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Why this agnostic WASP is a Zionist

Earlier this week, I spent a little time going after the Palestinians who organized the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, as sorta-kinda retold by Steven Spielberg in his latest movie. In the comments, I was chastised by several folks, including cat and Steve Crickmore. That reminded me that I haven't spelled out just why I care so much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and why I have no problems coming down firmly on one side.

I've lived through and noted numerous cycles of the "Mideast Peace Process." They all seem to go the same way -- the world pressures both sides to talk. Israel makes concessions as "signs of good faith." They talk. A wonderfully intricate process is discussed. At the conclusion, people announce that "peace is at hand" and Israel makes more concessions. Then the Palestinians start backing away from their commitments. They cite numerous reasons why they can't abide by what they just agreed to. Meanwhile, they and the rest of the world press Israel to keep its commitments, and to continue on schedule. Then the terrorist attacks resume. Everyone urges Israel to "show restraint" (a demonstration that is usually measured in dead Israelis). Finally, Israel has enough and hits back, at which point they are blamed for "destroying the peace process" -- no one ever seems to note that every single step was taken by the Israelis, while the Palestinians did absolutely nothing. And those concessions the Israelis made? They're presumed permanent, and merely move the starting point for the next useless cycle.

cat accused me of welcoming the death of every Palestinian. I have done so publicly once -- when Yassir Arafat finally stopped poisoning the air and started poisoning the earth. If he were to rise from the dead, I would be delighted -- it would give me a fresh chance to celebrate his death. He was a monster and an obscenity, and has more blood on his hands than I can possibly imagine.

I've also celebrated the deaths of various terrorist leaders, as well as failed suicide bombers. And I ain't apologizing for those, either.

Israel has said that it has no objection to a Palestinian state, as long as its own security is guaranteed. The Palestinian Authority, on the other hand, has yet to acknowledge that Israel even has a right to exist. Many of their documents and symbols show the entire area as Palestine. And while their more radical elements try to deny Israel's present and future, others are trying to destroy their past -- officials on the Temple Mount are busily destroying any and all archeological evidence that the Jews ever had their temple (the holiest site in the world to Jews) on there, while recently they've tried to claim the Western Wall (the only portion Jews are allowed to approach, and even then they've been bombarded with rocks from above countless times in the past) as their own.

And let's not forget just how committed the Palestinians are to renouncing terrorism. Google up the name of Wafa Idris -- the first female suicide bomber -- and you'll see that the Palestinians named a children's summer camp in her honor. And who is the primary sponsor of this obscenity? Why, the United Nations, through UNICEF. That alone convinced me that UNICEF had too much money on its hands, and cost them any donations from me.

Do I see any signs of improvement on the Palestinian side, even in light of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza? Nope. Their current leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has recently confirmed that in his eyes, the Israelis have no right to do anything but die. (Hat tip: Laurence Simon)

And, recently, a Palestinian woman who was supposed to receive free medical treatment from an Israeli hospital for her extensive scars was caught trying to blow up said hospital.

She didn't just happen to have a bomb on hand. There was a support structure that aided her in making that decision and supplied her with that bomb.

Finally, I recall the scenes of Palestinians cheering and celebrating the 9/11 attacks.

On the other hand, Israel has been a pretty good ally for us. Yes, there have been bumps on the road (the Liberty incident and the Pollard spy case, just to cite two that the anti-Semites usually bring up). But those have been largely settled, to the satisfaction of both governments. On the other hand, Israel has given us hugely valuable assistance in dealing with terrorism, and is an incredibly source of high-tech research and development. And that's just the visible stuff.

So, when I see a country that has been a good and faithful ally, and a boon to the world as a whole, being savagely attacked by the most brutal forms of terrorism, yeah, I get a bit riled up. And when they can count among their enemies such notaries as Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad, and the United Nations, that's a wonderful character witness.

