Bush Archives

  • 2010.01.20: Ex-John Kerry aid: "President Bush deserves our respect, not our betrayal"
  • 2010.01.04: Obama beats Bush
  • 2009.04.03: Did the Federal Government Commit Extortion?
  • 2009.01.17: President Bush: more concerned about getting results than getting credit
  • 2009.01.15: Farewell, Sir.
  • 2009.01.15: Farewell
  • 2009.01.14: A Better Man Than His Detractors
  • 2009.01.13: Sigh..
  • 2009.01.06: Heckuva Job, Barry
  • 2008.12.15: No Fear: Shoes For Bush As Arabs Cheer
  • 2008.11.17: Call It "The Audacity of Victory"
  • 2008.10.05: I Stand With President Bush
  • 2008.09.04: Another Presidential Approval Poll
  • 2008.07.11: Kucinich Continues 'Impeach Bush' Tour '08
  • 2008.06.30: President Bush Approval Poll
  • 2008.05.13: Q: What do you call 25 skydiving plaintiffs' lawyers?
  • 2008.04.30: Rx For Better Healthcare
  • 2008.04.16: Bush 43 and Pope Benedict XVI
  • 2008.01.29: State of the Union
  • 2008.01.26: Romney Praises Bush, has 'deep respect' for the president
  • 2008.01.24: Senate Backs Bush on Wiretaps
  • 2008.01.16: Bush Exempts Navy from Environmental Law, Anti-submarine training to proceed despite left-wing enviro lawsuit
  • 2008.01.14: The Bush Presidency: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • 2008.01.09: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
  • 2008.01.07: Monday Afternoon Round Up
  • 2007.11.11: Former President Bush Skydives Again
  • 2007.09.26: NPR refuses Bush offer of exclusive interview
  • 2007.08.17: Jenna Bush to be Married
  • 2007.07.05: Bush Economy Ranks Among the Best
  • 2007.06.20: Just Curious On One Point ...
  • 2007.06.05: Attacking the President
  • 2007.05.25: Let's Impeach President Bush
  • 2007.05.23: Just When I Thought There Was Nothing Left to Be Blamed On George Bush
  • 2007.05.16: Why Republicans Need to Support the President
  • 2007.05.15: Maestro George Bush?
  • 2007.03.20: Finally Fighting Back -- It's About Time
  • 2007.03.20: Bush Needs to Step Up Communication Strategy
  • 2007.02.26: Bush Bashing To Sell Pizza
  • 2007.01.25: Up To The Job
  • 2006.11.21: President Bush's Daughter Robbed in Argentina
  • 2006.09.25: Presidential Mourning
  • 2006.09.19: The President's Address To The U.N.
  • 2006.09.01: What If The Left Killed Bush?
  • 2006.08.25: The President Meets With Families With Different Perspectives on War
  • 2006.07.28: White House Hosts American Idol Finalists
  • 2006.07.27: Improved Poll Results For The President
  • 2006.07.24: NOBEL Peace Prize Winner Tells School Children She Would Love To Kill George Bush
  • 2006.07.21: Blair Didn't Say "Honey" After All
  • 2006.07.06: Happy Birthday, Mr. President
  • 2006.06.29: The President and the King
  • 2006.06.14: Bush May Meet Vow To Halve The Deficit Three Years Early
  • 2006.06.01: Another Case of Bush Derangement Syndrome
  • 2006.05.23: The Essential President Bush
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