it was a sick joke aimed at humilating one of their own.

I'd just ignore this old _itch! Hell she wont go away even if you banned her, so ignore her. The less we hear about this - the more it will hurt her ego!

Sorry - JOB should have bee... (Below threshold)

Sorry - JOB should have been JOKE!

How does an America hater l... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

How does an America hater like her even get a "press" card? Her bigotry is clear for all to see.
She wants him to run because he would be easy for Hillary to beat. He will not run. The MSM/DNC is trying to set up someone that can lose in 08. Not likely to happen.
Go condi!

A couple of years ago I was... (Below threshold)

A couple of years ago I was visiting some friends in Burlington Vermont. My visit coincided with a talk given locally by Helen Thomas. Well, my friends were going so I went along. Unfortunately she is a pathetic, angry woman. She was a sad case to see (and listen to).

Isn't she already dead? Sur... (Below threshold)

Isn't she already dead? Sure looks it.

Run, Dick run!Sepa... (Below threshold)

Run, Dick run!

Separately to to Will's question, Cheney's full name is Richard Bruce Cheney.

Anyone know helen thomas's ... (Below threshold)

Anyone know helen thomas's address? I wanna make sure I send her a box of razor-blades if Cheney changes his mind....

Maybe she can get Dick Greg... (Below threshold)

Maybe she can get Dick Gregory and Tom Moran to sign the pledge with her. That would probably change Cheney's mind about running!

I'm confused. Does she want... (Below threshold)

I'm confused. Does she want Cheney to run (so she is offering a bonus if he will) or doesn't want Cheney to run? If she doesn't want Cheney to run, why doesn't she threaten something with less appeal and more threat, like she will attend all White House press events nude.

Why wait?... (Below threshold)

Why wait?

And just how do the living ... (Below threshold)

And just how do the living dead commit suicide?

Will the old bitch just ret... (Below threshold)

Will the old bitch just retire if we start a write-in campaign?

Helen Thomas is really goin... (Below threshold)

Helen Thomas is really going to kill herself, just like all those liberals left the country when President Bush won in 2000... and 2004... er... wait...

Hmmm.Frankly I thi... (Below threshold)


Frankly I think Dick Cheney should run, but then end the campaign early. Anything to get Helen Thomas to admit that she wouldn't "kill herself".

After that any Republican getting grilled by Thomas could just act surprised and say "Helen! You're STILL HERE?".


With regard to Cheney runni... (Below threshold)

With regard to Cheney running for POTUS:

1. As if...

2. So H.T. offs herself....and ?

3. Bitter, bitter, bitter woman. So do it anyway.

all he has to is run....</p... (Below threshold)

all he has to is run....

she didn't say we had to elect him.

Dear Helen:The AAR... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Dear Helen:

The AARP is calling. Please answer.

The MSM's living spite fenc... (Below threshold)

The MSM's living spite fence...

Didn't she get wet and melt a while back? I think I saw this in an old movie.

How to get more on the left... (Below threshold)

How to get more on the left to sign up for Helen Thomas' brilliant homeland security idea?

Rumsfeld/Cheney 2008!

An open Letter to Helen Tho... (Below threshold)

An open Letter to Helen Thomas....

Dear Helen,

I understand you have vowed to kill yourself if Cheney runs for president. Why wait? You are the poster child for "agenda journalism"...a concept that you have raise to an artform, yet in the real universe remains an oxymoron. This alone should be enough to encourage you to step in front of a bus. But lets make it even easier...there are several ways to end our misery without soiling your hands:

1. Write an honest review of Clinton fundrasing tactics.
2. Do an expose on just about any union boss.
3. Ask Ted Kennedy for a lift home after a DNC rally.

Any one of these methods should have you floating in a pond face down in no time.

Cheney in '08!!!

It's quite possible she may... (Below threshold)

It's quite possible she may be using George Carlin's interpretation of the word "kill":

OK Sheriff, we're gonna (kill) ya now, but we're gonna (kill) you slow...."

So just maybe, that Old Bag might threaten to (kill) herself...Heheheheheheheheheheh!

This woman came to speak at... (Below threshold)

This woman came to speak at a BYU forum back in 2003. Bringing her was one of BYU's efforts to prove they're not really close-minded here, or something like that.

Like the idiot liberal she is, she gave everyone a bitter and hateful rant about President Bush--you know, to a conservative religious student body in a highly Republican city and state. No unkind words for her impeached, adulterer, liar of a former boss though. Students got up and walked out during her talk, and the next few weeks saw the school's more anal students writing letters to the school paper's editor about how inappropriate it was for other students to walk out on her.

She's lucky she wasn't a conservative speaking on largely liberal campus. Then she would have gotten a pie in the face. Walking out was very kind treatment for that moonbat, IMHO.

Sounds like she's gotten worse in the two years since she came to campus. Maybe liberalism really is a mental illness.






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