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Muslims in Philly Try to Carry Out Sharia Sentence to Chop Man’s Hand Off

This is what happens when you allow Muslims to think they can impose their own laws on members of their community. In Philadelphia a local Muslim leader tried to carry out Sharia law and chop off a man’s hand after he was accused of stealing money from the Mosque. As Reuters reports, ” Two men […]


Public Employee Unions steal from taxpayers to fund organizing efforts

Public Employee Unions like AFSCME have been working overtime to organize private businesses that contract with governmental units. Businesses like home health care providers and child care providers are their number one targets. These businesses are typically small businesses with a handful of employees and would be nearly impossible to target without the help of […]


Accountability in the Obama Administration

I bet Scooter Libby wishes he could have landed such a deal.


Most Transparent Administration by Crony Ever

Is the Obama Administration so arrogant and so assured of MSM complicity that they’re not even bothering to hide their cronyism?


Crony Government: Presidential Appointee Played Favorites with Federal Funds

Rather shockingly corrupt, except in Chicago, where it’s just how government operates.


Blagojevich convicted on 17 of 20 counts

Finally, a situation where "unexpected" actually applies:Stunned and nearly speechless after hearing the verdicts against him, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich will wake up Tuesday to the stark reality that…

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Barack Obama, ignoramus

For some time now, “Captain Ed” Morrisey has been publishing an Obamateurism Of The Day at HotAir.com.  Needless to say, he hasn’t even come close to running out of material. …

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What the Wisconsin union uproar is really about

What the Wisconsin union uproar is really about

Weakening the stranglehold the NEA and other unions have over their members would mean the end of the gravy train for fat cat union bosses and the Democrat party.


Hyperbole vs. Hyperbole

Hyperbole vs. Hyperbole

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) recently caught a lot of flak from liberals over his assertion that the Obama Administration is “one of the most corrupt administrations ever.”  It goes without…


Paging JeremyP …

In response to WizBang commenter JeremyP's rueful "Why I Vote Republican" mock list (which was tactfully rebutted by JayTea), I would like offer a shorter and more truthful explanation of…


The Democrats’ own Jack Abramoff

The Democrats’ own Jack Abramoff

He donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats. He lobbied members of Congress to expand offshore tax shelters. He shook the hand of a grinning Barack Obama last July….


Name that Party!

Where politicians are implicated in scandal or corruption, an interesting phenomenon has been noticed by many observers. It the offender is a Republican, it is mentioned in the lead paragraph….

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UN troops ‘helped smuggle gold’

At least these “Peacekeepers” weren’t raping the local women and children, or standing around smoking cigarettes while civilians are massacred, but still . . . Martin Plaut reports for the…

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