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  • 2011.06.15: Bill Maher On New Hampshire Debate, And Dick Cheney's Lust For Avian Blood
  • 2011.03.16: Dishonesty in reporting
  • 2011.02.02: I blame Sarah Palin
  • 2011.01.22: Mad Dog Finally Put Down
  • 2011.01.07: Most Vapid Idea Of The Year
  • 2010.12.01: All the news that fits the meme
  • 2010.10.15: Washington Post: Tea Party isn't racist
  • 2010.08.07: TIME to tell lies
  • 2010.06.21: MSM ignores Obama golfing while criticizing Hayward's yachting
  • 2010.04.08: The WikiLeaks Iraq video: Anti-American propaganda (UPDATED) (AGAIN)
  • 2010.03.23: Bob Herbert, Race Baiting And The 2010 Midterms
  • 2010.03.21: Were racial slurs hurled at John Lewis and his entourage by Tea Party members?
  • 2010.03.13: "we in the press are bored with Barack"
  • 2010.01.21: How Low Can They Go?
  • 2009.10.29: Were our honored fallen used?
  • 2008.12.21: The New York Times Knows No Shame
  • 2008.12.04: Christiane Amanpour and Professional Journalism
  • 2008.07.10: Dr. King Would Be Proud
  • 2008.06.01: Reuters thinks Obama is Christ, too!
  • 2008.01.21: Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day
  • 2007.10.11: Lying leftist liars stonewall about their lies
  • 2007.10.01: Harry Reid Steps In It
  • 2007.09.19: When Disgraced Anchors Attack!
  • 2007.09.18: Dan Rather is at it Again
  • 2007.09.17: Greenspan Overspun
  • 2007.09.11: BBC for Kids: U.S to blame for 9/11
  • 2007.09.09: Bad Journalism 101
  • 2007.08.30: Richard Jewell dead at 44
  • 2007.08.13: Elizabeth Edwards Really is Tiresome
  • 2007.05.03: President No Long Responsible for Economy
  • 2007.04.12: Holding Jesse Jackson to his Word
  • 2007.01.21: American Idol Judges Mocked Special Olympics Participant
  • 2006.12.08: AP Strikes Back at Bloggers, Defends 'Burning Six' Stories
  • 2006.11.10: Where Were These Stories Before the Election?
  • 2006.11.02: What a Difference a President Makes
  • 2006.08.12: And the First Green Helmet Award Winner Is....
  • 2006.08.11: The Green Helmet of Shame
  • 2006.07.14: Can You Spare A Dime For Joe And Valerie Wilson's Bogus Suit?
  • 2006.07.12: Defining "News" For the Mainstream Media
  • 2006.07.05: CBS... Still Gunning for Limbaugh
  • 2006.06.30: Over a Month Later, USA Today Admits Flaws in NSA Database Story
  • 2006.06.25: The New York Times, Crossing the Damn Line
  • 2006.06.19: AP Shows True Colors
  • 2006.05.15: Another NY Times / Kennedy Family Love Fest
  • 2006.04.23: Ashamed Republican Is Still A Democrat
  • 2006.02.24: Reuters Takes Bogus "Study" and Calls it News
  • 2006.02.23: Arab Company, Administration had "Super Secret" Agreement
  • 2006.02.17: How Bad Did CNN Blow the Cheney Coverage?
  • 2006.01.25: Sheehan Admires Chavez
  • 2006.01.20: Michael Moore Sounds Like Osama Bin Laden?
  • 2005.12.24: I'm ready for my closeup...
  • 2005.12.02: It's all about me, me, me!
  • 2005.11.27: Explaining "News" to the AP
  • 2005.11.22: 60 Minutes Newest "Expert" is Sinking Faster Than New Orleans
  • 2005.10.09: Million Moonbat March
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