So, that's a part of why I'm a Zionist. I'd like to see peace in the Middle East, and I have no problem with a nation of Palestine. (Although it would be a new nation, as I don't know of any shred of evidence of a historical Palestine that doesn't refer to the Jews -- no stories of Palestinian kings or rulers, no accounts of their historical dealings with other nations, no historical accounts at all, not even a mention of their currency). But I am not willing to passively go along with the extermination of Israel as a part of the price. And that seems to be the current cost.


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Long ago, I suggested that ... (Below threshold)

Long ago, I suggested that the currency of any new nation of palestine should be "The Wipe."

It would be distributed on convenient cut-sheet rolls and imprinted with Arafat's image.

Based soltely on the might of the palestinian "economy" it would only be worth the two-ply paper it's printed on.

Here, here!Well sa... (Below threshold)

Here, here!

Well said. I think you have provided a wonderful summary of how I feel and of what I have been trying to tell others.

Unfortunately you and I will both be reviled, in spite of overwhelming evidence that Israel has done over and beyond what would be expected of a country.

Amen!Now, it's alm... (Below threshold)


Now, it's almost an Americanism to state we root for the underdog. And here, taken with a very narrow and intellectually limited view, the scenario of Israel as "top dog" and the Arabs of the Gaza and West Bank areas as the "underdogs" (Want Palestine, talk to Hadrian.)

Noone asks why there were 'refugee' camps in 1966. Politically inconvenient to the current chic view of the scenario.

Noone dares think of the refugees that went the other way - as Avner mentioned (http://wizbangblog.com/archives/007917.php#130519 ), Baghdad had a large Jewish population, until they were run out - it's outside the 'scope' of the "well-constructed" scenario.

"All Israelis are military" (reservists or active duty), but noone asks why that is, or acknowledges that if Israel didn't, they'd all be dead - because of the same people, and relatives thereof, that are now being cast in the light as the "underdog".

When the underdog is a corrupt 800 pound gorilla, doesn't it cease to be the underdog?

Hear, hear.... (Below threshold)

Hear, hear.

And there never will be a P... (Below threshold)

And there never will be a Palestine. There are too many individuals among the Palestinians whose power derives from a geographically distinct Palestine remaining a pipe dream. Their "maps" mean as much as the lines children draw in the sand when they are playing - fantasy. I am surprised that the majority of Palestinians have truly not caught on to the charade their leadership stages.

cat accused me of welcom... (Below threshold)

cat accused me of welcoming the death of every Palestinian

I do, and I don't apologize. The only way this war will ever end is for one side to win, and I want that side to be Israel.

Especially the women, I love it when the Palestidiot women put on the dynamite vest. Kill the sows, and they can't breed...

Well said!... (Below threshold)

Well said!

The second paragraph pretty... (Below threshold)

The second paragraph pretty much nails it! Count me in as another WASP for Israel. Any objective outside observer has to come to the same conclusion.

And, let's not forget the contributions 1.4 billion Muslims have made to the world compared to just 12 million Jews as shown by this comparison of Nobel prize winners.

I'm glad to hear from anoth... (Below threshold)

I'm glad to hear from another pro-Israel WASP. There are times when I fear that I'm the only one left.

Another inconvenient fact f... (Below threshold)

Another inconvenient fact for the pro-Palestinian crowd is that during the time that the West Bank was under the control of Jordan and Syria (approximately 20 years, between 1948 and 1967) those Arab/Muslim "brothers" of the Palestinians never lifted a finger to help the Palestinians establish their own state.

And no Arab or Muslim nation in the area, not Egypt or Lebanon or Syria or Jordan, has ever extended an offer to let Palestinians of those respective nationalities return to the lands of their fathers.

I think it's pretty obvious that the Arab/Muslim "brothers" of the Palestinians couldn't give a rip about guaranteeing them honor, peace, and justice.

That's all you really need to know in order to truly understand the Palestinian situation.

