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Poor & Gentrified

Don't let the foregoing unemployment rates fool you -- there are places in this country in which vast throngs of people are in dire straights:

Affordable housing advocates lambasted political leaders Wednesday for having failed to adopt a measure requiring that a percentage of new housing be set aside for low and moderate-income residents.

Families have had to move to outlying areas to find homes they can afford, and many are being pushed out by rising rents, said Amie Fishman, executive director of an affordable housing advocacy coalition.

Coalition members said they surveyed hundreds of residents and spoke with hundreds of other people at community meetings and found that 99 percent of respondents identified the lack of affordable housing - both for rent and for purchase - as a big problem.

Pretty grim, huh?

Unfortunately those are the grim realities for poor people in the liberal-Democrat stronghold of Oakland, California.

BTW, doesn't Oakland have 'rent control' measures in place? Why, then, are rents so unafford . . . . . oh, right.

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Our family rents two of our... (Below threshold)

Our family rents two of our three homes to low income persons. But they often struggle to pay the rent, and often we receive no rent many months. And government or agency checks often do not cover the entire rent costs.

The cost of taxes and maintenance forces housing rent prices to be set at at a certain level, but low income persons often are expensive to rent to because of spotty rent payments, needless property damage or even careless housefires, which only drives up costs. There is no easy answer to this problem of the need for more low income housing.

It's comical to think that ... (Below threshold)

It's comical to think that people want more democrats in control when almost every depressed area is and has been under democrat control for years. Democrats have to keep the people down so they can feel important and brag about the small handouts they provide just prior to every election. A fifth of whiskey buys a vote. We have rented some property to the disadvantaged (lazy bums) throught the welfare system and it has never failed. We have to spend more to repair the place after they leave (usually no more that a few months and it's jail) than we collect total in rent. The only answer to avoid being charged with a crime (not renting to criminals) was to sell the places. Now they are dumps that cannot be repaired. Is there any wonder there is a shortage of homes in the blighted areas?
You can't deal with or help anyone that won't help themselves. Fact.

This seems to be a modern c... (Below threshold)

This seems to be a modern conundrum of urban utopia.

High cost of housing seems to keep the rif-raf out (desired outcome by urban planners) but makes employing said rif-raf more expensive or more inconvenient (travel time, reliability and what-not).

Cost of rental housing is driven by factors such as cost of initial unit (going up everwhere), cost of property taxes (going up everywhere and higher for rental property), special landlord taxes (per unit, passed to renters), increased cost of maintenance and insurance due to damage etc.

New lower income housing will generally be opposed bitterly by residents of neighborhoods because of the belief that lower income housing increases crime, lowers property values etc.

Fixing the issue would require a mulit-tier approach of the private and public sector.

This may sound mean-spirite... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

This may sound mean-spirited, but there is no "right" to affordable housing. Frankly, we have too long tolerated such low expectations of the "poor" in America. If you keep giving people just enough to subsist without working for it, most will choose to stay in that circumstance, condemning generations to poverty.

In the name of compassion, our government, down through the years, has taken money from people who have earned it through work and given it to those who WILL not work, because they have no obvious reason to do so.

If the middle class is being squeezed, it is by the government. Endless entitlements are a constant drain on our economy and ultimately limit those who do choose to work hard due to high taxes.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution. We have an entrenched political class (D's & R's) who continuously buy votes through distributing money that doesn't belong to them to people and projects while nothing changes (outside of hard work and conviction)the circumstances of those in greatest need.

Nothing is more perfect an ... (Below threshold)

Nothing is more perfect an example of government's 'compassion' is by looking at the Cabrini Green housing development in Chicago. With all the 'expertise' of the government in designing, building and maintaining these buildings, Cabrini Green was a place where the private slumlords were replaced by government slumlords. Millions of dollars and lives wasted on government 'compassion'.

Reason #1,349 why I'll neve... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Reason #1,349 why I'll never back to my home town of Oakland, CA.

If you only you folks knew of the debates I get into with friends from there...

There's plenty of affordabl... (Below threshold)

There's plenty of affordable housing.

There's also, unfortunately, a surplus of people who think they're too good for that affordable housing, and who want really nice (or at least mediocre) housing that's priced for people who make twice as much.

Why should any private busi... (Below threshold)

Why should any private businessman be forced to take less for product or service than fair market value? Just liek with oil, its put up for bid, and supply and demand and bidders determine the ultimate price.

Would Congress take $50K for a years salary?

Would a Penndot worker, or a UAW or teamster worker take $6 a hr for breastfeeding a shovel, or napping in a truck?

Why dont libs just come out and rename themselves Socialists, its definitely is more accurate.






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