House of Representatives Archives

  • 2011.06.23: Washington [com]Post rushes to press with a lie
  • 2011.06.12: First Photos Of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
  • 2011.05.26: Isn't "Insider Trading" supposed to be a bad thing?
  • 2011.01.09: The Ever Changing Meme On The Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting
  • 2011.01.07: History Is Bunk
  • 2010.11.17: Nancy Pelosi Still Has What It Takes!
  • 2010.11.06: Allen West says he will join the Congressional Black Caucus to challenge their world view
  • 2010.08.31: End the Stranglehold on Congress (NC-2)
  • 2010.08.26: How Does It Feel?
  • 2010.07.09: Scorched earth politics: Anticipating that they'll lose the House, Dems planning to use lame duck session to pass controversial legislation
  • 2010.05.17: Tuesday's Primaries Begin The Banquet Of Consequences
  • 2010.05.14: Rahm Emanuel Is Doing Some Serious CYA After ObamaCare Passage: Does He Hear Clinton Footsteps?
  • 2010.05.14: NC-7 Ilario Pantano for Congress and the Primary Losers Who Won't Accept Defeat
  • 2010.05.12: The Failure Of The Federal Confidence Game
  • 2010.04.19: About That SEC Complaint Against Goldman
  • 2010.04.14: Democrat's 2010 Problem Discovered By The Mainstream
  • 2010.04.08: Are Rasmussen and Gallup Converging? Why Democrats Continue To Ignore The Obvious
  • 2010.03.22: Fire Pelosi
  • 2010.03.19: The Latest Outrage from the Outrageous Nancy Pelosi
  • 2010.03.17: Did Obama Buy California Congressmen's Votes with Water to the Central Valley?
  • 2010.03.13: Ray LaHood: The President's New Lackey
  • 2010.03.12: Will Democrats Fall On Their Swords For ObamaCare?
  • 2010.03.02: Charlie Rangle to "Step Down" Ahead of Bill to Remove Him
  • 2010.01.25: Berry retires despite Obama arrogance
  • 2010.01.25: Marion Berry (D-AR) to retire
  • 2010.01.16: Another Democrat Declines to Stand for Re-election
  • 2010.01.08: The Most Ethical Congress Ever
  • 2010.01.07: The Dems are in Even Worse Shape Than I Thought
  • 2009.12.29: Four Members of Congress Caught Cheating on Taxes
  • 2009.12.22: Democrats Face Additional Battles over Health Care
  • 2009.12.09: Baird Retires!
  • 2009.10.13: Theme Song for 2010
  • 2009.10.07: Rangel Evades Questions As Well As He Avoids Taxes
  • 2009.08.17: Will Congressional Democrats Be Singing The Blues Next Year?
  • 2009.08.05: Former Rep. Jefferson (D-LA) Convicted Of Bribery, Racketeering And Money Laundering
  • 2009.06.20: Obama's Economy: The Green Shoot Fallacy
  • 2009.04.04: Obama Caves On Bank Pay
  • 2009.04.03: Obama Budget Passes Congress
  • 2009.03.31: Pay for Performance Act of 2009
  • 2009.03.26: Obama/Geithner Bank Plan Robs Tax Payers: Congress Drives The Getaway Car
  • 2009.03.21: Geithner Bank Plan Continues Façade Of Potemkin Banks
  • 2009.03.20: AIG Mob Invades Neighborhood
  • 2009.03.18: Democrats Reeling From AIG Mess
  • 2009.03.05: Beverly Young saves the day
  • 2009.02.28: Banks To Frank: We Don't Want Your Stinking Money
  • 2009.02.25: THe House Passes $410 Billion Spending Bill
  • 2009.02.22: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2009.02.14: A Tyranny Of Mediocrity And Sleaze
  • 2009.02.11: Barack Obama Promised a Tax Cut for 95% of the American People
  • 2009.02.11: Democrat Theater
  • 2009.01.29: House GOP holds the line; unanimously votes against "stimulus" bill
  • 2009.01.25: Biden And Pelosi Tee It Up for Republicans
  • 2008.12.10: Rangel me this
  • 2008.12.10: Mike Pence's "Conservative Voice:" Who Does That Voice Care About?
  • 2008.12.07: "Cold Cash" returned to private sector
  • 2008.11.29: Don't worry be happy
  • 2008.11.06: The Most Bipartisan Congress Ever
  • 2008.11.04: News you won't want to hear...
  • 2008.11.04: One small bit of good news- Updated
  • 2008.10.23: Russell Leading Murtha!
  • 2008.10.17: Closer to Card Check
  • 2008.10.15: Bye Bye Tim Mahoney
  • 2008.10.02: BREAKING: Bailout bill passes the Senate; roll call added
  • 2008.09.29: On Bailout Failure: Smoking and Cancer
  • 2008.09.19: Dude where's your home Part II
  • 2008.09.06: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.08.04: House Republicans revolt!
  • 2008.07.23: Dude, where's your home?
  • 2008.06.21: Thaddeus McCotter teaches us how to speak Democrat.
  • 2008.04.05: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.03.28: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.02.15: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.01.30: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.01.17: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2007.10.22: "Crooks and Liars" update: poll results
  • 2007.10.05: One strange man, one strange vote
  • 2007.09.18: Whew! No new House seats
  • 2007.09.17: Rangel plots major tax hike
  • 2007.08.31: "Slimed in the Green Zone"
  • 2007.07.13: 223 April Fools
  • 2007.05.25: Culture of Corruption
  • 2007.05.18: Murtha Brazenly Violates Ethics Rules Once Again
  • 2007.04.26: "Language of surrender is inappropriate..."
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