Abortion Archives

  • 2011.06.18: I FOUND CODEPINK!!!
  • 2011.06.06: Kill your baby, get a free pap smear
  • 2011.04.13: Death Benefits, 2010 Edition
  • 2011.04.13: Liars' Figures
  • 2011.04.11: What follows from Lawrence O'Donnell is supposed to garner sympathy and compassion
  • 2011.03.15: I'd like to think I'm a passionate and committed individual
  • 2011.03.13: "I don't know any circumstance in which abortion is a happy circumstance"
  • 2011.02.28: Killing child in womb safer than delivering it
  • 2011.02.24: "The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb"
  • 2011.02.04: Selective reductions (UPDATED)
  • 2011.02.01: "The press wants Kermit Gosnell and his scissors to go away"
  • 2011.01.25: "Not ignorance or incompetence, not even bias, but outright fraud"
  • 2011.01.23: Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • 2011.01.22: "I look at them unflinchingly and see meat"
  • 2011.01.20: What exactly is the controversy over Rick Santorum's statement?
  • 2011.01.19: Kermit Gosnell, Philadelphia abortion doctor, facing eight counts of murder
  • 2010.12.19: "You mean you're not pro-choice?"
  • 2010.11.18: But... But... "Choice!"
  • 2010.09.07: So, What's The Problem?
  • 2010.08.04: Pelosi questioned as to Jesus' right to life
  • 2010.02.23: The Abortion Of Civility
  • 2010.02.07: Video: The Second Tebow Super Bowl Ad
  • 2010.02.07: Video: The First Tebow Super Bowl Ad
  • 2010.02.03: Signs of cultural decay
  • 2010.01.12: Tiller's Killer Gets A Life-Line
  • 2009.12.18: Loophole in Virginia State Law Allows Mother to Kill Her Newborn
  • 2009.12.09: Now it's Patty Murray playing the "I'm an idiot" card
  • 2009.12.09: The Political Abortion Of Diane Feinstein
  • 2009.12.08: Tiller's Avenging Angel Of Death
  • 2009.11.07: "Am I killing, yes I am, I know that"
  • 2009.10.26: The Gospel According to Kennedy.
  • 2009.10.15: Abortion Addict?
  • 2009.06.01: Two Martyrs, One Fate
  • 2009.06.01: Dr. George Tiller - who could have killed him, and why
  • 2009.05.31: George Tiller Murdered
  • 2009.04.29: Your New Health And Human Services Secretary
  • 2009.04.20: Lila Rose catches Planned Parenthood covering up another case of statutory rape
  • 2009.04.17: Sarah Palin's Speech to Indiana Pro-Life Group
  • 2009.04.14: Kathleen Sebelius Lied About Donations from Tiller the Baby Killer
  • 2009.03.18: Planned Parenthood gets caught covering up statutory rape... again
  • 2009.03.16: Backtracking
  • 2009.03.12: He keeps going
  • 2009.03.10: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2009.02.18: Planned Parenthood covers up abuse -- and this time, it's not a fake
  • 2009.02.10: A 12-year-old girl's opinion on abortion
  • 2009.02.07: Another Abortion Horror
  • 2009.01.22: National Sanctity of Human Life Day
  • 2009.01.13: America's unborn say "thank you" to Bernie Madoff
  • 2009.01.08: Stop. Drop. And Think.
  • 2008.12.16: Lila Rose debuts a second video of an Indiana Planned Parenthood breaking the law
  • 2008.12.13: The SCSIwuzzy Manifesto: Abortion
  • 2008.11.21: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.10.20: Will Chaput Be Kaput After Criticizing Obama?
  • 2008.10.07: A Beautiful Story
  • 2008.09.23: New Catholic Vote ad
  • 2008.09.17: Trig Palin is a burden to society and should have been aborted.
  • 2008.09.16: Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen schools Barack Obama
  • 2008.09.11: Canadian Doctor Fears Palin's Decision to Have Trig Will Mean Fewer Abortions
  • 2008.08.20: On Abortion
  • 2008.08.20: Incoming!
  • 2008.08.18: The "when does life begin?" question wasn't always above his pay grade.
  • 2008.08.17: Obama: Deciding when a baby gets human rights is "above my pay grade".
  • 2008.08.11: Change you can believe in: Obama is PRO baby murder
  • 2008.07.14: Michele Bachmann: Planned Parenthood is the Wal-Mart of abortion
  • 2008.05.20: Law & Order Update -- Late-Term Abortions
  • 2008.05.17: NARAL doesn't like Hillary anymore
  • 2008.05.07: UW-SC students show tolerance for opposing views on abortion.
  • 2008.05.01: Here comes... Abortionman!
  • 2008.04.17: More from Aliza Shvarts: Ranting against the "Patriarchal Heteronormative"
  • 2008.04.17: There are no words.
  • 2008.04.15: Women make an informed choice?! How DARE they?!
  • 2008.04.04: Maybe Baby Blues
  • 2008.04.03: Lila Rose does it again
  • 2008.03.30: Another good year for Planned Parenthood
  • 2008.03.12: That "spawn" is half his!
  • 2008.01.22: Ironic Headlines of the Day
  • 2008.01.07: Freedom of Speech and Assembly
  • 2007.12.21: Uh-oh, they're not backing down
  • 2007.08.17: Storage Company Utilizes Pro-Abortion Billboard
  • 2007.08.11: Animal Rights Activists Marking Animal Researchers for Death
  • 2007.08.11: Defensive Medicine At Its Most Offensive
  • 2007.07.18: Democrats Declare that They are Pro-Abortion
  • 2007.06.22: Pro-choice is bad for Democrats?
  • 2007.05.16: Five questions, no answers expected
  • 2007.04.19: Reid Denounced Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Statute He Voted For
  • 2007.04.18: Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Federal Ban on Partial Birth Abortion
  • 2007.03.14: Group Launches Abortion E-Cards
  • 2007.01.23: The March For Life
  • 2006.11.04: Is There No Limit?
  • 2006.10.20: The Unvarnished Truth
  • 2006.10.11: A Feminist Blogger Will Abort Her Baby to Get Back at Pro-Lifers
  • 2006.06.19: A Living Breathing Poster Child For Planned Parenthood
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