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Jay Tea's Evil Thought Of The Day

I don't like Geraldo Rivera. I haven't liked him for decades. I think it's atrocious that he's on Fox News. And today, I think I have a truly wonderfully evil idea.

Fox News should get rid of Geraldo, cancel his Saturday night show...

and offer the slot to Keith Olbermann.

Tell him "Keith, here's an hour. Have fun. Plus, once a week you gotta do 15 minutes on another of our shows, our choice. If you can pull in the ratings, more power to ya; we'll keep you on. If they tank (which, by Fox standards, is anything less than roughly triple his best ratings ever on MSNBC), you're history. Here's a six-month contract for half what you were making over there; at the end, we'll look at the numbers and renegotiate."

Let's face it. Olbermann's a Dead Man Walking. He's Juan Williams without the fallback position. He might make it back to ESPN as a professional jock-sniffer (I don't care about sports, but I hear he was pretty good at that), or Puffington Host or Daily Beast might throw him a bonebut he's pretty much history.

Imagine the anguish and heartbreak that would befall Keef if the only people willing to throw him a bone is none other than his hated enemies at Fox News. Further, they'd be doing it with very little strings or restrictions on his content; he'd have to live by the very same code of conduct and standards as Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity.

Further, once a week he'd have to go on their show and opine at their command. He'd be face to face with his mortal enemies. (Well, his enemies; they barely see him as a pest.)

And MSNBC? They'd lose their biggest draw (which is like saying "tallest midget") to the hated competition.

Why should Fox do it? Because it will show everyone that Fox is the only major news outlet that actually tolerates dissent and welcomes on folks of all political persuasions.

And just imagine the sheer entertainment value of watching Olbermann having to spend an hour a week where he can't demonize Fox News without having to also acknowledge that he's doing so on Fox News, while cashing a Fox News paycheck. Which one week would be signed by Rupert Murdoch, the next O'Reilly, the next Beck, the next Sarah Palin...

Imagine him explaining to Greta Van Susteren how calling Michelle Malkin a "mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick" isn't misogynistic. Or going on Hannity and debating Sarah Palin. Or being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly. (We can call it the Bathtub With Loofah Hour.)

Oh, lord, the mere thought of this unfolding...

I'll SO be in my bunk.


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Comments (29)

That would be something to ... (Below threshold)

That would be something to watch. But O'Rielly would probably end up strangling Keefums on-air. Not that he'd ever be convicted in a court of law.

You heard Olby was good at ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

You heard Olby was good at sports?

From WHO - Bernardine Dohrn? (I hear she's big on Extreme Sports).

STOP! Keith losing his job... (Below threshold)

STOP! Keith losing his job is enough for me!

Olbermann was entertaining ... (Below threshold)

Olbermann was entertaining when he was at ESPN doing SportsCenter. I admit I enjoying watching him and Dan Patrick when they were both anchoring that show together - I had no idea what his politics were like back then obviously. But he was very funny. But from what I have read he pretty much burned down all the bridges with management and there will be no going back and probably his polarizing performance at MSNBC makes him a less than desireable property for a non-partisan role as a sports anchorman. I also seem to recall reading that he thought he had become too big for mundane things like sports so I doubt he would want to go back to doing that.

Hard to say where he ends up if this is truly the end of the line for him at MSNBC. I cannot imagine CNN wanting to deal with him - behind the scenes he is apparently an absolute nightmare to work for and with. Maybe Robert Gibbs is now worring about losing his White House press secretary gig to Olbermann! Can you imagine that? Obama is probably dumb enough to at least consider it. You just know he watches him every night along with the other couple of dozen viewers of that show...

Jay... Jay, Jay, Jay...... (Below threshold)

Jay... Jay, Jay, Jay...

Something as DELICIOUSLY eeeeeeeevuhl as this simply requires such admiration and applause that I am simply unable to express the awesomeness of your idea in words.

I bow in humble homage to your glorious Evil Mastermind Self...


Yikes! Double post - sorry!... (Below threshold)

Yikes! Double post - sorry! :-(

Perhaps Keefums can join Da... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Keefums can join Dan Rather on that radio network no one listens to.

BUt who would want to hire ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

BUt who would want to hire a beligerant,vulgar misogynist?

What am I thinking! The dems would. They'll need someone that they can trot out to call female GOP candidates whores etc.

