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The Prosecution of Abdul Rahman


Abdul Rahman is facing death for converting from Islam to Christianity. It's horrifying to think that our military men and women fought so hard and sacrificed so much to extricate the Taliban just to have state sanctioned murder of Christians.

Bloggers all over the sphere have been weighing in:

Michelle Malkin here, here, here, here, and here
California Conservative
The Jawa Report
Junkyard Blog
Hugh Hewitt's Mary Katharine Ham
Blue State Conservatives
Captain's Quarters

President Bush addressed Mr. Rahman's prosecution during his question and answer session today:

"We expect them to honor the universal principle of freedom," Bush said. "I'm troubled when I hear, deeply troubled when I hear, the fact that a person who converted away from Islam may be held to account. That's not the universal application of the values that I talked about. I look forward to working with the government of that country to make sure that people are protected in their capacity to worship."

These comments are simply not adequate. President Bush and Condoleezza Rice must publicly condemn the prosecution and possible death sentence of Abdul Rahman and call for his release.

Italy and Germany have voiced their opposition to the Afghan government's prosecution of Rahman, and today Australia joined them. Why not the US?

A rally in support of Mr. Rahman is going to take place in front of the Afghan Embassy on Friday, March 24 at 12:00 noon in Washington DC.

If you can't make it to the rally, Debbie Schlussel has a list of action items. Also Freedom's Zone recommends signing this petition.

The Afghan government must understand that if its country is going to join the civilized world, it must acknowledge and respect other religions, even when Muslims convert to them.

Update: Condoleezza Rice got on the phone today and called Hamid Karzai about Abdul Rahman's prosecution for converting away from Islam.

Fox News has the story:

WASHINGTON -- Concerned about the fate of a Christian convert in Afghanistan on trial for his life, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice telephoned Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday seeking a "favorable resolution" of the case.

"This is a very deeply concerning development in Afghanistan and we have raised it at the highest levels," Rice said during a press conference with the Greek minister of foreign affairs. "We look forward, hopefully, to a resolution to this in the very near future."

Abdul Rahman, 41, a medical aid worker, converted from Islam to Christianity 16 years ago, a fact that came out publicly during a civil custody case between him and his wife in front of local authorities. The authorities charged him with rejecting Islam, a crime under the country's Shar'ia-based law. The penalty, if guilty, is death.

Rice said religious freedom is the heart of democracy, a principle she hopes Afghanistan would uphold in its constitution in considering Rahman's case.

"We have raised it in the strongest possible terms to make clear that it is our great hope and desire that Afghanistan will reaffirm what is already in its constitution, that the universal declaration on human rights will be respected, and that this will be resolved in a way that is consistent with those principles," Rice said.

I hope President Karzai gets the message.

Michelle Malkin has more information.


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Comments (19)

Um, Kim?Re-read Bu... (Below threshold)

Um, Kim?

Re-read Bush's comment. That is what's known as "putting pressure" on the Afghan gov't. Running around screaming about nuking Afghanistan if they allow this guy to be killed (as some do), or threatening to pack our bags and leave isn't "putting pressure." It's lunacy.

The Afghan constitution and the Afghan basic law are in conflict. That sort of thing happens. It needs to be sorted out, so that the guy doesn't get killed.

But that might take some time, as it means convincing a population that's 90% Muslim that their basic law isn't right.

If the immediate objective is to make sure this guy doesn't get killed for a crime we don't acknowledge (apostacy), then the whole thing may have to be handled in an idiosyncratic manner. He could be deported, he could be excused from the law by reason of insanity, he could be offered a full-ride at Yale.

Yes, the Afghans need to permit true freedom of religion--as does every country on earth need to permit it. But that's not going to happen with a wave of the magic wand. And the US certainly doesn't have the magic wands that might do it.

But that might take some... (Below threshold)

But that might take some time, as it means convincing a population that's 90% Muslim that their basic law isn't right.

Yeah, that might take "some time".

ah...we are not spreading f... (Below threshold)

ah...we are not spreading freedom..we are spreading democracy ..ya know you get the govt you vote for.....in two years the same will be happening in Iraq...Freedom and Democracy are not the same thing..of course we could have commited all our troops and 100's of billions of $$ to Afghanistan. But we did not..Maybe there would be some freedom, an economy other than dope, forcing ABL into Pak...Bush used Jesus to become and remain President..He is the first President since Nixon to not go to church on Sunday on a regular basis. Serious attacks on religon are not taking place here but in Afghanistan and on a daily basis in Iraq..now that you know Bush used you..whatcha' gonna do about it? Oh yeah..blame Sheehan/Feingold/Kennedy/Clintons/MSM/Helen Thomas/Democrats/Moveon/etc..what ever you do don't Blame Bush..oh yeah feel free to bash and blame me..

a note..it wil be a few yea... (Below threshold)

a note..it wil be a few years befor persons are excecuted by the govt for their beliefs in Christianity..right now they are excecuting each other based on the difference of Islamic beliefs...

