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Liberal, lesbian Camile Paglia approves of Phil Robertson

Camile Paglia is a self-described libertarian, but her views on virtually every issue toe the line with the Democratic National Committee. She’s a liberal, she’s a university professor, and she’s a lesbian who was “out” before it was cool to be a lesbian. She can also put two rational thoughts together on the same day. […]


Obama’s allies – Big City Mayors

The President is holding a confab with big city mayors and the new mayor of New York City, Bill DiBlasio, will be in attendance. That should tell you everything you need to know about the agenda. They’re going to be talking about the most pressing issues for cities today. Income inequality. Improving city schools. While […]


Things I Wish I’d Written…

Every once in a while I read something and I just kick myself that I didn’t write it. Heck, sometimes I’m a tad angry at God that he just made me extraordinarily handsome and didn’t give me the ability to write like, well, today, Peter Wehener. Today, in Commentary, Peter takes on President Obama. Now […]


Obama’s a Foreign Policy Genius.

Or something. When this whole Syria clusterf**k was unraveling I told everybody I know that Obama’s enablers would be shouting from the housetops about what a genius he is, getting the Russians to join the party and disarm Assad. I haven’t been disappointed. I’m constantly amazed that these people can feed and bathe themselves. Today, […]


What Liberals Want – Part 2

How one responds to liberalism depends on the kind of liberalism that one is responding to. As I have said previously, liberalism comes in two forms: social liberalism and fiscal liberalism. Of the two, fiscal liberalism is easier to deal with, because even a social liberal can see the logic in insisting that able-bodied adults […]


The Great Debate: Senator Obama Vs. President Obama

Hard to believe both men live in the same skin.


One Federal Employee Has A Non-PC Idea On How To Reduce Spending

Earlier this week all federal employees and members of the military received an e-mail like this: Here’s a chance to make a difference! The White House has launched the 2011 President’s SAVE (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) Award contest. The contest encourages federal employees to submit ideas for innovative ways to reduce spending within their […]


Massive Response To BP Oil Spill Dwarfed By Obama CYA Operation

Charles Krauthammer asks rhetorically: Whose blowout is it, anyway? Here's my question: Why are we drilling in 5,000 feet of water in the first place? Many reasons, but this one…

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More Trouble For Democrats In 2010

In the primary elections yesterday held in Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio (all states carried by President Obama in 2008) there was one defining characteristic. Turnout. Democratic turnout was abysmal…


Financial Reform Vote Fails As Senator Levin Channels Sarah Palin

Senator Carl Levin (D- Michigan) will hold his Goldman Sachs inquisition tomorrow after a weekend of prepping the political battlefield with the release of thousands of GS emails meant to…


Obama Shocked to Learn Real Military not Run Like Game of Risk

WASHINGTON- In a surprising turn of events, months of US military planning have proved useless when it was revealed to President Obama that real armies are not used similarly to…