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Jane Fonda has a charitable foundation

You remember Hanoi Jane, right? Well, since her halcyon days as a Communist rally organizer and America Hater First Class, she’s apparently mellowed with age. She’s now 75 and hasn’t made a movie in forever, and doesn’t show up at any Democratic events anymore either. My guess is that since today’s Democratic Party is a […]


CBO: 7 million to lose employer-based insurance when ACA rules take effect

But don’t worry – your family will be able to buy health insurance through a government exchange for a mere $20,000 a year! As much as I would like to call this fiction, it isn’t.  The Affordable Care Act health insurance mandate and penalty regulations are confusing and ridiculous. An employer must offer each employee […]


STFU and pay, Warren

Warren Buffett, who says he’d be glad to pay more in personal income taxes, apparently doesn’t feel the same way about his business, investment giant Berkshire Hathaway: If [Buffett] were truly sincere, perhaps he might simply try paying the taxes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says his company owes? According to Berkshire Hathaway’s own annual […]