Patriotism Archives

  • 2011.06.25: The Story Of Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti
  • 2011.05.30: Let's not forget
  • 2010.12.12: "The protected can't begin to understand the price paid..."
  • 2010.11.23: Not with a Bang, but a Whimper
  • 2010.11.14: "You honored me, I honor back"
  • 2010.11.11: Short Film: Reveille
  • 2010.11.11: "We're asking a great deal of them"
  • 2010.11.11: "So we'll be their family" (UPDATED)
  • 2010.10.19: A Brit sees the greatness of Ronald Reagan.
    Why can't some Americans?
  • 2010.10.19: American Pride
  • 2010.09.12: Islamophobia missing in cross country trek by 2 Muslims
  • 2010.09.05: A Minor Rant
  • 2010.09.04: "Never gonna stand for this"
  • 2010.09.01: Obama Administration: America violates human rights
  • 2010.08.30: Hypocrites, One And All
  • 2010.08.09: A commercial selling truth
  • 2010.07.29: "I need you all to understand why I do what I do"
  • 2010.07.29: Mid terms are coming
  • 2010.07.06: The 4th of July is a tough day for liberals
  • 2010.07.04: Happy birthday, America!
  • 2010.07.04: Happy Independence Day Links
  • 2010.07.04: Happy 4th to all our readers
  • 2010.06.16: "Gather your armies"
  • 2010.06.14: You're A Grand Old Flag
  • 2010.06.14: Happy Flag Day
  • 2010.05.31: "Tell me I've led a good life... tell me I'm a good man"
  • 2010.05.31: Pause a moment today and remember the fallen
  • 2010.05.30: Meet Doris Ventres - American patriot and hero
  • 2010.05.25: Is There Something Wrong With This Man?
  • 2010.03.13: The difference between good guys and bad guys
  • 2010.03.10: "Marine Corps motto is do or die"
  • 2010.01.24: In Defense Of Hope
  • 2010.01.14: Eight REAL Reasons Why Theodore Roosevelt Is the Coolest President Ever
  • 2009.12.23: This needs wider play
  • 2009.12.22: Gina Elise - Patriotic Pin Up Girl
  • 2009.11.02: Harvard Law School Grad Sets Fire to 9/11 Chapel
  • 2009.10.24: One Nation Under God....But Not at Home Depot
  • 2009.08.08: But at least they still have free world class health care ... don't they?
  • 2009.07.03: We, The People.
  • 2009.06.22: In ObamAmerica, dissent is no longer the higest form of patriotism
  • 2009.03.06: The Old Argument
  • 2009.03.04: A Sad Commentary
  • 2009.02.27: Oklahoma Tea Party
  • 2008.12.26: Joel Stein: Liberals don't love America the way conservatives do
  • 2008.12.19: Patriotism: A Word Defined
  • 2008.08.17: Kobe Bryant on Patriotism
  • 2008.07.22: When you're spitting on soldiers and saying we should hang the President, THEN can we question your patriotism?
  • 2008.04.27: Video of the Day
  • 2008.04.19: Ready to get the goosebumps?
  • 2007.10.26: Thank you, John McCain
  • 2007.10.25: We SHOULD Question Their Patriotism
  • 2007.07.04: Nearly 600 U.S. Troops Reenlist in Baghdad on Independence Day
  • 2007.07.04: Why do you love America?
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