2009 Spendulus Bill Archives

  • 2011.06.29: The Left's Holiday from Sane
  • 2011.06.21: Killing A Meme At Birth
  • 2011.06.21: Words are not necessary, the graphic tells the unemployment story
  • 2011.06.15: Obama Then, Obama Now
  • 2011.06.10: GIGO; Hope and Change end in Depression
  • 2011.05.17: The Obama record: 450,000 government jobs saved, 1,000,000 private sector jobs eliminated
  • 2010.12.13: Stunner: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act a Failure
  • 2010.11.30: Pie Chart of the Day: The Federal Pay Freeze
  • 2010.09.14: In what particular way did this lead to job creation?
  • 2010.07.16: Fed: Economy may not recover for another five to six years
  • 2010.05.12: The Failure Of The Federal Confidence Game
  • 2010.04.26: This just in...
  • 2010.04.14: Democrat's 2010 Problem Discovered By The Mainstream
  • 2010.01.25: Bait and switch, Obama style
  • 2010.01.18: Stimulus - What's It Good For?
  • 2010.01.13: "This is truly a stunning effect"
  • 2009.12.27: "So basically, we are stimulating the government bureaucracy."
  • 2009.12.18: This just in...
  • 2009.11.20: Caterpillar Crawling Along. Barely
  • 2009.11.17: Fictional Jobs in Fictional Districts: Garbage In, Garbage Out
  • 2009.10.31: Calculator abuse?
  • 2009.10.30: "'Jobs created or saved' is such pure fiction"
  • 2009.10.29: Jobs in Stimulus Mirror are Much Smaller than They Appear
  • 2009.10.29: Puffery
  • 2009.10.21: 49 Out of 50 States Have Fewer Jobs Now
  • 2009.10.16: First reports out on number of jobs created by stimulus package
  • 2009.10.15: But at What Cost?
  • 2009.07.11: Obama, Stimulus II and Small Business
  • 2009.07.09: Billions in stimulus aid go to areas that voted for Obama
  • 2009.07.09: State Run Media Spins Unemployment Data
  • 2009.07.07: Stimulus II: The Sequel
  • 2009.06.16: Democrats Laundering Earmarks Through Stimulus Funding
  • 2009.06.16: It's official - the Stimulus failed
  • 2009.06.10: US Economy At A Crossroads
  • 2009.06.08: President Obama Announces Ramp Up In Stimulus Spending
  • 2009.06.06: How Is That Stimulus Working Out For You?
  • 2009.05.15: Stimulus Checks for Dead People and Wedding Food
  • 2009.05.14: Obama Warns of Debt Load
  • 2009.05.07: The Real Deal on Stimulus "Jobs Now"
  • 2009.03.17: The Big Scamulus Con
  • 2009.02.25: Junk Economics
  • 2009.02.21: Jindal Rejects Portion of Spendulus Money
  • 2009.02.20: Get ready to party ...
  • 2009.02.18: FYI
  • 2009.02.17: Add insult to injury, rinse, and repeat
  • 2009.02.17: Another Reason for the Big Rush
  • 2009.02.14: Speaking Of Bribes
  • 2009.02.13: Are Democrats That Smart?
  • 2009.02.13: "Stimulus" for NC
  • 2009.02.13: Spendulus Tweeting
  • 2009.02.13: One Thing The "Stimulus" Bill Has Been Good For
  • 2009.02.12: Will Republicans Even Know What Is In The Bill Before They Vote?
  • 2009.02.12: Obama Donor Starts Anti-Stimulus Bill Campaign
  • 2009.02.12: Retail Sales Rebounded In January -- first gain in 7 months
  • 2009.02.10: He was wearing my Harvard tie! Can you believe it? My Harvard tie! Like, oh sure, HE went to Harvard...
  • 2009.02.09: How the Spendulus Bill Could Still Fail
  • 2009.02.09: Possibly the Funniest Thing You Will Read This Year (unless you are a liberal)
  • 2009.02.08: The Worst Piece Of Legislation Since The 1930's
  • 2009.02.07: Why are conservatives fighting Spendulus? We remember Katrina
  • 2009.02.06: CBO blows the whistle on "Spendulus"
  • 2009.02.06: Scary Barry and the Top Ten Reasons to Oppose the "Stimulus" Plan
  • 2009.02.06: Comments on Unemployment Figures
  • 2009.02.05: The Rush to Spendulus
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