As I implied in my earlier... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

As I implied in my earlier comment on Jay's first post no subject can be more calculated to raise the hackles of a reader or writer than the Israel/Palestine issue. I am reluctant to take up Jay's gauntlet because the main tactic of the infatida seems nothing more than blowing up as many innocent people as possible. It is indefensible and I suppose this goes back to the movie Munich. It is difficult to remain neutral or impartial. Even the Wikipedia has caveats as to the neutrality of its own contributors. when discussing the history of Israel and Palestine. Jay as non-neutral and partisan as ever, gives a compelling case for the Israeli position, based largely on Palestinian tactics, rhetoric and intransigence. When Arafat walked away from signing the Camp David Accords, he was a fool and unlike Sadat, caved in to his own militants, the Hamas; in so doing as Jay said realizied the worst fears of right-wing Israelis, that Palestinian leaders couldn't deliver their own people As for Israel, always having to pose a double standard in the Middle East, it is the holder of the fourth largest nuclear arsenal in the world. (probably about 200 weapons). If the USA was troubled by Iraq and is now certainly worried that Iran won't allow international inspections by the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, why not allow them in Israel. This is something, of course, that the US would never permit but it is difficult for the Arabs and Iranians. to accept. Furthermore Isreal's heavy sometime illegal lobbying on Capitol Hill, its birth as a nation abetted its own early leadership, who indulged in acts of terrorism against the British and Palestinians, such as blowing up the King David Hotel. Other even more controversial tactics such as the deliberate firing on the USS Liberty, for up to five hours(never cleared up to the satisfaction of the crew that survived) all make for uneasy reading, which cannot be explained away entirely by having such a hopelessly provocative enemy as the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab world.

Beyond "Munich": The Ten Mo... (Below threshold)

Beyond "Munich": The Ten Movies Steven Spielberg Has Yet To Make

By Mas'ood Cajee, December 8, 2005


Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg's latest film "Munich" focuses on Israel's efforts to avenge the tragic killings of its athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Although the Israeli- Palestinian conflict is ripe with great ideas for potential blockbuster films, Hollywood flicks about the conflict have tended to remain formulaic and dehumanizing.

Spielberg hopes "Munich" will be different, and claims he didn't want to make "a Charles Bronson movie — good guys vs. bad guys and Jews killing Arabs without any context." Critics say Spielberg is too pro-Israel to make a fair film about the conflict.

Imagine for a second it is Opposite Day. Imagine we're in some kind of Twilight Zone parallel universe in which Hollywood gives Arabs and Muslims a fair shake. What kind of movies about the Middle East would we then be chomping Goobers, Junior Mints, and popcorn to at the local twenty screen multiplex?

Maybe these movies might actually be made by some of the 125 Palestinian kids Spielberg is giving video cameras to document their lives. Perhaps a talented few will go on to become big-time Hollywood directors. Here are ten potential films — all inspired by actual events — that are just waiting for the magic of Spielberg & his wannabes:

1. King David Hotel: The bombing of the King David Hotel, which served as headquarters of the British administration in Palestine, killed 91 Arabs, Jews, and Brits in 1946. Two future Prime Ministers of Israel, David Ben Gurion and Menachem Begin, masterminded the attack. Disguised as Arabs, members of Begin's Irgun placed 350kg of explosives inside the building. In this action-packed thriller, David (Pierce Brosnan) — a British officer ordered to hunt down the killers — falls for Margaret (Uma Thurman), an American journalist working for Life Magazine. But is Margaret really in love or is she a secret Zionist assassin out to stop David in his tracks?

2. Nakba: A story of innocent love in a time of war and tragedy. Layla (Penelope Cruz) & Salam (Orlando Bloom) are a Romeo & Juliet against the backdrop of the 1948 Nakba, the Palestinian national catastrophe. During the Nakba, over 700,000 Palestinians fled — voluntarily & involuntarily — their homes. Can their love survive conflict?

3. USS Liberty: When Israeli boats and fighter jets attack the US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty in the middle of the 1967 Six Day War, 34 US servicemen are killed and 173 are wounded. The official word from Washington and Tel Aviv is that the attack was a mistake. But Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise, who play surviving officers from the Liberty, swear vengeance after discovering that the attack was actually part of a plot to start World War III.

