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  • 2011.07.01: Democrats should keep their children from attending 4th of July events
  • 2011.06.29: What media bias Jon Stewart?
  • 2011.06.27: Journalists in Glass Houses really should refrain from casting stones
  • 2011.06.20: Obama supporters should rest easy
  • 2011.06.18: Lefty Tolerance: "We Hated Reagan"
  • 2011.06.14: The Inherent Danger in Fence Straddling
  • 2011.06.11: Late Night Palate Cleanser [Nobody Mention Cats]
  • 2011.06.10: Faith Based Politics
  • 2011.06.06: Did Barbara Walters compare Weiner to Sarah Palin?
  • 2011.06.04: Sarah Palin's bus tour: "A rolling menace"
  • 2011.06.03: 'So... now will we hear "Drill Baby Drill?"'
  • 2011.06.01: Martin Bashir, unhinged
  • 2011.05.29: Pure spin
  • 2011.05.25: "Mr. Bailey has an axe to grind and abandoned truth in his book"
  • 2011.05.18: Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin has "proven herself to be profoundly stupid"
  • 2011.05.16: "Factual firepower" (UPDATED)
  • 2011.05.12: Meme Busters
  • 2011.05.11: "Arbitrary killing is not a solution to political problems"
  • 2011.05.10: How many media outlets ignore the shouting of "Allahu Akbar" on plane? (UPDATED)
  • 2011.05.07: The secret to targeted assassinations abroad...
  • 2011.05.06: The duplicity in the heart of every leftist journalist
  • 2011.04.25: Wanna make a statement at the gas pump?
  • 2011.04.23: Chronicling leftist hypocrisy on the price of gas...
  • 2011.04.11: What follows from Lawrence O'Donnell is supposed to garner sympathy and compassion
  • 2011.04.04: The Goldstone recantation
  • 2011.04.01: Why Media Matters shouldn't matter at all
  • 2011.03.28: "Twisted, and sick"
  • 2011.03.02: The tyranny of identity politics
  • 2011.03.01: "more cosmetic than concrete"
  • 2011.02.19: Why is Arab misogyny ignored by Western elitists...
  • 2011.02.08: "Put him back in the fields"
  • 2011.02.06: Religious Leftist bile on Reagan
  • 2011.02.01: "The press wants Kermit Gosnell and his scissors to go away"
  • 2011.01.29: Joe Biden's higher IQ
  • 2011.01.26: Meme juxtaposition
  • 2011.01.25: "Not ignorance or incompetence, not even bias, but outright fraud"
  • 2011.01.23: "The rhetoric of violence on the left eclipses that on the right..."
  • 2011.01.15: Chronicling the Leftist climate of hate
  • 2011.01.14: Who bears the guilt of the Tucson shootings?
  • 2011.01.14: Obama's oil commission report: "about ideology and politics as much as it about facts"
  • 2011.01.13: "their acid burns them from within"
  • 2011.01.11: 12 year old girl stabbed by lone man in Texas McDonalds
  • 2011.01.11: "People are not stimulus-response machines"
  • 2011.01.09: "Can someone tell me why Sarah Palin is not in Jail?"
  • 2011.01.06: "Except Obama, except Obama!"
  • 2011.01.04: Obama's gall
  • 2010.12.28: "What would be nuttier...?"
  • 2010.12.23: Totenburg backpedals
  • 2010.12.13: Condi Rice takes on Katie Couric...
  • 2010.12.13: Sarah Palin hatred hits new high
  • 2010.12.01: All the news that fits the meme
  • 2010.11.15: "This is getting more complicated than I expected"
  • 2010.10.15: Washington Post: Tea Party isn't racist
  • 2010.09.23: When Obama tells us he's a Christian...
  • 2010.09.22: The Pope isn't who the left says he is
  • 2010.09.08: Richard Cohen: The ignorant are defining Obama
  • 2010.09.02: Jewish settlers killed and maimed, MSM yawns then goes back to Jew bashing
  • 2010.08.29: "So who are the real bigots?"
  • 2010.08.29: What's not to love about Sharia law?
  • 2010.08.25: "Now, we are really all Israelis"
  • 2010.07.03: The seductiveness of Marxist thought
  • 2010.06.30: Now there's a reward that would be worth every penny
  • 2010.06.21: MSM ignores Obama golfing while criticizing Hayward's yachting
  • 2010.06.20: What do you think Obama's Deep Horizon commission will be concluding?
  • 2010.06.05: Horrors... the UN is involved in exaggerating a crisis
  • 2010.06.02: "That is the reality"
  • 2010.06.01: Who was funding the Gaza flotilla?
  • 2010.05.29: "The president... is chronically detached from the central and immediate concerns of his countrymen"
  • 2010.05.28: White House claims White House innocent of Sestak impropriety (UPDATED)
  • 2010.05.25: "The power is not pure enough, it is not invincible enough..."
  • 2010.05.19: 'This "anti-incumbent" meme is just a smokescreen'
  • 2010.05.06: MSNBC's Contessa Brewer decries "outdated bigotry"
  • 2010.05.02: "scientists are so thoroughly steeped in knee-jerk male bashing"
  • 2010.04.08: Would the Dems use the mentally challenged...
  • 2010.04.08: The WikiLeaks Iraq video: Anti-American propaganda (UPDATED) (AGAIN)
  • 2010.04.02: Embracing what has been redefined
  • 2010.04.01: Perspective
  • 2010.03.28: Projection of the Week...
  • 2010.01.26: Comparing the media's handling of faux letter writing campaigns
  • 2009.12.29: "It hardly makes sense, but it does serve a political purpose"
  • 2009.12.22: Does the world still want Obama?
  • 2009.12.02: Climategate: Derision from the Telegraph
  • 2009.12.02: Climategate: Beware the Academic Government Nexus
  • 2009.11.14: ""Diversity" is one of those words designed to absolve you of the need to think"
  • 2009.11.11: "Islamophobia is a fake concept"
  • 2008.01.17: Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day
  • 2008.01.14: Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day
  • 2005.12.02: Old Memes Die Hard
  • 2005.11.21: Fitzgerald v Starr: Bang for the Buck
  • 2005.10.28: Plame Meme Watch
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