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Public Employee Unions steal from taxpayers to fund organizing efforts

Public Employee Unions like AFSCME have been working overtime to organize private businesses that contract with governmental units. Businesses like home health care providers and child care providers are their number one targets. These businesses are typically small businesses with a handful of employees and would be nearly impossible to target without the help of […]


And teachers want respect…

It’s no secret that, here at The Curmudgeon, we have issues with public school teachers. Our view is that they want to be treated as professionals and then everything they actually do says that they are an insular, self-absorbed, group of whining narcissists. Today is a case in point. WEST BRANCH, Mich. – The Michigan […]


At war for the nation one city at a time: San Jose

On Monday we highlighted the steps San Bernardino, CA is taking to get out from under the iron thumb of union contracts that have forced the city into bankruptcy. Today we’re going to look at San Jose. Public employee pensions have put San Jose on the ropes. Their Democratic mayor and city council took the […]


Five reasons why public employee unions hate the free market

And, I should note that they don’t just hate the free market they fear it like Vlad Dracula fears the sunlight. The five reasons? AFSCME District Council 48 – Wisconsin. AFSCME District Council 20 – Wisconsin. Wisconsin Education Association Council. Wisconsin State Employees Union. Wisconsin Professional Police Association. Those five are all public employee unions […]


Biting the hand that feeds you

There is little on earth that can approach the absolute arrogance and hypocrisy of a union and the public employee unions are the poster children for that arrogance. This brings us to the State of Confusion California. The Bay Area Rapid Transit unions are without a contract. Their last one ran out a couple of […]

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Jeremiah Wright was right!

Just not in the way he intended. As quoted by ABC News: America’s chickens are coming home to roost… Yes, I’m taking the Reverend’s comment totally out of context, because in context he’s absolutely wrong. In today’s context however, he couldn’t be more right. Today’s context is the way we’ve been running our cities. Current […]


Retirement? Don’t count on it.

Especially if you’re a “public employee.” Public employees – and particularly cops, firefighters and teachers – have been working diligently and effectively with elected Democrats (for the most part) for thirty plus years to rape municipal and state taxpayers.  And I’m not using the word “rape” lightly, it’s intentional. They may very well discover that […]


The European Riots Can Happen Here: The SEIU Is Already Sponsoring Them

It turns out that restructuring the European lifestyle may be much more difficult than many EU members expected. ARIS — Across Western Europe, the "lifestyle superpower," the assumptions and gains…

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Quote Of The Day: "Subtlety Is Not Going To Win This Fight"

As Jay noted below, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is catching a lot of heat for going after the primary source of the state's fiscal woes: bloated public employee salaries…