4. Sabra & Shatila: It's 1982 and the war in Lebanon rages on. British war correspondent Robert Fisk (Star Wars star Ewan MacGregor) hides in the camps of Sabra & Shatilla, while a Lebanese militia aided and abetted by Israel slaughters thousands of Palestinian refugees. Sahar (Sandra Bullock) is a Palestinian mother determined to protect her family at any cost.

5. Vanunu: A political thriller set in Israel, Australia, Thailand, England, and Italy. "Syriana" star George Clooney plays Mordechai Vanunu, the nuclear technician who exposes Israel's nuclear weapons program and pays the ultimate price. Nicole Kidman plays Cheryl Bentov, the American Mossad agent who seduces and kidnaps him.

6. Hebron: A story of tragedy and torn loyalties. In 1994, Brooklyn Jewish doctor Baruch Goldstein opened fire on Muslim worshippers in Hebron, killing 29. Palestinian American Mazen Khalili (Tom Hanks), a State Department official assigned to investigate the massacre, struggles with his job responsibilities and his roots. Leah Rabinowitz (Meg Ryan) is a Jewish American journalist who discovers a dark family secret that will change her life forever.

7. Qana: On April 18, 1996, Israeli shelling of a UN Compound that shelters Lebanese refugees kills more than 100 & injures over 300 men, women, and children. Jessica (Angelina Jolie) is a UN worker determined to let the world know what happened after witnessing the atrocity. Yossi (Robert De Niro) is a Mossad agent assigned to kill Jolie.

8. Gaza: Chris Hedges (Harrison Ford), a New York Times correspondent in Jerusalem, files stories from his hotel room. Hedges reaches a turning point when he witnesses Israeli soldiers killing young Palestinian boys for sport, then defies his editors by writing stories that humanize Palestinians. David Schwimmer & Sarah Jessica Parker make cameo appearances as the parents of Muhammad al-Durra, the 12 year old Palestinian boy killed by Israeli troops in 2000.

9. Rachel: Rachel Corrie (Gwyneth Paltrow) is the idealistic young American activist crushed to death by the Israeli army with a Caterpillar bulldozer. Sally Field, well-known for her role in "Not Without My Daughter", plays Rachel's mother.

10. Refuseniks: When a fellow soldier commits suicide after killing an unarmed pregnant Palestinian woman (played by Natalie Portman) in cold blood, two young Israeli soldiers (Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) decide that the occupation and the killing of Palestinians is immoral and unjust.

Mas'ood Cajee lives in San Joaquin County, California.

I've blogged on this issue ... (Below threshold)

I've blogged on this issue myself a couple of times. Oddly enough, at least twice it was by request of the "other side", as this stuff isn't usually my schtick.

Here's my latest: On the Right of Return. I stripped my interlocutors arguments' away one-by-one, until they were silent. Perhaps others will find it useful.

Imagine we're in some k... (Below threshold)

Imagine we're in some kind of Twilight Zone parallel universe in which Hollywood gives Arabs and Muslims a fair shake.

I think the fact that almost NO films have been made about 9/11 and certainly nothing even remotely showing Islamofascist villians, Hollywood has jumped OVER "fair" and gone right into ass-kissing.

Honestly I have yet to unde... (Below threshold)

Honestly I have yet to understand why so-called Christians hate Jews so much. Don't these people read the Bible?

I have always been and will always be pro-Israel. Stay the course, JT, and maybe God will smile upon you despite your annoying agnosticism ^_^

SilverHonestly ... (Below threshold)


Honestly I have yet to understand why so-called Christians hate Jews so much.

Huh? Which Christians are you talking about?

...No objection to Israel f... (Below threshold)

...No objection to Israel fighting their war on terror.

-just not with U.S. tax dollars.

I totally agree.I ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I totally agree.

I went through a "rah rah Palestine" phase years ago, and discovered much as you have that while Israel is expected to offer concession after concession, the Palestinians are expected to make no effort at all, and are given justification for their continued terrorist acts.

I have pretty much no sympathy for the Palestinians at this point.

Hey 4XAre you agai... (Below threshold)

Hey 4X

Are you against all US foreign aid

or only the $$$ that go to Jooooos?

