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Holding Out For Some Heroes

Well, I've been enjoying this season of Heroes. As usual, it's a hell of a roller coaster ride. But I've been having a few thoughts:

1) Could Sylar/Gabriel's "redemption" be oriented at his upcoming role as Spock in the new Star Trek movie? Making him a bit more likable for the audiences there?

2) A long time ago, a cynic once described an opponent's death as "a good career move." Later, on a couple of Joss Whedon shows, two actresses found that having their characters die was, literally, a good career move -- they got substantially more screen time afterwards. I'm referring, of course, to Julie Benz (killed in the first season of Buffy, came back several times in flashbacks and was resurrected, killed again, came back as a vampire again, and then died for the fourth time on Angel) and Mercedes McNab (recurring minor role on the first three seasons of Buffy, killed in the 3rd season finale, came back a a recurring semi-villain, and finally ended up a main cast member in the last season of Angel).

Heroes is taking it a step further. How many characters have been killed, but the actors still stay around? Hayden Panettiere, of course -- that's her power, after all -- but Malcolm McDowell, Milo Ventimiglia, Ali Larter, Zachary Quinto, Masi Oka, and Adrian Pasdar have all had their characters "die" -- sometimes permanently, sometimes not.

3) It seems that no matter what the characters do, the world's doomed. New York will get nuked. A plague will wipe out humanity. Now, a hunk of California is a smoking pit. I'm starting to think that someone has it in for us.

4) The show's creators have done a fantastic job of "stunt casting," with bringing in major geek icons. Stan Lee. George Takei. Nichelle Nichols. Christopher Eccleston. This season, William Katt. I'm sure I've missed a few, but I find myself wondering who will be the next geek icon to show up. My leading candidates: Lynda Carter, Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, or Mark Hamill.

Regardless, they've got me hooked.


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Maybe Scott Bakula will mak... (Below threshold)

Maybe Scott Bakula will make the 'leap'.

This season I think they ar... (Below threshold)

This season I think they are jumping around too much and not developing the story. ww

Jay, How about Leo... (Below threshold)


How about Leonard Nimoy as Sylar/Gabriel's Biological father?
Wouldn't that be cool since Quinto plays him in the new movie?

OK, I admit I enjoy my Skyy... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

OK, I admit I enjoy my Skyy Vodka during the show... WTF happened to Ali Larter's character? All I see is her triplet sister show up for her funeral.

Do we know how she was offed and I missed it, or has it not been explained yet? Was it from last season?

Regarding "stunt casting: I... (Below threshold)

Regarding "stunt casting: I wouldn't know myself since I don't watch Heroes, but I heard somewhere that a couple of episodes featured Bruce Boxleitner, well known in SF fandom as Captain John Sheridan of Babylon 5.

Sure, seeing William Katt w... (Below threshold)

Sure, seeing William Katt was great ... but why bring him in for literally 2 scenes? Seems like a waste.

As to the episodes jumping ... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

As to the episodes jumping around too much, that's pretty much my recollection of the first two seasons as well.

Minor spoiler alert (if you haven't seen the end of season two):

If I remember correctly, Ali Larter's original character was in a burning building when it either blew up, or collapsed on her (I forget which). It wasn't made explicit that she had died, but that seemed to be what was implied at the end of season two.

Perhaps this is too inside ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps this is too inside baseball, but in the comics, there was a panel where Adam said his newest wife would save him. Does this refer to Angela and did Angela just play Hiro?

I like the show. But is an... (Below threshold)

I like the show. But is anyone else annoyed by the soundtrack? It's like the mixer only has one setting - "annoying whine".

Mohinder's transformation i... (Below threshold)

Mohinder's transformation is a disappointment. Its a direct rip from the 1980's The Fly. They pass it off as an homage. But its too big a part of the story to be anything but a lazy shortcut.

Thanks NooC, I don't rememb... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Thanks NooC, I don't remember that at all for some reason...

Also, I agree with jpm100 about homage to The Fly... lazy writing.,, But that gal with the black-eyed plague thing is smokin' hot (as are most of the wymnfolk on the show... Hey, kinda like a real comic!)

Also, I like Hiro's character, but time jumping is way too powerful for the genre... you can thwart pretty much any evildoer with a quick jump back (and while I'm thinking about it... why don't they send a Terminator back to off John Connor's great grandpappy?)

I know, I know, willful suspension of reality. ;)

Well if you want to know wh... (Below threshold)

Well if you want to know what William Katt is up to you might like this...

William Katt has
let out a comic book, with Chris Folino, called Sparks.
And the Big news, William Katt
is releasing the Greatest American Hero comic book in November!
Here is the link to keep updated.
Tell them Marci Sent you.

He is doing conventions and signings so keep your eyes peeled.
and if you want to talk about the Greatest American Hero go here.
We're a great bunch and the bd has been very active for about 3 yrs.
Yup! We chat GAH and keep up on where the gang will be!

Enjoying it thankyouverymuc... (Below threshold)

Enjoying it thankyouverymuch.

The theme this season is moral choices, and which side they put you on. Thus, we have heroes and villains. We're finally seeing the people The Company has been putting away (or putting down) all these years. They'd have to be pretty bad to make Sylar pale in comparison.

Then there are the "good intentions that destroy the world" plot threads, the lone hero who "gets it" and is castigated as a villain for doing what must be done. Recent economic news, anyone?

As for Mohinder, it's more like a combination of The Fly and Dr. Hank McCoy of the X-Men. Sure, he gained new abilities through science, but now he can't show his face in public. One might suggest he's ripping off Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, another fantasy psychological thriller with a dark turn. Or the Magician's Apprentice, since he has screwed up while following in another's footsteps (though in this case he doesn't know it). I'm sure this plot thread will bear fruit at its culmination.






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