In The Tank For Obama Archives

  • 2011.06.30: How old is Malia Obama?
  • 2011.06.29: Another Week in which the LSM has covered itself in glory
  • 2011.06.27: Michelle Bachmann Makes A Mistake, As Seen On NBC Nightly News
  • 2011.06.26: "Are you a flake?"
  • 2011.06.05: What does it say about American Journalism
  • 2011.04.29: White House exhibiting "control freak instincts"
  • 2011.04.25: Wanna make a statement at the gas pump?
  • 2011.04.23: Chronicling leftist hypocrisy on the price of gas...
  • 2011.01.30: Old Enough To Know Better
  • 2011.01.26: Media needs a cigarette...
  • 2010.12.15: All the news that's fit to ignore
  • 2010.11.25: Palin payback
  • 2010.11.16: What do you do if your man can't handle the job?
  • 2010.10.15: Washington Post: Tea Party isn't racist
  • 2010.10.13: Viacom: Obama townhall is not political
  • 2010.08.20: Americans are numbskulls
  • 2010.08.18: The problem (for Obama and the Dems) is the message
  • 2010.08.12: Don't speak ill of The One
  • 2010.07.18: Chronicling the media bias
  • 2010.06.21: MSM ignores Obama golfing while criticizing Hayward's yachting
  • 2010.05.25: Obama's Shame
  • 2010.04.24: If Bush were President...
  • 2010.04.17: NBC's Jay Barbree's career may be over
  • 2010.03.21: Were racial slurs hurled at John Lewis and his entourage by Tea Party members?
  • 2010.03.13: Ray LaHood: The President's New Lackey
  • 2010.02.04: The MSM have become Geese
  • 2010.01.12: In The Tank
  • 2009.11.17: Scapegoats
  • 2009.10.12: Life On Planet Obama
  • 2009.10.06: In The Tank For Obama: CNN Fact Check's SNL
  • 2009.09.19: "..And It's Just 10 Easy Payments Of $100 Billion.."
  • 2009.03.18: NBC Fires Back at Stewart
  • 2009.03.09: Wikipedia's Wicked Ways
  • 2009.01.03: The New York Times Buries the Lede (and Truth) Again
  • 2008.12.13: Crisis Overted?
  • 2008.10.22: Senator Chris Matthews? 'Bigger Than Kennedy!'
  • 2008.10.09: When Will They Consummate It?
  • 2008.10.01: Journalism is dead.
  • 2008.09.12: The 20/20 Interview
  • 2008.09.04: Ouch, the Media Might Need to Put a Little Ice on that
  • 2008.09.03: In The Tank For Obama - US Weekly
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