Darleen,I can't na... (Below threshold)


I can't name off the top of my head any group claiming Christianity that does so (though I'll bet it exists), but there is a trend within certain Christian circles to be anti-Semetic. I've met some like that.

I dunno, it seems to me that some "Christians" think that because "the Jews killed Jesus" it gives them the right to go kill them all. Historically it has been so, and I don't think that people have really changed. They might be quieter or more discreet, but it is still there.

or only the $$$ that go... (Below threshold)
Mark A. Flacy:

or only the $$$ that go to Jooooos?

Hey, that's cute.

How about all foreign aid that isn't in our national interest? Aren't we still paying Egypt and Israel for that peace agreement? It's not like we have to counter-act the Soviets in the Middle East any more.

I really don't care very much what those two groups do to each other.

The people who bombed the K... (Below threshold)

The people who bombed the King David warned the british 3 times that they were going to do it. The only reason anyone died is because the British didn't take them seriously. Doesn't compare to suicide bombings in any way.

Also I notice you keep harping on the King David and can't come up with any other examples. Whereas you know we can both come up with thousands of examples from the Palestinian side. Likewise with massacres.

"Hedges reaches a turning point when he witnesses Israeli soldiers killing young Palestinian boys for sport, then defies his editors by writing stories that humanize Palestinians."

And Hedges lied. I bet you still believe Muhammed al-Dura was killed by Israeli bullets too.

I think Gwenyth Paltrow would be perfect for Corrie! But she wasn't crushed to death by the bulldozer, or she would be just a smear on the ground. The hoe hit her in the head because she couldn't get out of the way fast enough. and you know that the driver didn't mean to kill her, she got out of his line of sight.

I have no sympathy for people who protect smuggling tunnels from Egypt to Gaza.

You must get your talking points from Electronic Intifada.

"Nakba: A story of innocent... (Below threshold)

"Nakba: A story of innocent love in a time of war and tragedy. Layla (Penelope Cruz) & Salam (Orlando Bloom) are a Romeo & Juliet against the backdrop of the 1948 Nakba, the Palestinian national catastrophe. During the Nakba, over 700,000 Palestinians fled — voluntarily & involuntarily — their homes."

How about this? Layla, driven from her home by the advancing Israeli troops, moves to Egypt, where she falls in love with Shimon, an Egyptian Jew hiding from a pogrom which is killing Jews all over Cairo.

Shimon becomes one of the 700,000 Jews who had lived in what are now Arab lands for centuries before the Arabs got there, who are violently expelled after the founding of Israel. Shimon eventually becomes one of the 50% of Israeli Jews who are from Arab lands. As he and Layla correspond, and Layla tries to find a new home, he wonders why Israel and Jordan are the only Arab countries which give citizenship to Palestinians.

Layla writes him that she is trying to immigrate to Israel because a relative of hers who stayed in Haifa and is one of the 20% of Israelis who are Arab, maybe can get her in. She wants to live in the country where Arab women have more civil rights than anywhere else in the Middle East.

I am a Russian Orthodox Chr... (Below threshold)
No One Very Important:

I am a Russian Orthodox Christian person who is biased about jewish people. I see Jews surrounded and regularly demonized by atrocity-loving muslims who keep trying to push them into the sea. I see this and I am fiecely on the side of the Jews and Israel which I admire strongly. I see the media and socialist euroweenies demonizing Israel over and over and I feel sick to my stomach. Stop telling us good is evil and evil is good. I hope the terrorists who butcher children are eliminated from this earth. Israel has every right to defend itself and is behaving in a morally responsible fashion, if anything they have been far too restrained. Long live Israel. Anyone who criticises Israel defending themselves, I hope you never have to defend your family against evil criminals eager to kill you.

Not related, but I can't help but notice all my favorite talk show people are Jews. Michael Medved, Dennis Praeger, and Rabbi Spero (give him a try on americasrabbi.com)

Silver Bubbleth... (Below threshold)

Silver Bubble

there is a trend within certain Christian circles

Comeon, now. Names some names. If you've "noticed" it, then fess up.

I can help you, you know.... the "Christian" Identity Movement, for one.

