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Flattered or Offended?

This came from the Hotline's Last Call today (Hotline is a daily, subscription-only political briefing that's very popular, in case you're not familiar with it):

Today we debut our newest game: Blog or Porn Site? Today's installment: Fistful of Fortnights, Loaded Mouth, and Wizbang!.

Hey, I've got a nominee. What about Hotline's Last Call?

Update: Kevin Thurman has a better nomination, in comments.


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Comments (9)

Flattered or Offended?... (Below threshold)

Flattered or Offended?


Well Last call is not a blo... (Below threshold)
Kevin Thurman:

Well Last call is not a blog. But "Hotline's On Call" is, and it very will could be one.

They've obviously never see... (Below threshold)

They've obviously never seen any of our NSFW! Friday Babes at Random Numbers. It's not porn though, it's art! I even put stuff in between to read to make it appear semi-legit, just like Playboy.

Hmmm. This isn't surprising... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. This isn't surprising that they'd make such inappropriate twists on our blogs' names, but it certainly would be nice to access that page.

Perhaps a response will come to mind that I may post. Thanks for the tipoff.

I'm offended they couldn't ... (Below threshold)

I'm offended they couldn't find anything potentially racy about "Yippee-Ki-Yay!"

I mean come on -- saddles, spurs, what's not to...?

Why's everybody looking at me like that?

Hmmm."Why's everyb... (Below threshold)


"Why's everybody looking at me like that?"

Hint: It's your edible buttless chaps.


Loaded Mouth and Wizbang lu... (Below threshold)

Loaded Mouth and Wizbang lumped in the same silly contest. Hysterical.

...they're edible?... (Below threshold)

...they're edible?

I think my blog should be o... (Below threshold)

I think my blog should be on there...but that's just me...


I mean, come on.






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