Valerie Plame Archives

  • 2007.07.19: Judge Tosses Plame Lawsuit
  • 2007.03.16: Either Plame Didn't Tell the Truth or the Documents are Lying
  • 2007.03.11: Was Joe Wilson the covert agent?
  • 2007.03.08: The Wilson Fantasy Continues In Spite Of Credibility Problems
  • 2007.03.02: The Wilson-Plame Movie
  • 2007.02.26: Scooter Libby Trial Down to Eleven Jurors
  • 2007.02.21: An Outing In My Neck of the Woods
  • 2007.02.12: Libby Update
  • 2007.01.31: Judith Miller Testimony
  • 2006.09.13: Plame Sues Armitage
  • 2006.09.13: Novak: Armitage Didn't Reveal Everything
  • 2006.09.08: Armitage: "I Screwed Up"
  • 2006.09.02: The Plame-Wilson story: that was the week that was
  • 2006.08.30: Setting the Plame Record Straight
  • 2006.08.28: Another Plame Outrage
  • 2006.08.22: Another Piece of the Plame Puzzle
  • 2006.07.26: More Embarrassing Than $90,000 In The Freezer?
  • 2006.07.21: The Joe and Val Story Remains the Same
  • 2006.07.15: What's what about Who's Who
  • 2006.07.14: Can You Spare A Dime For Joe And Valerie Wilson's Bogus Suit?
  • 2006.07.13: Breaking: Valerie Plame Files Suit
  • 2006.07.13: Novak Says No One In Administration Ever Said Anything Critical Of Wilson To Him
  • 2006.07.12: Howard Kurtz Misses Point in Novak Column
  • 2006.07.12: If A Reporter Wanted To Tell A Really Interesting Story...
  • 2006.07.11: Novak finally spills his guts on Plame
  • 2006.07.11: Bob Novak Breaks His Silence
  • 2006.06.18: More Details On The Jason Leopold Non Scoop On The Rove Non Indictment
  • 2006.06.14: It takes two to tango
  • 2006.06.13: Reaction To News Rove Won't Be Indicted
  • 2006.06.13: Karl Rove Indictment Trifecta - This Time It's Sealed!
  • 2006.06.01: More Wilson/Plame Strangeness
  • 2006.05.19: Karl Rove, The Grinch Who Stole Fitzmas
  • 2006.05.18: Karl Rove Indicted For Perjury, Again
  • 2006.04.12: Wizbang Podcast #18 is up!
  • 2006.04.09: The Washington Post: Bush Was Right
  • 2005.11.22: A question for those still outraged over the Plame leak...
  • 2005.11.21: Fitzgerald v Starr: Bang for the Buck
  • 2005.11.19: Woodward says: It wasn't Rove
  • 2005.11.04: Well, now we know why he calls himself "Scooter..."
  • 2005.10.29: The Libby Indictment: A View From A Great Distance
  • 2005.10.28: Plame Meme Watch
  • 2005.10.28: Libby Indicted In Plame Investigation, Rove Avoids Charges
  • 2005.10.28: PlameGate Answers To Come Today
  • 2005.10.27: Twas The Night Before Fitzmas And All Through the House...
  • 2005.10.27: PlameGate - Plame Name No Secret
  • 2005.10.26: PlameGate - Jumping To Conclusions
  • 2005.10.26: Everyone takes a leak
  • 2005.10.25: PlameGate - Now That's News!
  • 2005.10.24: PlameGate - No News Is Still News
  • 2005.10.21: Karl Rove, Valerie Plame, and "reasonable doubt"
  • 2005.10.20: Democratic Senators Who Live In Glass Houses...
  • 2005.10.19: The Washington Post On The Plame Case
  • 2005.10.19: Fitzgerald Won't Issue Plame Report
  • 2005.10.15: Judith Miller Recounts Her Grand Jury Testimony
  • 2005.10.12: CIA Leak Case - No News Is Still News
  • 2005.10.02: The Plame Endgame
  • 2005.08.05: Joseph Wilson's "Who's Who In America" Entry
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