Medicine Archives

  • 2011.05.24: A Defense For Dominique Strauss-Kahn?
  • 2010.07.19: Penis pumps for illegal aliens... it's now apparently essential medicine
  • 2010.06.05: Highly Encouraging Results Seen From Initial Testing on Cancer Drug, Vaccine
  • 2010.02.24: Attack Dogs: An American Menace
  • 2010.02.19: Swine Flu! Git Yer Swine Flu Here!
  • 2010.01.11: New Jersey Is Going To Pot
  • 2009.12.01: The price of vanity
  • 2009.04.28: The End Of The World Is Nigh!
  • 2009.03.27: Little Girl Saved as a Result of Natasha Richardson's Death
  • 2008.11.12: If you got to have a heart.....
  • 2008.10.12: Just pop them out
  • 2008.09.19: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.09.09: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.09.08: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.07.12: Pioneering heart surgeon Michael DeBakey dead at 99
  • 2008.07.02: Changes late in life
  • 2008.06.15: A bad Sunburn can equal Child abuse?
  • 2008.06.06: Now that's health care
  • 2008.05.19: Meet Dr. Norman Spack, the nutjob who wants to give sex changes to kids!
  • 2008.04.07: The US economy is busted
  • 2008.04.01: Too risky to remain silent
  • 2008.03.25: Modern "Elephant Man" gets new face, new life
  • 2008.03.06: The Knuckleheads of the Day award
  • 2007.12.19: Dr. Death
  • 2007.11.29: Absinthe of Malice?
  • 2007.10.29: Scientists: One Haitian Immigrant Brought AIDS to US in 1969
  • 2007.10.10: Fat's not bad for you? Double cheesecake to go, please
  • 2007.10.07: I'm Going To Need A New Metaphor For Paris Hilton Now
  • 2007.09.26: The Perfect Boob
  • 2007.06.20: She's Not a Toker, Not a Joker
  • 2007.06.08: The killing joke
  • 2007.05.20: If you take the king's shilling, you do the king's bidding
  • 2007.03.22: Prayers For The Edwards
  • 2007.02.02: Peace and Rest to Molly Ivins, Solace to Her Family and Friends
  • 2007.01.11: Lance Armstrong Is Wrong This Time
  • 2007.01.07: The Evolution Of Insurance Claims - How UHC Changed The Way It Listens
  • 2006.09.18: How Your Allergies Support The Global Drug Trade
  • 2006.07.26: Enlisting Doctors In Part D Medicare Choices
  • 2006.07.19: Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill, World Keeps Spinning
  • 2006.05.03: For Hope and Amber
  • 2006.04.27: Andrea Clark Update
  • 2006.04.24: Save Andrea Clarke
  • 2006.03.12: Update on Baby Charlotte
  • 2006.03.01: Private Health Care Emerging in Canada
  • 2006.02.25: Baby Charlotte's Healthcare in England
  • 2006.01.29: The Steve Kubby Fiasco
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