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Happy Mornings! You Can Sleep When You are Dead!

Folgers has a fun and quirky commercial that is so off the wall you won't forget it.

Here's the You Tube video:

Ann Althouse appreciates the commercial's goofiness:

I'd like to see this on TV, preferably HDTV, widescreen, to get the full effect, but even just looking at that YouTube-ish rectangle, I'm going to give this commercial the Althouse Seal of Approval... and not just because it's cleverly creating web buzz. I approve because it's hilariously engaging and entertaining -- enough not only to prevent fast-forwarding but to inspire replaying and even conversation. And that conversation is engaging and entertaining: What the hell was that? How is that a commercial for coffee?

When you're done watching the video, check out the site Tolerate Mornings.

Hat tip: The Anchoress


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Comments (15)

Ad people -- they do some s... (Below threshold)

Ad people -- they do some serious drugs, don't they?

I think the Skittles Beard ... (Below threshold)

I think the Skittles Beard commercial is #1 right now.

skittle commercial

Who produced this - Up With... (Below threshold)

Who produced this - Up With Hallucinogenics?

jpm100, that Skittles comme... (Below threshold)

jpm100, that Skittles commercial has to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I'm still shaking my head and thinking "WTF?".

That's almost (not quiet bu... (Below threshold)

That's almost (not quiet but almost) as disturbing as that creepy Burger King guy standing at the window when the guy opens his shade.

this looks like a commercia... (Below threshold)

this looks like a commercial from the Apprentice team that lost...

It certainly scores points ... (Below threshold)

It certainly scores points for originality...though I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry.

Okay, I get it -- it's call... (Below threshold)

Okay, I get it -- it's called "Tolerate Mornings" because nobody grabs a shotgun and starts blowing away those caterwauling glowing people.

Liberated from the Morlocks... (Below threshold)

Liberated from the Morlocks at last!

This just proves that the Tele Tubbies are not alone in their Gayness.

So thats what they did with all those unused Hulk Hogan outfits??

That's just disturbing... (Below threshold)

That's just disturbing

Wait a minute...don't those... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute...don't those glowing yellow people with rictus smiles remind you of the moonbats and Kos in his Ned Lamont endorsment?

Take a look, now I know why they're so creepy.


Now I know why I quit drink... (Below threshold)

Now I know why I quit drinking coffee.

Heralder I think I... (Below threshold)


I think I see jp2 in there? and Mak maybe? and if I look thru the magic mirror a little longer I may even be able to see Lee.. the little fudgee's

That was extremely annoying... (Below threshold)

That was extremely annoying.

A few shotguns and grenades would have been the perfect ending to that commercial.

Hey Mom Dad wake up the Par... (Below threshold)

Hey Mom Dad wake up the Partridge family is here..






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