Heck, maybe he can work for NPR along side Nina Totenberg. NPR doesn't seem to have any standards that would prevent him from working for them.

Noooooooo! He's an embarras... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Noooooooo! He's an embarrassment to his party. Put him back on Fox Sports Net if you must, but don't let him talk politics.

Jay, that is simply magnifi... (Below threshold)

Jay, that is simply magnificent - you are one deviously crafty son of a gun.

Yes, it would be funny if h... (Below threshold)

Yes, it would be funny if he was a Fox News, but most likely he will be at NPR.

The goof would never let ... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

The goof would never let himself be in a position to argue or defend his positions against someone from the opposite side.
He doesn't have the facts, intelligence, ability or courage to debate against a conservative opponent.

Driving home I got to liste... (Below threshold)

Driving home I got to listen to Rich Eisen on the Dennis Miller show...and let me tell you how awesome this guy is on NFL Network. And this was just him off the cuff about NFL stuff with Miller, and I swear I could listen to him rant about 1-7 Dallas for an hour and he'd never repeat himself. And it would never stop being awesome.

Watching the Big Show on Sunday Night Football continually reminds me of other things I could be doing until the game starts back. If it wasn't for Dungy I'd just skip that part of it altogether.

Olbermann's a Dead... (Below threshold)
Olbermann's a Dead Man Walking. He's Juan Williams without the fallback position.

Jay, are you insane? What a terrible insult to Juan Williams. He's a man of character and decency.

Sure, give him a spot on Fo... (Below threshold)

Sure, give him a spot on Fox...
as soon as MSNBC gives Ann Coulter a time slot there.

Damn it Jay. Your evil mind... (Below threshold)

Damn it Jay. Your evil mind is working overtime again. Do you sit at your day job thinking of stuff like this post?

I'm really amazed at his su... (Below threshold)
Tom Blogical:

I'm really amazed at his suspension. There's no way it was about WHO he donated to. MSNBC is so far into the Democrat party their slogan may as well be, "What can Brown do for you?". Are they seriously upset that he didn't get permission to donate to his candidates of choice? Really? That would imply they're trying to maintain some sense of objectivity. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Don't forget, Keefums is th... (Below threshold)

Don't forget, Keefums is the same intellectual giant who said that "Griffin thinks he's my boss." Evidently MSNBC president Phil Griffin DOES think he's Keefum's boss.

PS - Don't piss off your boss, then violate a portion of your contract. Karma is a bitch!

Poor Keith. But not all is ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Poor Keith. But not all is lost. Five Guys burgers is hiring in my hometown. Mandatory nights and weekends; $7.25 an hour. No full time positions available. (Thank you, Obamacare.) Good luck.

Oh, and Keith, there's 2,500 people already in line. Sit in the back of the bus and wait your turn.

As a Republican I want to g... (Below threshold)

As a Republican I want to give a KO a microphone...WTF was MSNBC thinking???

Guess they saw the same thing I did.

which dude would you... (Below threshold)

which dude would you rather see nekkid -
Rachael Maddows or Keith Oberman???

tough call

Only if he agrees to a live... (Below threshold)

Only if he agrees to a live audience. And Alan Grayson to be his Ed McMahon? Hiyo.

His other option is probabl... (Below threshold)

His other option is probably proffesor of Media Affairs at some liberal arts college, paid for by our tax dollars.

Hmmm. No tip of the hat to... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. No tip of the hat to Rance for alluding to this in a previous post's comments?


I bet he didn't know he was paralleling JT's evil thoughts, or his head would have exploded.


23 - oh jesus, you think he... (Below threshold)
Silence Dogood:

23 - oh jesus, you think he's headed to CO? lol

(We can call it the Bathtub... (Below threshold)

(We can call it the Bathtub With Loofah Hour.)

You really should have a contest to 'name the show'- I'll start with:

Massingill Moments

Olberman will be offered a ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Olberman will be offered a job at NPR.

Or hired back at MSNBC as c... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Or hired back at MSNBC as chief commentator.

"which dude would you rathe... (Below threshold)

"which dude would you rather see nekkid -
Rachael Maddows or Keith Oberman???

tough call"

Please, Macofromoc, I just ate! Putting that thought in my mind just about made me toss my cookies.






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