Of course, the CIM is a neo-Nazi group, so I don't think the majority of American Christians would be too happy with being told there is little difference between them and the CIM.

Actually, the majority of Western anti-Semitism I've encountered has been solidly on the Left. Israel and Jews decided not to be anyone's historical victim anymore so fell out of the graces of the Professional victocrats of the Left.

why is it that no one wants... (Below threshold)

why is it that no one wants Palestinians in their own country? The Egyptians when offered Gaza back, a former part of Egypt, refused. Jordan also refused to take back it's former west bank. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait expelled several hundred thousand Palestinians after the Gulf War. Lebanon and Syria keep them in refugee camps, their so-called brothers . Indeed the Lebanese Arabs loved them so much they massacred them in 1982. or was that payback for Palestinian massacres of Christian Lebanese. why are Israeli's expected to treat Palestinians who are Israel's mortal enemies better than the Palestinian's Arab Muslim brothers?
Before 1967 there were Egyptians and Jordanians and Syrians but no Palestinians, but now this sudden demand for nationhood for a non existing people and yet no clamor for statehood for real stateless nations like the Kurds, Basques, Corsicans and Tibetans among others. what makes these people so unique?
Arabs can lead by example, the can quit the lands they have stolen, Egypt and the other North African countries for example, to show the Israeli's a positive confidence building measure. but that would also mean quitting Palestine as well. If Israel had the oil instead of the Arabs would anyone care about the Palestinians?
as someone on the web pointed out sagely regarding the Arab and Israeli conflict " the Arabs would annihilate the Jews but can't, and the Jews can annihilate the Arabs but won't".
ultimately that is all one needs to understand about both sides in the mid-east.

Putting a "Fight Terror/Sup... (Below threshold)

Putting a "Fight Terror/Support Israel" sticker on my car bumper has been a real eye-opener for me. I was expecting negative comments; instead, all I've gotten are puzzled ones.

Seriously - they don't know what it means. I keep getting asked to "explain" the sticker. Even when people aren't anti-Semites, they really fail to understand Israel's role in the world if their only news source is CNN.

The 5"Finally, I rec... (Below threshold)

The 5
"Finally, I recall the scenes of Palestinians cheering and celebrating the 9/11 attacks."

Which Palestinians? Not the 5 Israelis that were caught dancing and celebrating after having recorded the 911 attacks on 911? I hope that isn't who you are talking about because I figured everyone knew by now that those people were Israelis.

Perhaps you mean the footage of Arabs celebrating that was compiled over events of the couple of years before 911. You people will believe anything that your jewish family media tells you to believe. Grow up. Do a search of Israeli spy rings. They are the most active spying nation in this country. Look at the Abramoff case. Look for the israeli spying art students. Israel is not your friend. You are just another Zionist tool.

Or you're probably just a full blown zionist, and the agnostic thing is just to mislead us into thining that you aren't even jewish.

Remember those 2 israelis o... (Below threshold)

Remember those 2 israelis on Three Mile Island?

Read all of that unless you are just a closed minded moron.

Israel is not your frien... (Below threshold)

Israel is not your friend. You are just another Zionist tool.

Geez, Del, Aryan Brotherhood not meeting today so you're trolling here?

Wow, Del, I was wondering w... (Below threshold)

Wow, Del, I was wondering what the far-left, anti-Semitic websites were saying today. Thanks for the links as I now feel more informed, but also more than a little dirty and dumber having read it.

"Israel makes concessions a... (Below threshold)

"Israel makes concessions as "signs of good faith." "

Huh ? Must have missed that bit (along with the rest of the informed world).

Was it when they continue to build illegally on the West Bank ?

When they invaded the Lebanon ?

