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Concealed carry permit applications way up in Chicago

Concealed carry permit applications way up in Chicago

Concealed carry is about to make Chicago a safer city. Maybe. Law enforcement officials – and we use that term very loosely when it comes to Chicago – have processed over 15,000 concealed carry applications in the last week. We think it’s outrageous that permits that have been approved by the State Police must now, […]


Colorado Democrats pass gun control, Magpul announces details of exit

Last year, in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, Mike Bloomberg’s gun control operations turned their sights to Colorado and their Democratic infrastructure. Needless to say the Democrats came through and passed some sweeping and completely useless new gun control laws, banning things like “high capacity magazines”. It turns out that a company called Magpul […]


Detroit Police Chief: the city is safer when good people can carry a gun

We recently wrote about a 90 year old man in Dayton, OH who defended himself from a robber because he could carry a gun. The police eventually got there. Today, we are happy to present the police chief of a major city with big crime problem who understands that his city is safer when the […]


16 GOP Senators Being Denounced for Their Vote Did What, Exactly?

Yesterday 16 Republican Senators, including both Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker from Tennessee, joined Democrats in voting to begin debate on legislation expanding background checks on gun purchases. With 68 votes to begin debate, a threatened GOP filibuster was stopped before it started. Grassroots reaction was both swift and pointed. Grassfire.com wrote, “Sen. Harry Reid’s gun-control legislation […]


No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer

So sayeth New York Governor Andrew “Son of Mario” Cuomo in his State of the State speech today as he railed against the semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine politicians refer to as assault weapons and high-capacity magazines used in said assault weapons and many modern handguns.  As much as I hate to agree with […]


Please go read and sign my White House petition

As the debates over gun control have escalated one thing I’ve mentioned several times is that alcohol is responsible for far more overall fatalities as well as more children’s lives cut short than firearms.  I don’t honestly believe alcohol prohibition is a good idea, but if the government is going to arbitrarily ban certain objects […]


A view from the other side

Lots of arguments flying back and forth on gun control these days, and I came across and interesting piece from the other side.  Other side of the globe, that is.  From the glorious pages of Pravda comes this editorial from Stanislav Michin, reprinted from his blog Mat Rodina.  I did a little editing to clean […]


No easy answers, no cheap fix

As we struggle with the tragically short lives viciously ended in Newtown last week, emotions and anger are running high.  So it should be when unspeakable acts like that occur.  As grief and shock subside, the inevitable calls to do something will reach a fever pitch.  But what can we realistically do to make sure […]


And so it begins …

“President Obama to push assault weapons ban in second term” – headline, The Hill (today). Not exactly a surprise, as President Obama has a clear record (particularly as an Illinois legislator) supporting extreme gun control measures including a ban on the manufacturing, sales, and possession of handguns, and a ban on the sale or transfer […]



So yesterday we discussed the chorus of vapid calls for Washington to “Do something!” in the wake of a demented murderers actions in Newtown.  It’s expected from the usual suspects and I should have expected it when I clicked the link, but under his non-football thoughts in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column Sports Illustrated […]


Chicago Warzone Update: 5 Dead, 23 Wounded

Wonder what movies they are watching in Chicago these days. Chicago Sun Times: Five men were killed and at least 23 people were wounded in gun violence in the city from Friday night to Sunday. The fatal shootings include one man who was fatally shot and two others who were wounded by police in two […]