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Did Timothy Geithner leak Fed policy decisions to major banks?

Bloomberg Businessweek reports: A research paper has found “robust evidence” that for years some traders got early news of U.S. Federal Reserve rate announcements and then traded on it during the Fed’s media lockup. The paper, covering September 1997 through June 2013, detected abnormally large price movements and imbalances in buy and sell orders that […]


Where’s my pitchfork and torch?

And some tar and an old feather pillow? I’m putting together a Constitutional Amendment.  I used to think term limits was a good idea, but I’ve given up on that one because an out-of-work Congressman just moves to a lobbyist and has an even more pernicious impact on our world. I want to elect Congressmen […]


Crony Capitalism Update: Insider Trading Edition

Who did the President warn and when did he warn them?


Isn't "Insider Trading" supposed to be a bad thing?

Isn't "Insider Trading" supposed to be a bad thing?

Positively Orwellian. All pigs are equal under the law, but the law does not apply to congress pigs?

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