When they use US-donated gunships and F16's to bomb Palestinian neighborhoods ?

nope I'm not an arian. Don'... (Below threshold)

nope I'm not an arian. Don't even know how to spell it. It's asinine to call me anti-Semiti. My jewish friends don't think I'm anti-semtic. Then again, all my jewish friends are also anti-zionism like myself. Take a look at this anti-zionist websites which really shouldn't be labled anti-semitic:

Come on guys, you really need to get educated. First off, I'm not "from the left". That's something else you should get edumucated on. There is more than Left and Right. There's also more than just being pigeonholed into a single ideology. I don't classify under a particular political group because there is no established political group that agrees with everything I think. So, if I just labeled myself as some random political ideology like you guys do, for instance “far left” then that means anything anyone attaches to the idea of “far left” they will also attach to me. Which is just totally untrue. I do not agree with growing the size of government like the “far left” is supposed to yet all you “far right” people obviously do after watching this current administration grow it by leaps and bounds. Also, I'm not “liberal” so get off that bs as well. Yes I am liberal minded, meaning that I am not limited by established ideas and I am willing to think beyond tradition and what I am told to think. Imagine that eh? The closest ideology that I fit is libertarian, but I disagree with some libertarian ideas as well. So I prefer to not have any label. If you want to know my political opinions you have to ask. I refuse to give someone some false label to prejudge me by.

Anyhow back to this anti-semitic thing. Seriously, grow up and stop being a young minded tool. I have no problem with jews at all, especially my JEWISH FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT ZIONISTS. But I think Zionism is disgusting and the effects it has had on the world are unforgiveable. Of course all you new morons who support zionism do not know ANYTHING about it. You probably don't even know that it specifically describes a group of jews who are and were committed to establishing a state and the location they chose was in palestine. And that much of the efforts therein have been quite violent and unforgiveable. Jews != Zionism (that's not equals to those of you who don't write code). History is nice guys, go read some of it sometime.

I realize though that I'm just wasting my time and this blog is really just a zionist tool. It's basically like I'm waiting on someone to say “ YHBT” and I'm just a sucker.

woa you know what else I ju... (Below threshold)

woa you know what else I just realized, you guys totally ignored the fact that I gave you links to information that is gleaned from mainstream media. Of course that is what you believe yes? Mainstream media regardless of that fact that it's family owned and government controled? Oh wait is saying that being anti-semitic somehow LOL.

You guys don't care about facts, or information, or truth at all. You just want to perpetuate your little ideals. It's sick. READ. LEARN. WAKE UP. Just calling people names is stupid. And all you did to me was call me names. I didn't say anything about bad about jews, so why call me anti-semitic? Why assume I'm from "the liberal left" and all that garbage?

The jews have never been tr... (Below threshold)

The jews have never been treated well by Christians. It was Christians who kicked them out of Spain and the Muslim turks who gave them sanctuary. Once again it was Christian Germany who tried to massacre them during WW2 but the ultimate irony is that it is the Muslims who get punished for it. Why force a State of Israel onto a place where mostly Muslim, Christian and Jewish Arabs (Yes they exist They are treated as second class citizens by the Ashkanazi Jews who came from Europe) were living. Sure in historical times Jews lived in the Levant. So what? In Historical times Muslims lived in Spain and Apaches lived in Southern United States. Noone is forcing the Christians of Spain or the WASPs of America to vacate the land for the original owners so why target the Muslim and Christian Arabs for the special treatment. If Europe needed to salve its concience about the holocaust why not setup a Jewish homeland somewhere in Europe or for that matter America. It is sheer hypocricy to salve the European concience by forcing Arabs out of their homes to create an apartheid state of Israel. I personally say lets end apartheid in Israel. What this means is that Israel should absorb the West Bank and Gaza and give all Palestinians a vote in the Israeli elections. Also all special benefits for housing, schools etc given to Jews should be removed and everyone should be treated as equal. Given that the Arab population of such a combined state would be a majority I wouldnt be surprised to see Abbas being elected President of Israel. And once that happens most probably the country will revert to its historical name of Palestine. This would also remove the root cause of 80% of the terrorism in the Middle East and lead to a safer America. Another important point is the right of return. As Arab palestinians who fled Israel are not allowed back in it is extrremely unfair that their is an unlimited right of immigration for Jews. This kind of special treatment would also need to be removed. If this safety valve is absolutely required America could provide it by having a right of immigration law for Jews






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