DrewENowher... (Below threshold)


Nowhere in your rambling, incoherent response did you come close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We are all dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Ahhh ... (Below threshold)

Ahhh DrewE , it is not possible for a person to use God for their own purposes, This would imply that a man is smarter than God and somehow pulled something off that God was not aware of ..an absolute impossibility.

Ahhh ... (Below threshold)

Ahhh DrewE , it is not possible for a person to use God for their own purposes, This would imply that a man is smarter than God and somehow pulled something off that God was not aware of ..an absolute impossibility.

Namedropping ,however is s... (Below threshold)

Namedropping ,however is something different. Take Hillarys namedropping of the Lord today, Now that was purely a nonpolitical honest and sincere statement if i ever saw one !!

DrewE, you said: "we are no... (Below threshold)

DrewE, you said: "we are not spreading freedom..we are spreading democracy ..ya know you get the govt you vote for...." Ain't it the truth? AIN'T IT THE TRUTH? (Snagglepuss imitation) But I think the key to a freer Afghanistan is to award the government a share in the medical(!) opium concession (now held solely by Turkey). Perhaps U.S. morphine can be Afghani. A livelihood for anyone with a patch of ground. Better than getting shot at (the Taliban are paid to fight). This would also undermine the appeal of the fundementalist sects which are basically aid societies for the poor. Until there is a viable economy, elections will only codify the situation as it already is.

Article II, section 2 of th... (Below threshold)

Article II, section 2 of the new Afghani Constitution:
"(2) Followers of other religions are free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites within the limits of the provisions of law."

What provisions are they using to execute Abdul Rahman? Truly he would be an authentic martyr.

"...as it means convincing ... (Below threshold)

"...as it means convincing a population that's 90% Muslim that their basic law isn't right."

Isn't that what a majority of this whole terrorist thing is about?

Shar'ia law is a nasty bitch, and we're well within our soveriegn rights to beat the shit out of that thing if, not only does it threaten our national interests, but if it also saves milliions of people from the misery of living in a country run by a bunch of zealot ass munchers.

I'll "indeed", myself.

Regardless, Bush's statement seems worded in such a way that it doesn't piss anyone off, yet, gets the point across that we've given up a shitload because of that little piece of shit fucking sorry excuse of a country, and they you don't see that, and understand the implications, ... you and I are gonna' have a lil' "chat", Harmid.

An argument that everyone in the world knows that you can't possibly win.

It also shows the left that he's compassionate without having to beat his chest about it. They should be happy enough with that response.

If they're not. Fuck 'em. They've exposed more hypocracy; either religiously or militarily.

No, no. Good on George for saying exactly how what needed to be said - needed to be said.

Besides, I think we all know happens if you piss George off.

bryanD has it - the economy... (Below threshold)

bryanD has it - the economy of Afghanistan is the key here. Until biotechnology can make commercial poppy growing a lucrative way to make legal drugs, and until this technology is shared with countries like Afghanistan that have little other agriculture to offer, the outlook is bleak. Think, however, if the money and blood spent by the Russians and now our coalition to tame this region had been spent on such an endeavor, and used as leverage to lead the ruling war lords to a corporate and progressive/moderate Islam and to oust the Taliban. Pipe dreams.

Poppies , Yes Poppies.. no... (Below threshold)

Poppies , Yes Poppies.. now they,ll sleep..poppies.. How about turning it into Afglassistan..

"Bush's cousin, Wirt Walker... (Below threshold)

"Bush's cousin, Wirt Walker III, worked there, too."

"Wirt? The third? You're shitting me." http://newyorkmetro.com/news/features/16464/index.html

DrewE said "He is the first... (Below threshold)

DrewE said "He is the first President since Nixon to not go to church on Sunday on a regular basis."

I have a strong distrust of people whom make a spectacle out of going to church. Remember, Bill Clinton had the biggest Bible on the planet, was filmed every Sunday at church and turned out to break several of the Ten Commandments VERY PUBLICALLY.

The correct name of the man... (Below threshold)

The correct name of the man is 'Abdur.' The initial AP reports had it wrong. Reuters has it right.

Thanks for the links, Kim. ... (Below threshold)
Mary Katharine:

Thanks for the links, Kim. Sorry I haven't been over to say hi yet. I'm loving your blogging!

It's basically Taliban phil... (Below threshold)

It's basically Taliban philosophy being applied here.

If they kill that guy, why shouldn't we kill the one at Yale in retaliation?

The prophet Mohammed, when ... (Below threshold)
Ian Mackenzie:

The prophet Mohammed, when betrayed by Jews in Medina, used Jewish law as the basis for having 700 men killed. Given that, we should ask that Christian law be applied in the case of Abdul Rahman, since that would be the equivalent of the prophets choice. In Christian law they would be required to forgive Abdul.






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