Life Issues Archives

  • 2011.05.30: "We lose our ability to say that this is important, this is unimportant"
  • 2011.05.27: Wife flies plane when pilot husband stricken
  • 2011.05.26: Anguish (UPDATED) (AGAIN)
  • 2011.03.19: "Nothing anymore is feared and loathed so much as a baby"
  • 2011.03.13: Elderly Japanese man found on roof 10 miles out to sea (UPDATED)
  • 2011.02.24: "The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb"
  • 2011.02.20: "Heaven is real"
  • 2011.01.22: "I look at them unflinchingly and see meat"
  • 2011.01.09: Christina Taylor Green: The face of innocence
  • 2011.01.06: A second chance for golden voiced homeless man
  • 2010.12.29: "What is worth losing your life over?"
  • 2010.12.07: Oh, Baby...
  • 2010.10.17: Might the number of suicides today have something to do with "the wisdom of the age"?
  • 2010.10.13: The euphoria of rescue
  • 2010.10.10: Rural Residents Seek Changes in Fire Policy After House Allowed to Burn
  • 2010.09.10: A Pastoral look at Divorce and Remarriage
  • 2010.08.13: Sentimentality does not equal compassion (UPDATED)
  • 2010.07.14: "Why not launch a big, dancing middle finger directed toward the agents of apathy and malevolence"
  • 2010.06.18: Eric Duquette is someone you should know
  • 2010.06.15: "Now is the time to become grounded"
  • 2010.04.09: Are you worried and anxious?
  • 2010.03.27: "they'll champion any number of cockamamie schemes to sooth their depraved consciences"
  • 2010.03.12: Harry Reid's wife and daughter injured in car crash
  • 2010.02.23: Racism and Individualism
  • 2010.02.22: Or a spotted owl... or a baby seal... or gay... or a Muslim...
  • 2010.02.07: Video: The Second Tebow Super Bowl Ad
  • 2010.02.07: Video: The First Tebow Super Bowl Ad
  • 2010.02.05: Joy Behar: Tebow may've become a rapist or pedophile...
  • 2010.02.04: Re-visiting the Terri Schiavo issue
  • 2010.02.03: Planned Parenthood responds to Tim Tebow's Super Bowl ad
  • 2010.02.03: Signs of cultural decay
  • 2010.02.02: Sally Jenkins at WaPo speaks the truth...
  • 2010.02.02: "Here's what we do need a lot more of: Tebows"
  • 2010.02.02: This just in...
  • 2010.01.29: Palin challenges the National Organization for (liberal) Women
  • 2010.01.26: Tim Tebow and His Mom to Appear in Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad
  • 2010.01.21: How discerning are you with your charitable giving?
  • 2010.01.18: "Our nation's health care crisis... is a crisis of culture"
  • 2010.01.16: Jambalaya
  • 2010.01.16: "There is, still to come, a resurrection."
  • 2010.01.16: Miracle in Haiti
  • 2010.01.12: Awesome
  • 2009.12.30: "Obama and his friends preach tolerance, but there is bigotry at their group's core."
  • 2009.12.29: "Monsters are monsters, it seems, for want of enough lectures"
  • 2009.12.28: "Pride comes from effort and achievement, not from largesse handed out by guilty white liberals."
  • 2009.12.23: "Teach them to watch the star that leads to the baby"
  • 2009.12.20: A gift idea that bridges the sexes
  • 2009.12.18: Loophole in Virginia State Law Allows Mother to Kill Her Newborn
  • 2009.12.18: Jason Mattera presents AARP with a "generational theft" invoice
  • 2009.12.15: Size matters
  • 2009.12.13: It's Jimmy Carter's turn (again) to play the "I'm an idiot" card
  • 2009.12.11: Ever felt like giving up?
  • 2009.12.02: Extreme social networking
  • 2009.12.01: The price of vanity
  • 2009.05.22: I Got Goosebumps
  • 2009.05.18: No, Mr. President
  • 2009.05.15: The Majority of Americans are now Pro-Life
  • 2009.02.27: No joke
  • 2008.09.21: Modern Love
  • 2008.04.24: Murder, Inc.
  • 2008.02.01: Britain's Molly Baroness Meacher: Severely Disabled Children "Not Viable People"
  • 2007.09.05: Once Again The Difference
  • 2007.07.11: Mean Streets
  • 2007.05.04: Slaughterhouse
  • 2007.05.04: Poor & Gentrified
  • 2007.04.24: The Killing Fields
  • 2007.04.09: Gentrification
  • 2006.09.28: Haleigh Poutre Update
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