Senate Archives

  • 2011.05.26: Isn't "Insider Trading" supposed to be a bad thing?
  • 2011.04.01: Harry Reid (D-NV) does the Fleebaggers one better
  • 2011.03.29: Senator Charles Schummer (D-NY) Actually Shut Up
  • 2011.02.11: Senate Website To Sen. Coburn, "Account Disabled"
  • 2010.12.16: Reid folds
  • 2010.08.26: How Does It Feel?
  • 2010.05.23: Sestak Says It's Not His Responsibility
  • 2010.05.17: Tuesday's Primaries Begin The Banquet Of Consequences
  • 2010.05.14: Rahm Emanuel Is Doing Some Serious CYA After ObamaCare Passage: Does He Hear Clinton Footsteps?
  • 2010.05.12: The Failure Of The Federal Confidence Game
  • 2010.04.19: About That SEC Complaint Against Goldman
  • 2010.04.14: Democrat's 2010 Problem Discovered By The Mainstream
  • 2010.04.08: Are Rasmussen and Gallup Converging? Why Democrats Continue To Ignore The Obvious
  • 2010.03.12: Will Democrats Fall On Their Swords For ObamaCare?
  • 2010.02.16: Scott Brown 1, Joe Biden 0
  • 2010.02.15: Bayh kept Reid in the dark about his retirement plans
  • 2010.02.05: Demint and Graham Push Balanced Budget Amendment, Earmarks Ban
  • 2010.01.22: Nate Silver on the Senate Post 2010
  • 2010.01.19: Senator Jim Webb speaks for me
  • 2010.01.19: REPUDIATION!
  • 2010.01.19: Brown wins The Ted Kennedy Seat
  • 2010.01.12: "It's not the Kennedy's seat, it's not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat"
  • 2010.01.07: The Dems are in Even Worse Shape Than I Thought
  • 2010.01.05: Scott Brown is running for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts
  • 2009.12.28: Senator Baucus: Legislating under the Influence?
  • 2009.12.22: Democrats Face Additional Battles over Health Care
  • 2009.12.07: And In This Corner
  • 2009.11.22: Finally! Transparency in Government
  • 2009.10.15: Supporting the Troops the Democrat Way
  • 2009.09.23: Carly Fiorina To Challenge Barbara Boxer?
  • 2009.06.20: Obama's Economy: The Green Shoot Fallacy
  • 2009.05.19: Retire Chris Dodd
  • 2009.04.04: Obama Caves On Bank Pay
  • 2009.04.03: Obama Budget Passes Congress
  • 2009.03.26: Obama/Geithner Bank Plan Robs Tax Payers: Congress Drives The Getaway Car
  • 2009.03.21: Geithner Bank Plan Continues Façade Of Potemkin Banks
  • 2009.03.20: An Adult Steps up and Takes Control
  • 2009.03.20: AIG Mob Invades Neighborhood
  • 2009.03.18: Democrats Reeling From AIG Mess
  • 2009.03.07: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2009.02.28: Banks To Frank: We Don't Want Your Stinking Money
  • 2009.02.14: A Tyranny Of Mediocrity And Sleaze
  • 2009.02.11: Barack Obama Promised a Tax Cut for 95% of the American People
  • 2009.02.11: Democrat Theater
  • 2009.02.06: Sen. Martinez to vote yes on Porkzilla?
  • 2009.02.01: Doubt we can believe in
  • 2009.01.25: Biden And Pelosi Tee It Up for Republicans
  • 2009.01.10: Durbin Gets a Clue
  • 2009.01.06: The Club at Play
  • 2009.01.05: Will they be screaming about unfair, stolen elections now?
  • 2008.12.15: Brother, can you spare a Senate seat?
  • 2008.12.11: Silly in Chicago
  • 2008.12.09: More Republicans Say Yes to an Auto Bailout Filibuster
  • 2008.12.04: Chris Matthews Considering Run for Senate; MSNBC Hopes He Quits Soon
  • 2008.12.04: "Something smells in Washington and it's not the tourists."
  • 2008.12.03: In all seriousness
  • 2008.12.02: Saxby Chambliss Wins In Georgia
  • 2008.12.02: Breaking news- FL Senator Mel Martinez won't run for re-election in 2010
  • 2008.11.19: Another one bites the dust
  • 2008.11.13: Barack Obama to resign Senate seat Sunday
  • 2008.11.06: The Most Bipartisan Congress Ever
  • 2008.11.04: Second bit of good news
  • 2008.10.17: Closer to Card Check
  • 2008.10.02: BREAKING: Bailout bill passes the Senate; roll call added
  • 2008.09.29: On Bailout Failure: Smoking and Cancer
  • 2008.07.24: Senate Republicans are laying down the gauntlet.
  • 2008.06.08: Reason #91 the GOP will get their heads handed to them in November
  • 2008.04.24: Congress Update
  • 2008.04.19: Kerry tries to make up for his nine years of doing nothing; fails miserably.
  • 2008.04.14: Happy Anniversary, John Kerry!
  • 2007.12.19: Senate approves $70 billion for wars
  • 2007.11.30: Ted Kennedy gets fat book advance
  • 2007.11.26: Trent Lott to quit Senate
  • 2007.10.15: WaPo: Hillary lied, antiwar left cried
  • 2007.10.02: Obama: No Nukes!
  • 2007.09.28: Nonsense of the Senate
  • 2007.09.27: Al Franken gets refund from Strib
  • 2007.09.21: Another Democrat surrender bill defeated
  • 2007.09.20: Harry Reid jumps thru hoop, falls flat on face
  • 2007.09.12: Reid vows to block Olson as AG
  • 2007.09.04: Senator Larry Craig: The Comeback!
  • 2007.08.20: Senators call for Maliki's ouster
  • 2007.08.18: WaPo endorses Judge Southwick
  • 2007.08.16: Tax hike attempt brewing in Senate
  • 2007.07.27: Democrat Senator Charles Schumer Says There Will Be No More Confirmations of Bush Judicial Nominees
  • 2007.07.20: Democrats Kill the John Doe Provision
  • 2007.06.27: Immigration Bill May Not Get Through the Senate
  • 2007.06.26: The Senate Votes for Cloture on the Immigration Bill
  • 2007.06.26: Employee Free Choice Act Dies, Employee Free Choice Lives
  • 2007.06.22: Wyoming Governor Chooses Republican John Barrasso to Replace Late Senator Craig Thomas
  • 2007.06.06: Senator Lynne Cheney?
  • 2007.04.19: Reid Denounced Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Statute He Voted For
  • 2007.04.09: Only One Democrat Met with General Patraeus about Iraq
  • 2007.04.03: Reids plans to cut funds for Iraq War
  • 2007.03.27: Senate Votes for Surrender Timeline
  • 2007.03.26: Senate Republicans Won't Block Dem's Iraq Bill
  • 2007.01.27: The Importance of The Pledge
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