Foreign Affairs Archives

  • 2011.06.26: 'Cuz Really, It Changes Everything
  • 2011.06.19: Wrong At Every Step
  • 2011.06.18: The Smartest Man In The Room
  • 2011.06.17: Ron Paul's Case Against The Obama Administration's Involvement In Libya
  • 2011.06.12: Well, Wasn't That Special?
  • 2011.05.12: "We'll Make Them An Offer They Should Refuse"
  • 2011.05.05: A Primer on Pakistan
  • 2011.05.01: "Obama marinates in the foul identity politics that are the bread and butter of modern progressives"
  • 2011.04.23: Given the Obama doctrine, won't we soon be bombing Syria?
  • 2011.04.20: In which I join The Blogfather in rubbing it in
  • 2011.04.08: The Democrats told me that if I voted for McCain, I was voting for Presidential War Powers and secret detention
  • 2011.04.03: "If this is liberalism, you can keep it"
  • 2011.03.31: Echoes Of Failures Past
  • 2011.03.29: Of "The One" and his Straw Men
  • 2011.03.29: Great Style, Little Substance
  • 2011.03.27: This is why traditional conservatives do not understand contemporary/liberal foreign policy
  • 2011.03.26: John Yoo in Praise of President Obama
  • 2011.03.26: "I don't care, Obama is awesome" (UPDATED)
  • 2011.03.24: Seventeen Percent of Americans are Delusional
  • 2011.03.23: Gadhafi unbowed
  • 2011.03.22: A Quick Guide on Who to Support in the Middle East
  • 2011.03.21: But that was then and this is now
  • 2011.03.21: The Iron Spine of NATO
  • 2011.03.19: The Change which Hope has brought us
  • 2011.03.19: The Jay Tea Doctrine
  • 2011.03.18: The Palin Doctrine emerges
  • 2011.03.17: Hillary Clinton knows it's 3:00 AM
  • 2011.03.10: Ceding the notion of American exceptionalism...
  • 2011.03.06: How radical has Obama's foreign policy been to date?
  • 2011.02.28: "Washington appears weak, rudderless and frequently confused"
  • 2011.02.15: I'll admit to not ever before hearing from or about Niall Ferguson...
  • 2011.02.15: No Guiding Light
  • 2011.02.05: Incompetence on Egypt?
  • 2011.01.28: Yet another Carter comparison
  • 2011.01.25: Tit For Tat
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