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The Magical Disappearing SNL Skit!

Hey, guess what? It's reappeared. I was shocked to see this, let me tell you. It was funny and surprisingly frank. Less shockingly, the video somehow disappeared. Fortunately, the video has re-emerged. Watch it now while you still can, and check here for the full transcript.

Michelle suspects that George Soros and the Sandlers made a few calls and had it yanked. I'm inclined to agree... SNL cut a little too close to the bone for their liking, I'd wager. Is it just a coincidence that NBC.com is yanking questions about the skit? Unlikely.

It's too bad. The skit was great... if only SNL was willing to stand behind it.


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Yet the SNL writers would b... (Below threshold)

Yet the SNL writers would be screaming about violations of the 1st Amendment and a 'chilling effect' on free speech if a Republican even suggested a sponsor boycott.

Could we just pull the enti... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Could we just pull the entire SNL show?... Honestly, apart from the 1 sketch in 100 that garners a semi-chuckle, has SNL been funny in the past 10 or 15 years?
I never thought I'd find myself at a time when, in hindsight, even Joe Piscopo was more comical than the current crop of crap.

SNL began to tank as the or... (Below threshold)

SNL began to tank as the original cast went in their own directions career-wise. The characters weren't really on the money, but the whole skit was priceless! "People who should be shot" LOL!

They yanked the video and d... (Below threshold)

They yanked the video and did a re-write.

As per the LA Times:

"'Saturday Night Live' says bailout skit 'didn't meet our standards'" http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/laland/2008/10/the-mortgage-me.html

Funny how it met their stan... (Below threshold)

Funny how it met their standards long enough to post it in the first place. Maybe they just wanted a chance to "say it like it is" before someone else dropped the hammer.

Drudge has a link th... (Below threshold)

Drudge has a link that delves into the story. And from what I can see, NBC probably did fear a lawsuit. I am surprised that the skit made it past the legal department at NBC in its original form.

Now THAT was funny.... (Below threshold)

Now THAT was funny.

It wasn't funny so much as ... (Below threshold)

It wasn't funny so much as a little wry since it was actually too close to the truth.

OkayNow THAT was w... (Below threshold)


Now THAT was wry.

Somehow it just doesn't ring, ya know?

So much for "Soros is behin... (Below threshold)

So much for "Soros is behind it". Time to put that tinfoil hat back on the shelf.

Do you get a bonus for that... (Below threshold)

Do you get a bonus for that one Brian?






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