BP Oil Spill Archives

  • 2011.05.19: Peter Fonda to Obama: 'You are a f(expletive) traitor'
  • 2011.01.28: Obama's war against the fossil fuel industry inflicts mounting casualties
  • 2011.01.14: Obama's oil commission report: "about ideology and politics as much as it about facts"
  • 2010.12.01: What impact will this have on the economy?
  • 2010.07.26: Where is the oil?
  • 2010.07.25: James Carville: "the federal government is about to kill us"
  • 2010.07.23: What does 184 million gallons of oil look like ...
  • 2010.07.18: Joe the Plumber helped plug that damned hole
  • 2010.07.12: Obama plugs damned hole
  • 2010.07.09: Jimmy Buffet, Gulf Coast native and committed Obama supporter, blames Bush for oil spill
  • 2010.07.01: "It's not just oil that's washing up on shore... it's failure"
  • 2010.07.01: Just In Case You Wondered How You Can Take Something (Sorta) Out of Context and Make It An Attack Ad
  • 2010.07.01: "Obama displays many tropes of femaleness"
  • 2010.06.30: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Timeline
  • 2010.06.29: Ditherer-in-chief makes a decision on international assistance...
  • 2010.06.28: A Glimmer Of Hope
  • 2010.06.28: Kevin Costner is making a difference in the Gulf
  • 2010.06.27: I've Got A Little List...
  • 2010.06.24: "Fidelity Is Only For Your Mate!"
  • 2010.06.22: Dark Side of the "force"
  • 2010.06.22: Breaking: Federal Judge halts Obama's oil drilling ban
  • 2010.06.21: The Scent Of Fear
  • 2010.06.21: MSM ignores Obama golfing while criticizing Hayward's yachting
  • 2010.06.20: What do you think Obama's Deep Horizon commission will be concluding?
  • 2010.06.18: The BP Oil Spill - Worst Case Scenario
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