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  • 2010.05.18: Political M4sturbation Times Four
  • 2010.01.17: James Cameron: I Believe in Eco-Terrorism
  • 2009.09.04: Cheating in the Matrix
  • 2009.01.25: Gran Torino: a World Magazine review
  • 2008.12.12: Actor Van Johnson dead at 92
  • 2008.11.14: "Hold on you're dead!"
  • 2008.11.02: For your Sunday viewing satisfaction- True Lies
  • 2008.10.14: Virgins In A Brothel
  • 2008.10.07: Question time
  • 2008.10.05: An American Carol
  • 2008.10.03: An American Carol opens today -- support conservative films and go see it!
  • 2008.07.04: The meaning behind WALL-E
  • 2008.05.03: Iron Man: a review
  • 2008.04.06: Charlton Heston dead at 84
  • 2008.04.01: Bad analogy of the day
  • 2008.03.30: The most exciting movie announcement of the year!
  • 2008.02.27: Hollywood sides with terrorists
  • 2008.02.25: No Country for Old Men
  • 2008.02.23: Will Smith Wins Academy Award
  • 2007.12.10: How are Redacted and Plan 9 From Outer Space Similar?
  • 2007.12.10: Mutilate your thirst
  • 2007.12.07: Golden Compass Review
  • 2007.11.16: If you like movies...
  • 2007.11.04: Liars For Libel; Hollywood Still Badly Misses the Target
  • 2007.09.29: Indoctrinate U World Premiere
  • 2007.08.12: The Bourne Ultimatum: A Review
  • 2007.06.14: Angelina Jolie: Freedom of the Press is essential, except for Fox News
  • 2007.05.12: Free the Film Islam vs. Islamists
  • 2007.03.10: 300: the movie to see
  • 2007.02.25: Amazing Grace
  • 2007.01.02: I Think My Son Coined a New Word
  • 2006.11.22: A Christmas Story Revisited
  • 2006.07.21: Cal Thomas on Oliver Stone's World Trade Center
  • 2006.05.31: Michael Moore Sued Over Fahrenheit 9/11 Footage
  • 2006.04.19: Autistic Basketball Star Gets Movie Deal
  • 2006.04.14: Eli Roth: Twit
  • 2006.03.09: George Clooney is no Hero
  • 2005.12.09: Washington Post Gushes Over Kerry's 'Winter Soldier' Docu-fraud
  • 2005.09.22: You're Invited
  • 2005.09.12: Quote Of The Day - South Park Edition
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