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Democrats Causing Income Inequality?

  If Democrats want to combat income inequality in the USA, then perhaps they should start where it is the greatest … in cities dominated by the Democratic Party. As cited by the New York Times, the Brookings Institution has published a study that shows where in the USA income inequality is the greatest. Here […]


SOTU: People will prosper ONLY with Obama as Emperor

That was the main message from the President last night at the State of the Union reality show. By the way, we don’t have a government anymore, we have a rock star reality show running Washington DC. Before we get to the video of the President declaring himself to be the only thing that stands […]


Obama’s allies – Big City Mayors

The President is holding a confab with big city mayors and the new mayor of New York City, Bill DiBlasio, will be in attendance. That should tell you everything you need to know about the agenda. They’re going to be talking about the most pressing issues for cities today. Income inequality. Improving city schools. While […]


In America, consumption inequality narrowed significantly during the last 30 years

The American Enterprise Institute just published a study of how the overall welfare of Americans has evolved during the last thirty years.  You can read the abstract of the document, as well as download a PDF file of the complete study, by clicking on the link. The most remarkable aspect of the study is that […]