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Good Job Governor Cuomo! 2,000 2nd Amendment Supporters are Leaving New York

Governor Cuomo is a steadfast opponent of the 2nd Amendment and those who support it. First it was the SAFE Act. That was the hastily passed act that outlawed “assault weapons” and magazines with over seven rounds. Then there was this… “You’re seeing that play out in New York. There’s SAFE-ACT. The Republican Party candidates […]


Hey Colorado the horse is out of the barn

Colorado passed a ban on high capacity magazines and now they’re paying the price. Two Democrat Senators were recalled and a third was about to be recalled when she resigned, giving the Governor the opportunity to appoint a Democratic replacement. Had she been recalled, control of the Senate would have swung to Republicans. When the […]


90 year old business owner exercises his 2nd Amendment rights

A young punk robber learned about the 2nd Amendment this week. George Hicks owns a Laundromat in Dayton, OH. He’s been in the neighborhood for decades and is respected and loved by his neighbors who are his customers. That all could have come to an end this week if only George had installed a silent […]


Duck Dynasty becomes Gun Dynasty?

Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty family have got to be enjoying themselves right now. First A&E fires Phil. GLAAD and victims’ lobby go berserk screaming and stamping their feet demanding that the show be cancelled. The Duck family simply smiled and said, “No Phil, no show, have a nice day.” and then they went […]


It’s an ad the superbowl won’t run!

The NFL has denied a Superbowl ad for a company called Daniel Defense. Daniel Defense manufactures sporting rifles and they also have a brick and mortar store where they sell other sporting goods. Here’s the NFL policy that was used to ban the ad. 5. Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that […]

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Today Will Be the Last Day of My Husband’s Life …

Ben and I have been married for 1 year, 4 months and 2 days. Ben has just 16.5 hours left here on this earth with me. Sixteen and a half hours of time and we have no idea the end is coming … The clock is ticking. So my friend, Nikki Goeser, begins her story. […]


Firearms and Fireworks Form a Fond and Firm Foundation

Please forgive the alliterative title … I’ve been paying too much attention at church (love you Pastor Tim!). But it’s true. Since childhood, firearms and fireworks have been a part of my life.  My attitude towards guns and support for the 2nd Amendment is based in no small part on my childhood experience. Some friends and […]


And so it begins

In a shameless rush to use the murders at Sandy Hook as a soapbox from which to show her ass to the law-abiding gun owners in America, perennial gun-grabber and all-around lackwit Dianne Feinstein (D, California) has released an outline of the gun control legislation she intends to introduce to the Senate in 2013.  Drawing […]